This Dress Has Pockets

I'm pretty sure I'm about to get in trouble for not having posted this sooner, but life is crazy and moving is a bitch and things happen. Before we go any further, I must inform you that I was contacted by eShakti to receive a dress and write this post. Of course, opinions are all my own because, you know, ethics, and I don't even think I would know how to go about writing this post otherwise.

So eShakti was all HEY GIRL WANT A DRESS? And, well, who doesn't want a dress? Especially a dress with pockets. So I browsed through their designs and selected this one...
...that I can't find on the website anymore, partially because I waited way too long to make my selection (I'm so very, very clearly not a fashion blogger.) and I wasn't able to pick my first choice any longer, and also because it was cute.

Another way in which I am so very not a fashion blogger? I don't own a real camera, let alone a tripod, so no beautiful naturally lit twirling photos for me. I also don't have a significant other to bully into taking these photos of me, and feel absolutely ridiculous making such a request of literally anyone else. My mirror selfies have always been just fine for Instagram, so they're good enough for the blog too, I guess. I told you, I'm not a fashion blogger. I just needed a new dress.
So anyway. The nice thing about eShakti was the ability to customize the dress to my liking. Like pockets or no pockets. What devil woman on earth would choose to remove the pockets from a dress? I remember my first "this dress has pockets!" revelation. It was New Years 2010, and my friends and I went to a panic party at the disco. As we sat at the "complimentary dinner" we received with our outrageously priced club tickets, fueling up on all the things I didn't yet know I shouldn't be eating, I noticed the dress I was wearing had pockets the perfect size for extra dinner rolls. You know what happened next.

So anyway, along with the pocket question, eShakti also lets you play with the neckline, sleeve, and length of the dress. AND you can put in your exact measurements so it fits you right in the hip, waist, butt, and boob. #CRUCIAL.
After I placed my order it came super fast via DHL and all in all, I was pretty pleased with the whole experience. Now that fall is (allllllmost) here and it's time to update the closet for the season, I'll definitely look to eShakti for some pieces for autumn. Their prices are generally above what I usually prefer to spend on clothing, but with stacked discounts and really cute styles to choose from, I'd be crazy not to at least browse ;)

And if you want to do the same, go ahead and use code alyssagoesbang on any and every order you place before September 19 to get 10% off! You can even double it up with any other promo — like the $25 gift coupon you'll receive when you sign up for a new account at

{ Find them online: // facebook // twitter // pinterest }

Thanks to eShakti for sponsoring this post, and to you guys for forgiving me for terrible outfit photos. Who wants to guess how many more offers I'll get from clothing brands? 

What's on your wardrobe wish-list for fall?


  1. Cute! Pockets should be a requirement for dresses.

  2. i think your photos are super cute! who needs a SO or a real camera, boo. That dress is really fabulous, and pockets are a must, especially for extra dinner rolls! ;)

  3. I got a dress too. But the bitch is see through so I don't know if I am going to be able to wear it in public. So I have no idea how I will take the photo. But I will figure it out....

    Next time, I will stick with a dark pattern vs. white....

    p.s. That dress is amazing on you :)

  4. Very cute dress! I am trying to decide which one to get myself!

  5. i love pockets in dresses. i never use them but the idea is fun! maybe next time ill find some dinner rolls :)

    it looks great on you :) what is the print exactly?

  6. That dress looks great on you! And I LOVE dresses with pockets- so convenient! (Especially for stealing food haha!) It's awesome that they let you customize it too- major plus. I may just have to look into them!

  7. That dress is super cute and I love that it has pockets! Sounds like a win to me!

  8. I love eShakti!!!!!! You picked a cute one. ALL dresses should have hidden pockets!

  9. You look so pretty hun! Fashion blogger in the making! I see it now :)

  10. Definitely a super cute dress!! And, yes. Pockets. What is wrong with people?



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