Friday Letters Vol. 2

Dear Blog Readers on #TeamApple, You guys made my week, putting pumpkin in its place (second, in case you weren't following along) where it belongs.
Dear Chiropractor, I will never quit you. That adjustment Wednesday left me feeling drunk and wobbly in all the good ways. Thanks for being a magician and also for acknowledging that I'm a badass.
Dear New York Giants, Please don't hurt me again. All I do is love you.
Dear J. K. Rowling, I've finally hopped aboard your magical train and so far so good, but I'm actually terrified now that everyone is going to turn out to be a traitor and I have so many trust issues right now.
Dear Entire Rest of the World, I've only just discovered how impossible it is to avoid spoilers of a series that's over a decade old. Please just stop talking about Harry Potter until I'm done, k?
Dear Baby DSM, Today is about to be your birthday, and I cannot wait to meet you! Your mama is my best friend and I have no boundaries so you had better brace yourself for lots of auntie kisses and hugs because my favorite kind of kids are the ones I can leave when they start crying and you're going to be my guy.
Dear Sauconys, We're going places this weekend. Get ready.
Dear Stella, You've been a great car for me for the past seven years, and I know you don't want me to send you off to the big garage in the sky, but the time has come for us to part ways. And no amount of surprise Wednesday morning flat tires I have to spend dollhairs to fix is going to keep me from hanging up your accessory belt because you, my princess, have done enough. Time to hit the golf course.
Dear Sam Hunt, Promise it's not weird that every time I play "Leave the Night On" I have to play it at least two more times immediately after? And it's also not weird that I do this several times a day?
Dear Friends, I still want to know — are you in?
Dear IKEA, I really don't want to have to go visit you tomorrow to make this return, but we all have our cross to bear. Please don't make it hurt too much.
Dear Super-soft Oversized Sweater and Leggings, I can't wait to be inside you.
Dear Eyebrow Threader Whose Name I Don't Know, You da real MVP.
Dear Google Analytics, As helpful as you are, you can really freak a girl out. Who is reading from my home town, my work town, my current town, his town, and my parents' town? Reveal yourselves. (Or don't because I'm really not sure I can handle that.)
Dear Blogosphere, What's on tap for your weekend? I hope you've got a great one planned!


  1. oh no to spoilers! I was worried about posting that pic of the quote I shared 5 years ago but I made sure it doesn't actually contain any spoilers lol. But I hope nothing gets spoiled for you, just stay off the interwebs, maybe? lol jk. Don't have trust issues, it will be ok, I promise. You have to let me know all of your feelings when your done with each book, yes? Especially the last one?
    I am glad that I don't really know how to read google analytics, I had no idea you could tell where people were reading from that closely? funny story, you know how my blog is a secret? my best friend randomly found it yesterday :-| i freaked out haha. have a good weekend doll!

  2. head to ikea returns/customer service the second it opens otherwise you'll be in line for daysssssss!

    as for HP - i haven't read it and kayla asked if we could start the series together so every night, we'll read a chapter together before she goes to bed. i'm excited about that! :)

  3. Is this weekend 10?!
    I just checked Google Analytics for the first time yesterday and it was scary. I think I'd rather live in ignorant bliss haha!
    Have a great weekend, love!

  4. I definitely prefer to live in the land of denial and pretend nobody from the real world reads my blog. Things are just better that way!

  5. oh i just got the biggest spoiler and i'm so sad. haha google analytics can be a weird thing!

  6. Your leggings letter is the best! So glad you finally hopped on the train, which book are you in? Can we not talk about the Giants.... seriously.

  7. We love this so much. Such a cute idea to do "mini letter" to various people. Spoilers are always the worst!

    xx 365hangers

  8. Hurry up and read the rest of the HP series so I can blab about them to you!!! hahaha

  9. Love this and yes Im still in.... also I stay away from google analytics for a reason haha! Love this and I still must do one!


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