Friday Letters Vol. 3

Dear Cotton Candy Sunset, Thanks for showing up yet again to make my dusky run even more delightful.
Dear Legs, Thank you for being on your best behavior as of late. We're gonna crush this half, baby.
Dear Sidewalk, I get that you might not like your current lot in life — what with people walking all over you day in and day out — but was it really necessary to attempt escape in such a fashion that led you to trip me? Eating concrete and nastily skinning both palms in front of easily a dozen cars last night was not my idea of a good time. And now that I've got a fun feeling in my right wrist and arm, as well as two absolutely burning palms, I'm really disappointed in you.
Still finished with a race pace though, so I'm good.
Dear J.K. Rowling, I really don't know why you and I are connecting so much now when I could never get on board with you before, but oh. mah. gah. I just finished Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire last night and my jaw was on the floor for a good hundred pages or so. OMG.
Dear Blog Readers, Thank you for letting me talk money with you. I love you for it.
Dear To Do List, I want to break up.
Dear Mom, I love that I'm 25 and even though I knew what I had to do (wash, peroxide, rinse, aloe, antibacterial cream), I still was able to call you and tell you the Saga of my Skinless Palms and get a virtual pat on the head. Sometimes daughters just need to talk to mamas. We've all been through a lot over these last few weeks. It was kind of nice to have the reason for our latest urgent phone call to be something simple like skinned palms.
Dear Nadia, Thank you for suggesting the Sleepytime Vanilla tea; it's been my new best friend all week!
Dear Netflix, Providing us with Gilmore Girls on Instant is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. Now when in frog's name are you going to let us have Friends, Will & Grace, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family? Get your life together.
Dear Family, I can't wait to see you this weekend!
Dear Coffee, Sometimes I really think you might be one of the great loves of my life. Remember back when I was a good writer who actually wrote things and I wrote that little ode to you for a writing challenge? I think I'll have to dig that up.
Dear Long Run, It's just you and me this Sunday. After that we're gonna have to take a little break, but don't worry — we'll be back together in two weeks on race day. We're only just getting started anyway. Love you like XO.
Dear Weekend, Come here often, hot stuff?

Have wonderful weekends, all of you. What are you up to?


  1. Is it wrong that my reaction was, "At least it's just your hand, not your feet and/or legs!" You don't need your palms for running anyway. But seriously, I'm glad your spill wasn't too serious!
    Enjoy your last long run before your big race!

  2. I'm reading HP 4 now ! Let me just say, book 5 is my favorite, and I hope you love it. We'll have to discuss it when you're done.

    The day Will & Grace is on Netflix is the day I call in sick and stay home to watch all of the seasons back to back.

  3. Oh yikes - falling while running is never fun, happened to me all too many times!! Can I also say that the sunsets have been unreal recently - must be the time of year!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. yay for your run and legs behaving! boo for falling. I fell once... I think early 2013 and now I am terrified of sidewalks. I still run on them of course but every time I so much as stumble I think I am going to slam my face into the ground. Not fun. When I fell, I ripped my tights (so glad I wasn't wearing my expensive tights), scraped my knees, hands and twisted my ankle. Not fun.
    Yay HP!!!!! So happy you are enjoying them and they are jaw droppingly good.
    tell me more about this sleepytime tea. helps you sleep?
    when / what are you running this weekend? are you excited?!

  5. You're just getting on the HP bandwagon?? I'm just so excited for you. There are no word for my excitement for you.

  6. First thing that jumped out at me (aside from your hand! Hope that gets better!): Modern Family. The USA network shows 4 hour marathons of it on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm sure you have better things to do on Friday and Saturday nights but perhaps you can record 'em and binge when you're ready?? And the We network shows like 3 hours of Will & Grace midday on weekdays. Assuming you have tv recording capabilities, of course, which we didn't have until a few months ago and now I record absolutely everything and completely forget about it all and never watch any of it. But none of this excuses Netflix for not offering those shows, obviously.

  7. falling when you run is the worst...and yet it happens to me far too often

  8. Ouch! I hope your hand gets better soon! Moms are the best. I've had a hellish 2 weeks, and she's helped me through a whole lot. Even though we may not always get along, it's good to know she'll always be in your corner. Happy weekend!

  9. This girl once fell on top of me during a 5K and took us both down lol. Luckily, we both survived relatively bruise-free.


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