Defending the Giants & Other Actual Desirable Things

"Eventually things will calm down and I'll be able to breathe again."
— Me, every week since, like, July.

No but seriously, it will happen right? RIGHT? It has to. Because this week I'm editing a whole bunch of (AWESOME) stories for Feather Magazine, running roughly 13 time-sensitive errands per day after work, taking on another freelance project, going on canceling dates, squeezing in visits with my five-day-old "nephew" and his mama (my BFF), and fixing other people's month-old (and very time consuming) mistakes at work while also desperately trying to keep up with my actual work work which is on tight and, frankly, not very realistic deadlines. Oh and trying to remember that I have a blog. And beautiful, funny, witty, smart, and helpful friends in blogland.
I like being busy — I really don't know how to just sit and be. Which is why I always have a to-do list, and why I take on side projects and pet projects and all that. But... then it eventually snowballs, and when you're me, it snowballs in the same week where you start feeling a little sick (though it's probably just sleep deprivation and stress playing tricks on your body) and convince yourself it's Enterovirus D68.

I have no idea what I'm saying. So without further ado:

10 Things I Would Rather Do Right Now Than My Massive Actual To-Do List
  1. Print all the things, since I finally bought the first printer I've owned since college. (It didn't survive my three moves that first post-grad summer.)
  2. Give myself a manicure and then peel the polish off.
  3. Finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. IT'S SO GOOD RIGHT NOW I THINK I'M AT THE BEST PART but by the time I can finally sit down to read every night I'm so beat that I fall asleep get tired enough in the eyeballs to close them and then toss and turn for an hour after about two pages.
  4. Run 10 miles
  5. Make a return to IKEA which I still haven't done yet and have to do before I lose the return window, GAH.
  6. Attempt to construct a functional defense for the New York Giants. And then offense. Special Teams are okay, all things considered.
  7. Stretch my violently aching hip flexors (WHAT IS GOING ON HERE WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH).
  8. Identify that one perfect piece of furniture that my apartment is missing that will house all the leftover little things that still need a place to live.
  9. Go car shopping.
  10. Blog, clearly.
But how's your week going?


  1. Are you me? I like being busy too but it definitely does get to a point where it's just not feasible to take on everything. But I have no idea how to prioritize so I see everything as a #1 must-do so I end up flipping out. And once I hit that point, the longer my to-do list gets, the longer my list of weird, random things I would rather do instead gets...

  2. I keep trying to read The Walking Dead... I am like, on page 40 but I keep falling asleep. Even if I am not tired! The book(s) aren't boring at all! GAH!

  3. haha hopefully it calms down soon!!! And I need a printer ugh mine crapped out and I have to use my parents or work.... Happy furniture shopping!

  4. I'm not sure I'd actually want to go to IKEA over other things lol!!! I say you forget it all and just run as much as you want!

  5. omg 2 & 3 = me in a nutshell. i seriously love peeling polish off, esp when it comes off in one piece. very soothing lol. and 3. not with HP books but just reading in general. always me at the end of the night!!!

    5. return to ikea? WAH. id rather keep the item and have it go to waste than go there for a return.

  6. i just want to sleep, run and read right now. like, why do i have to work? why do I have to do anything? all day, i'm like 'i want to read, i want to run' and then i get home and i want to sleep. blecch. i know you like being busy but hopefully it quietens down to a tolerable busy soon!

  7. I feel the same way too! This whole week I have been in the get as much done as possible mode and have this desire to get things done. I think bc at home and work I have so many big projects going on and none will be done that I'm starting to stress. I just want to get stuff done and be done with it.
    Well hopefully this weekend you can get a lot accomplished!

  8. I think the offensive line needs the most work, honestly. The poor defense has a right to be tired - they've spent so much time on the field (but improvements still totally needed). I live in Houston, Giants play Texans this week, and let's just say I will catch a lot of hell on Monday if there's no improvement happening. I just don't want them to embarrass me!

  9. kayla expressed an interest in HP so i borrowed the first book from my friend and so far, she's LOVING it!! every night she begs for one more chapter.

    Vodka and Soda

  10. I vote for you finishing Harry Potter!
    My week's been hectic, too! GAHHH!

  11. Yes to all the Harry Potterz. Also, if you identify that little house for the left over things, please let me know! Or we could make "stacking random items with no home in the closet" into a Pinterest decor "thing." Just sayin...


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