Get Ready with Me: Weekday Morning

I've mentioned before that I used to be a liiiiittle bit obsessed with beauty videos on YouTube. My favorite videos were the morning routines/get ready with me ones, because I'm obnoxiously nosy and like to see into peoples lives and, I mean, hello, aren't all of us who read blogs?

Anyway, after the heavy nature of my Tuesday post, I thought it would be best to lighten the mood a little bit around here with a post like that. Agree? Agree. But since I care too much for your eyesight and because time is of the essence this week (back to running post-race, three visits with my chiropractor post-car accident [he's a half hour away], editing a novel on deadline, and being unable to put down Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) I'm going with gifs instead of an actual video. Because gifs are infinitely more fun and I feel like I haven't used gifs in a post in ages and that just won't do.

So here's what the typical weekday morning looks like in my apartment:

7:20 — Alarm starts going off
7:30 — Actually get up out of bed
7:30–7:35 — Brush teeth, roll out mat, pick yoga video
7:35–8 — Yoga and headstand or handstand practice
8–8:15 — Shower
8:15–8:40 — Moisturize skin and hair if it's a hair-washing day (it usually isn't), and put makeup on
8:40–8:50 — Make bed, take vitamins, get dressed, get distracted by something that can most certainly wait until I get home seeing as I'm already late for work
8:50–8:55 — Frantically throw together a lunch, top off my coffee, spill coffee somewhere in my kitchen or on myself
8:55–9 — Look at myself in the full-length mirror until I decide my favorite thing about where I work is that I can wear leggings and a cardigan e'rryday
9 — Hop in Sirius Black and head to work
Riveting stuff, right? If you're good boys and girls next time I'll tell you about my evening routine! (This post was really just an excuse to gif.) Later, skaters. Don't drink and gif.


  1. This was hilarious- especially love those cat memes!

  2. This is so funny - the gifs always make my day!! I have to say Easy A and her singing in the shower is probably the funniest scene in the whole movie!

  3. i love gifs.. they are the best! my favorite is the cinderella one :)

  4. I love this! My mornings are crazy hectic! Up at 5:15. Workout from 5:35-6:50. Rush home shower don't wash hair throw on makeup. Make breakfast pack lunch and head out.

  5. gif filled posts make me happy.
    except when you use the SADDEST GIF OF ALL TIME HOW COULD YOU.
    i am literally crying. ok, not literally. i forgive you because i don't think you watch doctor who (am i wrong?)
    i love doing yoga in the morning, i need to get back into that routine.

  6. the gif of ian dancing in front of that mirror is enough to help me through the rest of the week. thank you.

    in other news, its almost never a hair washing day for me either....

  7. Gifs man. I love em. This is adorable and awesome. I need to do more yoga in the mornings. I feel this would be helpful. Do you have any suggestions for places to get free yoga routines? My Jillian Michaels one is good but getting old :P

  8. I mean there is always time for a quick selfie full length mirror check/picture right? ;)

  9. 8:40-8:55 is me errryday and I really should stop. It's terrible.

  10. hahahaha omg thanks for the pick me up this was hilarious!!! I need to do one of this!


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