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I believe that in this life, there are always opportunities to learn and to try new things. To broaden your experiences. Take on new challenges. Taste new flavors and explore new territories. And if those chances and opportunities come to you and you let too many pass you by, what kind of life are you really living?

In that spirit, I took some time during last evening's run and thought about all the ways I try to keep pushing myself into new territories. And as I thought about it, I realized that this weekend alone was filled with new things! Like...

1. I watched The Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time. No, I'd never seen any of them before. Yes, I have a soul. There are just a whole lot of movies I haven't seen. And I never felt the need to go out of my way to check out Pirates because I just really didn't think I would like it. It's not my genre. But then again, neither is Harry Potter and I'm on book #3, so.
Anyway, yes I liked Pirates, and I'm really looking forward to checking out the rest of the movies.

2. I rooted for a college football team. I should explain this one. I love football. I really do. I love it. Today, the NYG season opener, is one of the best days of my whole year. But due to certain circumstances, I went to a D3 college that really couldn't have given a damn about football (though club hockey was a big deal, for some reason?). My campus was mostly about baseball and lacrosse. And all my school friends were arts students, for the most part. I literally went to zero games at my alma mater while I was a student there. It just wasn't really important to anyone but the players themselves and the girls they were hooking up with. In fact, I've been to exactly one game at my alma mater, and it was when my little cousin's college played there — and I cheered for his team. School spirit, I have none. (Worth noting I was a cheerleader in my younger years. We don't talk much about those days.)

Anyway, as such, I have had a hard time getting into college football because it's hard to have allegiance to a school I didn't go to. But after many, many, many persuasive chats with my friend over the years, wherein he's appealed to my Giant fandom and tugged on my heartstrings, I found myself sitting alongside him and rooting for Notre Dame Saturday night. Just call me a front-runner, I guess. (Although I've been a Giants fan since before I could talk, so maybe you shouldn't.)

3. Watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My mom and stepdad are big Harry Potter fans, so they're pretty stoked I'm finally finding the magic myself. During a visit there this weekend I joined them for a viewing of movie #2, as I'd just finished the second book not long ago. I'm diggin' it, guys. I think that makes me a real blogger now or something.

4. Sent texts to the Middle East. A couple of you may remember that a while back I had to say a sad "see ya later" to one of my best friends as he prepared to ship out to Afghanistan with his Army unit. Saturday night (or Sunday morning if you're on his time) I was so beyond pleasantly surprised to see his name pop up on my phone. I didn't know that texting would be an option at all for us to keep in touch, but I'm so glad he reached out to me on his bit of time off to reassure me that he's safe and sound. It was a huge relief and a wonderful surprise.

5. Did laundry in my apartment building. You guys, this is a big deal. My old building had no laundry whatsoever, and though the laundromat a mile down from my office was clean and lovely and had free WiFi, there's nothing quite like being able to do laundry without having to lug the hamper to your car. Coin-opp, schmoin-opp. I did laundry bra-less, and I don't care who knows it.

6. I ran nine miles. This was the new "longest run of my life." It was also, honestly, the best run of my life. I kept a good pace, I felt strong, I felt like I could have run another nine. For the first time in my training, I felt like I would really, really be ready for my half marathon come race day. Runs like this are what keep me running.

What new adventures did you find yourself on this weekend?
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  1. I'm so excited that up had such an awesome weekend!

    1) POTC 3 isn't that great. Just weird.
    2) I can't do college ball either. And since we went to the same school, football still isn't a big deal. Except I've gone to one game. Sat on the Kean side, but wore my MSU sweatshirt.
    3) I love that you've found the platform. ;)
    4) that is soo awesome!!
    5) It's the best feeling
    6) Get it girl!!!

  2. Soooo many thing!!! I love that you made a longest run go you!! I havent seen a lot of the movies people have seen but I most definitely watch all the Pirates movies ... and loved them. Johnny Depp is my hubby in my head. I have laundry in my apartment but you know what I do??? I schlep my laundry to my parents house on a weekend. I know I suck! And yay for modern technology that you can text to Afghanistan!!

    One more thing: I miss youuuu! :D

  3. yayyyy for your 9 miler! you go girl! so proud.
    it took me a long time to watch pirates as well, because i am afraid of ships and pirates and thought it was scary, and then i just watched it one day and it started my keira knightley obsession, oops. that was before the second one even came out, so many moons ago. the 3rd one is pretty bad, not gonna lie.
    have you seen the other HP movies? I am so glad you are enjoying the books :)
    and so glad that your friend could text you and he is safe and sound :)

  4. Congrats on the 9 miles! You aren't the only one, I've never been into Pirates or Harry Potter either!

  5. I'm not a football person, but I do like having a college football team...mainly just because after 9+ years (dear god I am old) I have been conditioned to think that orange and maroon are the two most perfectly matching colors and I like to buy anything and everything that exists in those colors.

    Can we talk some more about how you CRUSHED your run?! Seriously so in awe of you. You are like miles ahead (har har) of where I was after less than a year of running. I seriously cannot wait for you to rock this half! There is nothing better than that run that makes you realize that hell yes you can do it!

  6. You are doing so great with your long runs!! Way to go girl!! Also, I totally feel you on having laundry in your building, such a great luxury!! xo

  7. That is an awesome milestone! Great job! I remember finishing my 9 and 11 milers and just feeling like I was awesome, and then my legs gave out and the death feeling took over, lol.
    Overseas texts are always the best. From both sides, sending them means making someone's day.

  8. Oh I loved the Pirates series- Johnny Depp is so funny! I am still not on board w/ HP. I read the first book but had zero interest in continuing. Oh well. Great job with that running- that's fantastic!

  9. this is such a great post. well now that we know we both went to the same college, it makes me sad that we didnt have a college football team to root for. everyone is always so obsessed with college football and i just sit there like "whats the big deal". those football players were bums, lol and the only people that ever went were the cheerleaders, and sorority girls that hooked up with them. . u r right! happy you found a team. i would root for notre dame only because i love the movie Rudy :)

    great run... i can't imagine doing 9 miles!!!

  10. Congrats on the running milestone! I am so happy you might become a college football convert- now just to have you root for my team ;)

  11. Nine miles? That is a lot! You go girl! I can barely run for 9 seconds. Haha.

    I just discovered Harry Potter this year too. I read all the books this past winter and liked them way more than I ever thought I would. Now I need to see all of the movies!

    When I moved in to SEC territory, I was forced to pick a team. I am super in to it now!

  12. the first pirates movie was the best of all of them; funny and different. Johnny Depp was amazing, obvs.

    i tried and TRIED to read HP but just couldn't...i've been trying for years and even went through the first 2 books before quitting in the middle of this one.

    Vodka and Soda

  13. I'm not a fan of the Pirates movies. They are ok, but I don't love them.
    Harry potter, watched the movies, but never read the books. I was really late to the Harry train though.
    And AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME on the long run! Nine miles is really far! Great job sister!!

  14. I'm so glad you're getting more into HP! Major brownie points for you in my eyes. :)

  15. Awesome job on your long run!! Sounds like it was about perfect. Since I can't run, I'm living vicariously through yours.
    Yay for doing laundry in your your own building. And braless too! ;)
    As for my adventure of the week- I started biking. And I love it!


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