Thanks for the Ride

So there I was. Getting all my last-minute things done so I could head down to my mom's where I was to spend the night before my half marathon. I was on my way to gas up my car and put air in my tires (because for whatever reason, Stella always had a problem keeping her shoes properly tied) when, with a lot of details I'm going to keep off the blog for now, my car is slammed into by another and I am officially in a car accident.

I actually laughed.

Because of course I had just been in a car accident. Why wouldn't I have been? It was just my luck. This car — that already had a scraped up front bumper from a 2013 accident (that was technically "my fault" but still was outside of my control, I'm a good driver I swear), that has been on her way to the great parking garage in the sky as soon as I could get my shit together enough to go car shopping again, that I JUST had to buy a new tire for (after I'd replaced all four back in February), and that I was mere days away from replacing with something new — of course, this car was hit. And of course, this driver was involved in a car accident on top of everything else she has had to stress over and deal with in the past two very hectic, very emotional, very trying months. And of course, it happened the day before my first big race.

Long story short... after seven years of loyal, unflinching service, uncountable bumps in the road (that she navigated like a champ), after thousands of miles, secrets, laughs, tears, trysts, jokes, short stops, long drives, movie scene moments, and traffic lights, I said goodbye to Stella. My first brand new car. My first "all by myself" purchase. The first thing that I could call solely mine, that I earned alone. For years, my escape route, my safe haven, my thinking spot, my sound booth. My girl.
She got me through so much, this one. I had traded in my old, beat-up Honda for my brand new wheels during my first semester of college, and I was in love with Stella from the moment I saw her. Together we carted around 6' high schoolers with their lacrosse gear (my brother and his teammates), brought friends and family to safety after one too many — no easy feat, considering she was a two-door — road-tripped to Cape Cod, Cooperstown, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and all over this great state of NJ. She heard me sing at the top of my lungs, cry my eyes out, laugh my guts up. She saw me fall in love, break up, and fall in love some more. She heard every whispered secret between me and strangers, friends, and loves. The past seven years of my life happened in and around this car.

But in keeping with this year's theme of "change," it was time to let go. Everything has to come to an end someday. This year, I'm seeing more endings — and beginnings — than I have in a long time. I'm an overly emotional person, newsflash I know, and it's hard not to almost feel bad about giving up a car that I've been through so much with. I'm insane, you can say it.

But I guess the best thing I could do for the four wheels that took me everywhere I needed to go, and brought me to this new place I'm in now, the place 24-year-old-me couldn't even see, the place where I'm a different woman than I used to be, the place where so much adventure and even more change lay ahead, more than I'm even aware of I'm sure, is to let her go out in style.

Thanks for the ride, Stell.

And on the note of new beginnings, here's my new addition:
Confession: I've wanted a Jeep since before I had my driver's license. It is literally the only car I've always wanted. (Oh, and whoever said money doesn't buy happiness never bought their very first car equipped with 4WD, heated seats, and remote start just in time for a New Jersey winter.) I can't wait to see where we go together.

One last thing: Since I've found the magic that is the Harry Potter series, (only a quarter through book 6, no spoilers!) I've decided it's right that I spend this time catching up on 15 years of fandom. So I'm thinking it just makes good sense to name my new wheels after a character from the books. I'm thinking Sirius Black, because he's my favorite, but I'm open to any other suggestions. What do you think? (It's a boy.)


  1. So excited for you and Sirius! That HAS to be its name. I love it. I can't wait until I get to buy my first very own car. I'm way too excited about it. Sirius is going to be majorly badass this winter!

  2. Congratulations on your new purchase and even bigger congrats on buying it on your own!! Must be quite the accomplishment!! Love the name of your bad boy!!

  3. So sorry to hear about your accident, but congrats on the new car!!! So pretty! And I think that name is totally appropriate :)

  4. I hope you know I cried over Stella. I think Sirius is a brilliant name. Welcome Sirius. I like the sound of your heated seats.

  5. Congrats on your new car!

    Jealous over the heated seats. My husband's truck has them. My car does not. I long for them when it's really cold.


    also, don't talk to me about the importance of remote start and heated seats. canadian winters kick new jerseys ass ;)

    but seriously that's a sexy jeep.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is one of those things where you're like this REALLY just happened?! So glad you were okay & hooray for a new car-- it looks awesome! Also, I just saw your sweater weather candle in your insta widget... isn't it amazing?!

  8. Heated butt warmers????? Amazing!!! Congratulations girl that is a beautiful ride!!! Wish you many happy and safe years together!

  9. Woot woot woot! A new beautiful ride! Holla!!!! Love it! My friend had one of those, and they are great cars.

  10. nice ride!!!! seat warmers win everything! esp if you have cold brutal winters like the frozen tundra that is canada :(

  11. What's with car accidents these days?

    But let's talk about that jeep for a minute, because I LOVE IT. I've always loved Jeeps, too. Jeeps and Jettas (which is what I think I'll get for my next car).

    I vote Sirius Black, for sure.

  12. Aww, I know you're sad to see Stella go, but it sounds like Sirius Black (if that's what you're going with...) is a definite upgrade!


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