Friday Letters Vol. 4

Dear Vlogging Plans, I'm sorry I had to abandon you last night. I really wanted to keep our date! But Dr. Magic had to spend a little extra time on me last night (writing beautifully professional notes about my car accident, including using the f-word to describe the state of the car that hit me), and then I had to make a pick-up pit-stop, and then I had to haul my old mattress downstairs to the basement storage area, and then I had to put together my new bed frame, and then I had to fight with 50 pounds of plastic wrapping, and then I had to marvel at the amazingness that is the comfort of my new bed.
Dear Tuft & Needle, Thank you for the new bed, the immensely enjoyable buying experience, the painless pricing, and the promise of decent sleep for a change.
Dear Tuft & Needle Mattress, Welcome home! I've finally upgraded my full to a queen and I'm glad (so far!) that I picked you to be my new Thunder Buddy. Let's make some sweet, restful magic together.
Dear Baby Bro, The fact that you came over last night just to help me haul my old mattress and boxspring downstairs makes me very happy and I love you and thank you for being a good brother to your dear old sis.
Dear Aziz Ansari, Your stand-up specials on Netflix were the perfect soundtrack to my mattress excursions last night.
Dear Nash F.M. Radio DJ, Until you mentioned how difficult it would be to buy toilet paper, eggs, or shaving cream last night, I had totally forgotten it was Mischief Night. I guess I'm #old now.
Dear New Jeep, Your new name is Sirius Black, and I love you.
Dear Chatty Gas Station Attendant, That was a fun game we played after I told you I was filling up my Jeep for the first time. I was expecting it to hurt SO MUCH MORE than filling up my Focus. But it didn't, and you made it the most talkative gas station experience I've had in ages, and for that I thank you.
Dear Half Marathon, I'm still high on you. I can't wait to play again.
Dear Dr. Magic, Three times next week, you say? WELL OKAY THEN.  :)
Dear Girl in My Office Who Moves to Florida This Weekend, Thanks for giving us a reason to have cake at work today.
Dear November, I see you.
Dear Sweater Weather Candle, You are everything.
Dear Everyone, Happy Halloween! What are you dressing up as this year? What are your Halloweekend plans? Hope you have an amazing one!


  1. ohhhh your bed is so pretty!! i am in the market for a new bed + mattress so you'll have to keep me updated. and yay for petrol not being too expensive for your jeep, it is pretty cheap here right now so i hope its cheap for you too! hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Very good letters!!!! my halloween is over as of last weekend, haha. tonight, I will just be watching Halloween (the original) and it's other counterparts all night longgggg!

    Congrats on the new car! i hope you do well with it! its so nice!!!!! I still haven't tried that candle and I think I said I was going to one of the first times you talked about it. Jeez.

  3. New beds are the best - new beds and a new car, girl it's been a great week for you!! Happy Friday!

  4. Dear Alyssa: you are awesome and I'm happy the week seems to have been a success. Silver lining to the car accident, more time with Dr. Magic :)

  5. Congrats on the new bed! I just got a queen when I moved last year and I love it so hard.
    I'm taking a friend's baby trick or treating and then heading to a Halloween party. I'm sharing my costume reveal on Monday :-)

  6. large beds for the win!!! when we upgraded to a king, it was the best decision ever!!!

  7. Your bed looks perfect! I don't think our bed is old enough to replace quite yet but you are making me wish it were, haha! I always forget you guys don't pump your own gas. When I'm in charge, my first order of business will be implementing a similar law, but for buying groceries.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Sweater weather candle....yes, please!!!!! I love all the fall and winter candles. ALL OF THEM!

    And yay for upgrading the bed! Since when are we adults who get exited about things like beds?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Yay for new beds and new cars and new beginnings!

    I had a come to Jesus moment with my bed last night, and considered getting rid of it and downsizing (it's a king), but then I remembered my cats need a place to sleep :)

  10. The sweater weather candle is my absolute favorite!! Also, I'm super jealous of your new mattress. My time is coming.


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