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Whew! It's hard to believe a month has passed already since I ran my first half marathon. And in the month since then, I've run... 20 miles. I know, what.

The reason? No good one, really. Yes, I had to increase the frequency of my chiropractor appointments earlier this month because of the minor car accident I was in the day before my last race. And it's been busier than usual lately; I've had more deadlines to keep up with and more side hustles to make time for than I have in the past few months. But I also deliberately didn't make much time for running. I gave myself a bit of a "rest month," but that changes now.

This Training for Tuesday, I'm looking a good distance into the future and laying down a few fitness- and wellness-related goals. Some are for running, some are for yoga, and they're all for making sure I don't lose my mind.
  • Run, damn it. See above. 
  • Find and begin a new half marathon training program. I'm already registered for my next big race and one of my first 2015 races: The Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in March. The awesome thing about this race is that it's also going to be a huge blogger party! Tracy, Becky, Erin, her husband Jared, and a few others and I will be going for it all together. But... I have a LOT of work to do before then. I ran my first half marathon in 2:16:12, and I know I will run my next a decent bit faster. I know this because the next one won't have 2.5 miles of trail, and I'll use something to keep track of my pace this time, and RnR won't be as hilly as the Oktoberfest Half I ran last month. I have a realistic goal (2:10) in mind and a crazy goal (not telling yet) that I've been turning over with Tracy, but neither one of those is going to happen if I don't get to work. I'm picking up the frequency of my runs starting this week and am going to be in full-on training mode by the end of next month.
  • Work on arm balances in yoga. With the help of my favorite yogi Erin Motz at her workshop last month, I got that much closer to really having forearm stand and handstand down. They're still not very strong, and I'm lusting over some other arm balances that are still beyond my reach. My yoga practice is important to me, and feeling strong and confident in many aspects of my practice as I currently am, this is just sort of the natural next step for me. Now let's just hope I can get to nailing these advanced poses without a permanent neck injury.
    Someday I'll have a decent photography equipment and a place where I can actually take yoga pictures. Today is not that day.
    (Crow pose)
  • Increase the duration of my practices. Currently, I do yoga pretty consistently about five times a week, on weekday mornings. I do roughly 20 minutes of yoga following one of Erin Motz's videos or putting together my own combination that feels good and works with what I want to target that day. Partially because life has been so chaotic lately, I've been skipping yoga on the weekends, but I would really like to try and carve out an hour or so for yoga on the weekends and try more advanced postures and intensive practices. I like this site for videos that are a bit longer.
  • Find a yoga studio and community. I've mentioned before that I have a primarily home practice. And by primarily, I mean pretty much almost entirely. Yoga studio memberships are not cheap, and I generally prefer my daily yoga home practice anyway. The timing works out much better for me too. But, the yoga community is something I feel like I'm really missing in my life right now. Where I live, there is no shortage of various types of yoga studios, so I want to spend the next couple of weeks sampling the options and seeing if I can find a place that feels like home. I'm hoping this will be good for me mentally and emotionally, and I'm hoping it serves another purpose too...
  • Find a studio for my yoga teacher training. This is a longer-term goal, as I don't anticipate having the deposit and time for this until a few months into 2015. But this is something I've been kicking around for years, and I'm tired of just talking about it. I can only imagine how much work becoming certified to teach yoga will be. I know it will be intense, expensive, and time-consuming. But I cannot wait to start the journey. Related, a lot of yoga studios run a program called Karma Yoga, where you are offered complimentary yoga classes in exchange for working at the studio for a few hours, at the front desk or helping to clean up after classes. The studios I plan to sample over the next few weeks all offer this program, so in my trials I'll be keeping this goal in mind too.
So that's what I've got coming up over the next few weeks. I'm trying to be as realistic as I can, considering the work year-end deadlines, the holidays, travel, and how exhausted I've been lately (chronic insomnia, at least I can always count on you...), but also set some goals that take at very least a mental effort and commitment to accomplish. 
And now we want to hear about you — what have you been working toward lately? What do you want to work on before 2014 winds down? Don't wait for the new year to start on a fitness goal; there's no time like the present. So grab a button and link up below. Like my inspiring co-host Tracy so perfectly said, training is better with friends!


  1. So yeah I submitted my link twice because I effed the first one up haha sorry about that.

    Also YOU GO GIRL!! I love all of your goals ... Lets hope I stick to mine this month. Im pumped to run today ... although its well after midnight and Im up doing work so lord knows what tomorrow aka later today will bring! But seriously .. love this link up!

  2. your arm stand looks amazing!!! You are a bad ass! I need to try to get myself into yoga, I always here amazing things about all the benefits.

  3. I do think you should share your crazy goal with me, pretty please? I don't like being out of the loop. Lol. It's ok, just joking, keep it to yourself... :(
    But seriously I'm convinced that you can achieve anything you put your mind to because you're totally awesome. That's all.
    And you guys are gonna have such fun at your blogger party!
    Karma yoga sounds brilliant - I would totally do that if somewhere near me offered it, I couldn't teach yoga but I could work the desk or clean up no worries :) You're right, they are not cheap! I wish barre offered that as well haha maybe I'd actually try it then.
    Anyway, love this link up as always girly, it's nice to have that reminder each month.

  4. I'm so excited that your going to be training to become a yoga instructor I just know you're going to be amazing at it!! How fun that you're doing the run with some blogger friends -that will make it that much better!!

  5. be proud of me i got a mini yoga session from one of our yoga instructors at the gym today because no one showed up to his 5:30am class :)

  6. How awesome that you want to become a yoag instructor!!! That is so cool! Now come teach me! haha!

  7. YAY HALF MARATHON TRAINING!!!! ...too soon? Whatever.
    I know I say this constantly but I am so in awe of your yoga practice. Not only how awesome you are at it (are you kidding me with that crow?!) but your dedication to it. If you texted me multie times a day to nag me about doing yoga...I wouldn't be mad. Just sayin'.
    I'm so proud of you for pressing on with your yoga teacher training! Those sound like great steps to take. Karma yoga sounds seriously amazing, what an awesome concept! I like the convenience of doing yoga at home but I'm much more likely to commit to it when I'm going to a studio. But ya know, then there are those things like time...and money...that keep me from the studio. I'm totally just making excuses though, I know.

  8. So crazy! The idea of getting teacher training popped into my head last week. I thought it might be something fun/worth doing in my spare time after I started growing in my OWN practice to do as a part-time gig. Wishing you the best of luck finding your new home!

  9. That yoga pose is impressive! It's nice to read about how realistic you're being with your goals with this time of the year being a bit more busy than normal. I'm so excited you guys are doing that half in DC- I will definitely try and come and cheer you on :)


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