Friday: The Rainbow Edition

Last night on my run, I had to stop about a half mile in.

See, I was running a partially new route. My town is sort of grid-like; there are a bunch of roads that run parallel to each other, north-south, as they stagger up the side of a mountain. For the first time, last night I ran the highest one of those roads (in sleeves and pants!) after a day full of rain.

One other thing you should know about my town is that the houses in it are absolutely gorgeous. Each of them is unique; their designs are just beautiful. I'm talking Victorians with wraparound porches (my favorite!), intricate details, ages-old ivy, perfectly manicured lawns, cobblestone driveways, peaked attics, and even towers on some. My favorite thing about running through town is noticing something new and exquisite about my neighbors' homes. So as I run, I tend to keep my head on a swivel, trying to notice everything all at once.

While attempting to notice something to my right, my eye went straight over the house to the east of me and toward the New York City skyline, which sits less than a marathon's distance away, just over the Hudson River. From my lookout, the island was right there, sitting squarely and perfectly between New Jersey rooftops, the Empire State Building front and center.

I've said it before and I'll say it again — the intensity of New York City never wears off. No matter how familiar and comfortable it is, no matter how unimpressive the nuance of the Greatest City in the World becomes after a lifetime of living within arm's reach, a glance like that when you're least expecting it is enough to stop you in your tracks. It was just the perfect view, made better by a faint cotton-candy sky and a huge — seriously, I'm talking enormous — rainbow arching over the skyscrapers.

So I stopped, paused my running tracker and whipped out my camera app. I wanted to take a picture for the 'grams because, well, it's my insta and I'll post a pretty rainbow if I want to. But some perfect storm of obstacles — the hazy dusky light, the faint fog over the Hudson, the angles of the tree boughs — I couldn't get a shot to do my view justice. So I just put away my phone and ran another five miles.

Being a blogger, and especially a lifestyle one, and having a social media presence, it can be hard to stop feeling the need to document every good (or bad) thing in your life for the audience you've invited to view it all. And lord knows, that's exactly what we do here. And as much as I appreciate each and every person who comes here to read what I'm thinking about (or watch what I'm babbling about), as grateful as I am to have developed real, true friendships with so many of you, and as absolutely indebted I feel to all of you who have offered me such important encouragement and kind support all week, sometimes it's good to remind myself that there are some things I can keep just for me.

Hopefully this doesn't come off like a bum trade — you guys get the heartbroken and confused ramblings of a navel-gazing twenty-something while I selfishly hold onto rainbow-touched sunsets over Manhattan. But I think we could all do with a reminder every once in a while to just enjoy things for what they are, in the moment we experience them. Every special little thing doesn't always have to be blog fodder or an Instagram post. Because some things are special enough to be remembered, cherished, and celebrated on their own, even if we don't see them through a photo filter online.

But of course, there are still some things that are great to be shared. Like our goals and headstrong efforts to achieve them! Don't forget to link up with Tracy and me this Tuesday, September 30, for the inaugural Training for Tuesday blog party! Find all the details here. We can't wait to see what you guys are working toward and how we, as a community, can help you make it happen.



And now we're off to the first full, official weekend of fall. What do you have planned?


  1. BRB, moving to your town. That's exactly how the town where I used to live is: Civil War-era houses lining the streets, which were in a grid, on the other side of the water so I could always run by the water and look at all the big buildings in the city across the river (except on a smaller scale than yours because...Virginia). I've been missing it a lot lately. So jealous of your NYC skyline rainbow awesomeness, but I get where you're coming from.
    I am doing my long run today because I actually have non-running weekend plans for once! Meeting up with my SIL and BIL who live in Raleigh in a town none of us live in for a vegetarian/vegan festival tomorrow, and from there I'm going to my other SIL's because I have a race on Sunday (it always comes back to that doesn't it?). Can't wait to recap it on Tuesday ;) Enjoy your first weekend of fall, love!

  2. oh shit I still don't know what I'm gonna write on the 30th. boo. Your town sounds amazing - my town is so boring. Its times like this I miss living in Sydney, I could run somewhere beautiful and amazing all the time. I am kinda disappointed that we didnt get a pretty rainbow pic - lol jk. I totally agree, some things are for me and mine and I like not sharing every little detail. I only share the surface, really.

  3. If I could go on a run that had views like that I think it would make it less daunting lol!! I agree - stopping to take in the moment and then capture it isn't about not living in the moment it's about remembering it forever!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I know what you mean about the stopping at the sight of NYC sometimes- it's just so remarkable! I'm glad you got to see the rainbow! Have a great weekend!

  5. I pictured your town as you were describing it- sounds gorgeous. I love those old houses with big wrap around porches. I'm sure you'll share a view with us another time but I'm glad you kept that one for yourself!

  6. Oh man it sounds lovely. I think if i were living in NYC I would run all day everyday. Its just beautiful and amazing and the motivation I would need.


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