Happy November, y'all! (Fun fact about me: I write "y'all" all the time — in text messages, tweets, posts — but I think I've said it in real words like maybe five times total in my whole life. I have no explanation for this.)

Ah, November. This month is a doozy, innit? Never mind that Macy's, Target, Bath & Body Works, and Quick Check (all the stores I went to in October, basically) have been ready for Christmas since last month. Now is the time that I officially start the Christmas music (and "winter" music, for the "Baby it's Cold Outside" and others of its ilk to feel included) and get ready for the chaotic mess of eight weeks that just becomes "the holidays."

This year, the holiday season is going to look very different for me than it ever has before... But we'll get into that later this month. Meanwhile, cheers to those participating in No Shave November! Cheers to you brave souls going for it with NaNoWriMo! (I'm editing a novel this month, or else I'd be joining you!) And cheers to you poor (or lucky, depending on what floats your boat) folks who saw the season's first snow in your backyard this weekend. Better you than me.

Listen, I would really love to chat some more, about something less pointless than that which I've already said here, but I just need to get back to the books right now — I'm determined to finish Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight so that I can start Deathly Hallows ASAP, which I'll be reading for the Semi Charmed 2014 Winter Book Challenge. (Woot!)

So my offering to you is a Halloweekend recap in the form of photos and a linkup with my friend Biana...
#BASICally, I killed it for Halloween.
And obviously, so did my very talented friend B.
Halloween night we went to a bar I love that's just a few blocks from my new (is it new anymore, after two months?) place. It was so much fun — creative, funny people in clever costumes, a great band, a phone number exchange (hayyy), a late-night floor picnic and more laughs with two good friends than I can even count. I haven't had that great a Friday night in a long time.
The dancing queen turned one last week, so we celebrated her on Saturday! This sweet little girl, my cousin's daughter, is so full of sunshine and just the best personality. Love having her around.  :)
Speaking of tiny humans who I'm glad exist, I spent Sunday with my best friend and her husband, aka the parents of this not-so-little peanut! (He's seven weeks....) I love this little dude; he's just the coolest. I felt so bad for him yesterday though; he seems to have picked up a cold and was so uncomfortable all day. But he's a little champ with two amazing parents!

So that was pretty much my weekend: Halloween and other people's babies. I have zero complaints. :)

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween??


  1. You are *crushing* Harry Potter. I stopped (again) to read Amy Poehler's new book. I'll get through these damn HP books by Christmas, I swear!

    I want to hear more about this bar near your new (yes, it's still considered new!) place. Or let's just go there, okay? Great.

  2. a basic girl! I went to a party on Saturday and a basic girl won the costume contest :)

    Midwest Darling

  3. Sounds like you had such a lovely weekend! What a great costume! I was one of those sad people who saw the first snow - thankfully it didn't actually stay on the ground. Also, I am the same way - for some reason I constantly say "girl" and I'm so tempted to say "y'all" when I'm typing but I would probably never say them in my everyday conversations haha.

  4. What a great weekend and I'm glad you ended up going out!! Oh little babies - they are just the best!!

  5. i just love your costume, so fabulous!
    you must let me know when you finish #6 and move on to #7. YOU MUST.
    I say it is considered new for at least a year. oh and I have never said y'all in my life (except to practice and realising i sounded like an idiot) but i write it all the time. and did you know, at home, we call it 'Mo-vember' instead of no shave november, because we spell it moustache. interesting stuff, i know.

  6. your costume was perfect and when i showed my boyfriend he laughed. he says you nailed it.

  7. funny funny costume! those babies are adorable :) mike is participating in no shave november.. lets see how long I can deal with it!

  8. Ugh, Blogger deleted my comment. Anyway, I was a basic B for my work costume! I love your sign, I missed that part. (Other people's) babies are great- so stinkin cute. And yay for new numbers! I think you already saw my costume, but more on that tomorrow :-)

  9. Still love your costume! Other people's kids are good, you can always give them back!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I say y'all all.the.time. Everyone from outside Texas notices it about me. Whoops!

  11. Sounds like you had a fabo halloween! Hopefully something good will come from the number exchange. ;) And those kiddos- oh so cute!!

  12. OMG cute peanut! Everyone's rereading Harry Potter. I really need to buy a set so I can reread.

  13. Oh my gosh that book! I read the entire series for the first time earlier this year-- so good. Also, LOVE your halloween costume! That is perfect! Such cute little babies!

  14. First off ... I suck as a friend and blogger .... so lets get that out of the way. I have been SWAMPED since I got back. My toes are slowly being dipped back in.

    Anyhoosle ... you looked fab (as usual) and your weekend sounds fab.


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