All in a Day's Work

Confession: Last night, instead of tackling the five or so things I had put on my to-do list for the evening, I went to pub trivia with girlfriends. I regret nothing.

Confession: Writing a post for today was one of the things I wanted to do last night. Clearly, I did not, so I'm writing this at work before I even go through my emails. #employeeofthemonth

Confession: I went for a run and then straight to pub trivia without a shower. I changed out of running gear though, and it's not exactly a "fancy" pub, and we had a table in the back, and I only ran four miles and it was cool out so I wasn't that gross. But that's still pretty gross.

Confession: It wasn't the first time I've done that.

Confession: We sucked so hard at trivia it's not even funny. Usually we have at least a fighting chance through the end of the game, but no.

Confession: The salesman was a sleazeball, but the car was pretty good. So I'm sort of thinking about going back to the dealership with a disguise on and requesting a different salesperson and buying the car from him or her just to make sure that guy doesn't get a dime off me.

Confession: I had a bundle of fun that time I wrote about money management, because I don't believe anyone should be held hostage by their money. I hate money, but understand a) it's a necessary evil and b) it's better to control it than have it control you; freedom from it comes only when you understand it. So I kinda wanna do it again and talk about budgeting because that's a topic I could talk about for hours (I <3 My Spreadsheets) BUT I'm worried you'll be bored to tears and not want to read about budgeting. Thoughts?

Confession: Upon waking to my alarm this morning, I had this series of thoughts (for real): Wednesday already. Ugh it's only Wednesday. ... Wednesday.. is chiropractor day. IT'S FINALLY WEDNESDAY! And then I realized I was a freak and got out of bed smiling.

Confession: At some point last night I got out of bed, went to the kitchen and took a few paper towels off the roll and put them on my dresser. I vaguely remember having a dream in which I spilled something and then it was one of those in-between-sleep-and-awake dreams and yep, that happened. I have weird dreams every single night, but I rarely wake up and react to them. Weird.

What do you have to confess today?
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  1. trust me, people LOVE talking about budgets and finding more tips on how to save money. do it!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. Confession: One time after a spin class, I went to Target, tried on a shirt, liked it, put it back on the rack, and grabbed another one in the same size, so I didn't buy the gross post-spin one. IT HAPPENS (right?).

    I love trivia! I once won a trivia game by guessing that the band of brothers from Tulsa, OK, who became famous in the late 90s, was Hanson. I'll tell that story to anyone who will listen. Or, anyone who has a blog I can comment on :)

  3. I personally love budgeting posts/blogs so go for it girl!!!

  4. Oh, every Tuesday and Thursday after dropping Sienna off at school JJ and I go to yoga and I NEVER come home and shower. We run errands or go to lunch with friends all stinky, then he takes a nap; and I'm not going to waste that free time showering. Nope. Yoga's not as stinky as running but still. I don't end up showering until before bed. Eh.

    And, yes, go back in a disguise and make that a vlog post, please :)

  5. Your grungy post-run self can come out with me any time. Instead of "Does this make me look fat?" before we go out, 9 times out of 10 I have to ask Ben, "Can you tell I just ran?" I at least try to freshen up, put some makeup on, and make my hair look presentable. I think I'm doing a good job of hiding it but at least if I'm not I've never been called out on it.

  6. Personally, I would LOVE to see a budgeting post! I love picking up some new tips!

  7. Confession: I really really love budgeting/money management posts and would be thrilled if you did it again! Also, I suck terribly at trivia, but I still like to go because it's fun :-)

  8. you creepy little sleepwalker you...

  9. I confess that I am jealous that you can do things like go on runs and then go out to eat. I am a cold-natured person. Put me in any cold climate and I'll be ok. Whenever I'm warm or in warm weather, I just sweat like crazy and need to shower. I'd love to go one of those girls that get my workout in during my lunch break.

  10. pub trivia sounds so fun! my mum and I used to do it, and my girlfriends and I have done it a couple of times. so fun! that is so funny about your dream and paper towels, and yay chiro! and yes please to budgeting, i need to start really doing that and it would help me a lot!

  11. Ugh, that sales man was a dirt bag. You should go to the dealership and make him watch you buy the car form another sales guy just because he was such a tool. Ugh.

    And, I go places without showering all the time after working out. So glad we are classy like that!

  12. I have totally gone to a barre class and then rolled to work after changing clothes/touching up make up and adding some perfume because I don't have time to shower. Also that salesman sounds like a complete creeper and I'm sorry you had to even endure 5 minutes of him!

    Southern Belle Secrets


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