Things Runners Know (+ Announcement!)

Runners know the difference between a flat road and a flat-ish road. The difference between a steep and a "long and slow" uphill. They know the ups and downs of every road in town, the streets to fly down and the ones to challenge themselves on. Runners know the peaks and valleys that punctuate the neighborhood and when it's time to go for each.

Runners know every crack in the sidewalk and what roads pitch on the south side. They know which tree roots are beginning to grow through the cement and where it's safest to run with their eyes down. They know where those low-lying branches loom and where it's best to step into the street. They know where the walnut tree that deposits those big green shells waits and how to dance around their skeletons, weaving and bobbing through limbs and casings. They know where the rosebushes creep onto the sidewalk and which sidewalks are better avoided altogether.

Runners know where the dogs live. They know which ones will bark when they hear a sound a mile away, which ones are always after a new friend, and which ones come with the friendliest or grouchiest humans. They know where to dodge Frisbees and tennis balls, lawn sprinklers and softballs. They know where the new couple just moved in and which nest just emptied. They know which dads water their lawns by hand and which kids cut the grass to earn their allowance.

Runners know where the kids live. They know where the rope-jumpers, the future quarterbacks, the grinders, and the trouble-makers live. They know where to find a great hopscotch course and which house always has a light on upstairs. They know which families sit down for dinner together at 6 sharp each day, and which kids snuggle up with Gram for Jeopardy! at 7. Runners know when soccer practice is.

Runners know how the air feels just before a storm, when the last mile that separates them from home and the thunder is suddenly as steep as Everest or as long as the Nile. They know the difference in the wind on a breezy fall day and the gusts that mark a pending boom, splash, crash. They know where the other runners are. They have a favorite house, a gentle loop, a favorite challenge.  They know their streets like an intimate partner, like an old friend, and like a new discovery all at once. Runners know that the roads, like little else to speak of under the sun, are always there waiting.

A few days ago, I chatted a bit about this little party Tracy and I have cooked up, and I want to revisit that today so we can all find the right page and hop onto it. (Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Officially Announcing: Training for Tuesday, a monthly fitness-focused goal-setting linkup.

Now we're not trying to be bossy here, but we do have a few, let's say, strong suggestions. Guidelines for harmonious linking, if you will. Check out how we want to roll:

1. Write a blog post about whatever fitness-related goal you're working toward. It can be ANYTHING. No goal is too big or too small. You might write about...
- A race or triathlon you're currently in training for, like Tracy and I
- Your weightlifting goal of any kind
- To establish a workout or fitness routine, like hit the gym 3 times a week or start going to weekly yoga classes
- To touch your toes
- To be able to run a mile without stopping (Tracy and I both started out with this as a goal!)
- A time or distance personal record (PR) with running, swimming, biking, anything!
- To tone those calves and quads
- A headstand, handstand, crow pose, or whatever pose or asana currently alludes you
- Anything else you can think of!
2. Link up your post with Tracy and me on the last Tuesday of the month (we're kicking things off on September 30th!)
3. Add the button to your post or your sidebar and/or link back to either Tracy or me in your linked post so your readers can find similar posts and we can all connect!
4. We'd love to create a community of ass-kickers here, so hop around to other linked blogs and read about the goals others in our little family are working toward. A few words of support, advice, encouragement, or even commiseration can go a very long way. Spread the love and build your community of cheerleaders and motivators!
5. Go out there and keep being awesome!
6. Don't have me arrested for my heinous abuse of exclamation points! (I'm just really pumped about this.)

We'll be back every month with another link-up post where you can either tell us about how you did on this last goal, ask for help on how to make your dreams a reality, or share a new goal! We'll keep you posted on the dates, but mark down the last Tuesday of the month as the Training for Tuesday so we can all stay up-to-speed on each other's progress.


Are you in?


  1. Love <3 You're making me miss my old running route! :(

  2. I don't even know where to start with my comment. I can't. This post is so perfect! I was nodding along, yep yep oh my gosh yep! so perfect. Made me nostalgic for my previous running routes and happy that I'm finally learning my new neighbourhood after 9 months lol. I know where the dogs are, and the kids and the people who are always outside.. I love the part about the footpaths and trees lol - so true!
    Can't wait for the 30th but now I have to think of something to write! eep!

  3. Love this idea, I will definitely be thinking about some goals here in the next couple weeks to narrow down and join in on this fun! :)

  4. I am a wannabe runner, verrrrrry slowly working my way up to 5k, but I'm excited for this linkup to help keep me in check!

  5. Ok, I am going to try to remember to sign up this week!
    Runners also know what it feels like to spend more money on running gear than real clothes! And how many times you can wear a sports bra to the gym before people start to notice.

  6. yay ... ill schedule this for while I'm away!! And Ill link it up from Oz.

  7. So what you're saying is that runners are stalkers? :)

  8. Yikes. Running. Ouch. Just thought makes my legs and lungs burn. But definitely need to get in better shape!! Glad to find your blog! :)


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