Things That are Just Okay

Hey, it's okay...

...that I'm borrowing this post idea from Kay, who borrowed it from Glamour, because I'm giving credit.
...that I finally mustered the energy to go to Ikea yesterday and make a return/pick up something I needed and when I got there I remembered that in that particular county, there are some crazy blue laws which mean pretty much nothing in town is open on Sundays.
...that I drove 20 minutes and paid two tolls to get to the closed Ikea and turn back around.
...that I wound up with this instead of a dresser.
...that I had two absolutely awful, short runs this weekend when I was supposed to have a great 11-miler.
...that I snapped this picture instead of forcing myself to keep running when it was absolute hell.
...that I missed fall premiere season so badly (I cut the cord when I moved!) that I decided to make my own with help from Netflix. I started watching About a Boy last night and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Will.
...I'm almost 100% sure I'm in love with Jason Katims, because everything he touches (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Roswell (I've heard), and now About a Boy) is flawless.
...that I got to 25 years of age without going a D1 NCAA football game.
...that I finally went to my first this weekend — Notre Dame vs. Syracuse — and that because my D3 alma mater left me with no allegiance to a collegiate football team, I'm growing one on my own for Notre Dame.
...that I'm slightly terrified that no one will link up for tomorrow's Training for Tuesday and I'm not above dropping yet another reminder here just in case.
...that I generally worry about the dumbest shit in the world to an extreme level.
...that I haven't linked up with Biana for Weekending in weeks! because I'm changing that today.

How were your weekends?


  1. ND!? Ugh, no. Syracuse all the way. Who won? I've nevwr been to a D1 game either. No real desire. Umm yeah, we're closed on Sundays (greatest thing ever), you should have gone to Elizabeth.

  2. boo to ikea being closed - stupid laws! that annoys me so much when things are closed or you cant buy alcohol after a certain time on sundays. BOO.
    don't worry about the run, i'm sure you'll get in a great run or three this week! you can do it!
    i will link up at least you have me! lol jk i'm sure people will link up!

  3. I can't imagine having gone a college that didn't have D1 football games. I mean I don't even like football or really go to the games but it still seems normal to me to have them haha.
    I'm so sorry about yours runs this week :( All aboard the struggle bus!

  4. the way i see it, even a "bad" run is a run! a run is a run is a run -- you totally beat all those lazy peeps sitting on the couch :) there are times i'm not feeling a workout and i do it half-assed which sucks but then i think about those people who are STILL IN BED while i'm doing a workout (albeit not a great one) but a workout is a workout. at least i'm moving! next time, you'll KILL that run :D

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Oh my gosh I would have stopped running for that sunset too!! Sea Salt Caramel > Ikea any day of the week!! Happy Monday love!

  6. O the bad runs...hate them!
    And wow--Ikea closed on Sunday? I have never heard of that before.

    Have a great day!!

  7. I need to watch About A Boy. I saw one episode last year and never kept watching but it was pretty good

  8. Ikea is a jerk, but Talenti is the greatest. I grew up in a college town and now work for that D1 NCAA college in the athletic department (Indiana University), so I almost literally didn't understand your sentence above. You had never been? What is that even like?

  9. I'm not a true fan of either but I'm surprised you're not leaning towards Syracuse! Glad you had fun at the game though!

  10. Blue laws are SO annoying! I was so confused when I learned my area had them; I was like "What do you MEAN closed?!" Talenti is way better than Ikea anyway :-)

  11. Ahh what a view to make up for a bad run! Also did you do this design yourself? i love it!


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