Next Time You See Me...

When I see you on the other side of this weekend, I'll have participated in my first half marathon. My first big race. My first race over 5k. My first solo race — well, me and about 600 other people, but no running buddy of my own.

I'm not freaking out.

So many of you have been insanely supportive and encouraging since I first mentioned signing up for a half marathon a few months back. I can't thank you enough. You may not realize it, and it probably sounds so cheesy for me to say this, but every single "you got this" that comes my way keeps my legs moving and my breath flowing on a run. Honestly, when I reach the point in any run where I want to give up, most often, it's remembering that someone believes in me that helps me keep pushing.

This coming Race Day will be exactly 10 months in the making. I will run my first half marathon, 13.1 miles, 10 months to the day after my very first run. That day 10 months ago, I don't think I even ran for a full minute before having to stop and catch my breath. This weekend, I plan to run for more than two hours.

I'm nothing if not a planner, so of course you know I have had a list of things to do before Race Day to make sure I'm as ready as I can be, both physically and mentally. Running is hugely mental for me, and I think a lot of runners will tell you that it's often that the mind wants to quit before the body needs to. Gaining control over that is as much a part of being a runner as the physical training.

So far, I've spent some time recalling run memories and Race Day victories and motivational moments that I'll want to use as fuel on Race Day.
I've made my Half Marathon Playlist — it's just shy of eight hours long, so I think that should be sufficient.
I have my Race Day outfit picked out, my list of bring-to-the-race-and-make-my-mom-hold-for-me bag items.
I've had my last short, easy, shake-out run.
There are just a few things left to do:
  • Spend as much time as humanly possible in Legs Up the Wall Pose and Pigeon Pose the day before I race and the morning of.
  • Soak my body in Epsom salts and warm water the day before the race to get the last bits of rage out of my bones and joints.
  • Go grocery shopping for fruit snacks (my on-the-run fuel) (because I'm 5) and peanut butter (my pre- and post-race favorite). 
  • Figure out how I'm going to wear my hair during the race. High pony? Power pony? Pigtail braids? These are the important decisions.
  • Foam roll every last inch of my body from the hip down.
  • KT tape my feet and ankles the day before.
  • Stop sweating for long enough to get dressed in race clothes.
  • This quick yoga practice
  • Torture myself until I'm sure I'm not leaving anything out.
  • Try to sleep for like 10 minutes at least from now until Race Day.
Runners, am I missing anything? Any pre-(big)-race tips? Any sage advice for getting the nerves out? Any songs I need to have on my Race Day playlist?

I'll see you guys on the other side...

PS — don't forget that this Tuesday, October 28, it's time again to link up your training goals, progress, success stories, questions, and tales of woe with Tracy and me on Training for Tuesday! Get the Guidelines for Harmonious Linking here, grab a button, and have a great weekend!


  1. yay! so exciting!!! you're going to kick so much ass.

    planning for a huge race is key. i planned for months leading up to my tough mudder race and over time, i collected the gear i needed, did my research and knew going in what i was in for...and all of it paid off. can't wait to hear about the outcome!

  2. Best of luck darling!!! I can't even wait to hear how it goes for you! xo

  3. So excited for you! I can't wait to hear about your experience next week- it sounds like you are ready to go :)

  4. Girl, you got this! Sounds like you're definitely ready! Also, I'd say go for the power pony :-)

  5. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am so freakin excited for you!!! Sounds like you are totally ready. Just try to relax and enjoy it. Even though I'll be running my 9th half on Saturday, I still have nerves every single time.
    I can't wait to hear how it goes. Have a blast girlie!!

  7. aw you are so adorable and awesome and planny (lets pretend thats a word) I just love it. I love to plan as well, as you know, but running has never been a thing to plan for me. I am planning (lol) on putting an audiobook on my ipod tonight so it's ready for tomorrow (3 guesses which book...) and other than that... i don't have my outfit, or my snacks (no snacks) but i'll probably rock a pony because that's the only thing i can rock while running.
    ANYWAY lets make it all about me, shall we?
    I am so excited for you. You are going to be beyond amazing. I cannot wait to hear all about it!

  8. I already said it once, but good luck! I know you are going to do fantastic and exceed your goals! I hope to see you soon

  9. I legit teared up reading this, Alyssa! Sunday is going to be such a special day for you! No matter what happens, good or bad, you will go to bed on Sunday night a half marathoner. When it gets tough just think of how far you've come in the last 10 months (to the day! I can't even tell you how much I love that!). Trust your trainings and know that you are more than capable of the task before you. I know I've already told you a million times but I'm so excited and already so proud of you!!! Sending you all the good luck in the world, can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Good luck!!! I know you got this!!! It looks like you are totally prepared! And yummm fruit snacks!

  11. I am so excited and proud of you! Good luck friend, you've got this. Can't wait to hear about your experience on the other side!

  12. Gahhh! I hope it went awesome! I'm sure you rocked it!

  13. Gah--no post today?? I've been dying to hear how the race went!

  14. So, so proud of you for doing this! Way to get it girl! Also, what the hell is a "power pony"?


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