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I'm here! I'm here! I know it's only been a day but it was almost two days and when those two days aren't weekends I get anxious about everyone up and leaving because two weekdays sans post obviously means I'm never returning to this blog and why should you stick around? Sigh. Oh right — I'm going to be calm and normal and not spazz out this holiday season. Right? Easier said than done.

10 Things I Don't Have Time to Do Right Now That I Have to/Should Do Anyway Because Life
  1. Finish an initial full read-through of a novel I am editing for this brilliant author who has put her heart and soul into my hands by hiring me for this project. (It's a brilliant novel. I have terrible time management lately.)
  2. See my chiropractor for a second time this week because since I was in a car accident a few weeks ago, my already messed-up back is in even worse shape and I don't want to get even worse still so it's trekking the half hour to and from his office multiple times a week for me until he puts the kibosh on that. I love my chiro, but it would be so much more convenient if he could just come adjust me in my office or apartment.
  3. Yoga. I totally slept in and skipped yoga this morning. I'll be regretting this move within the hour. Though I did leave my mat out, thinking that maybe I'll squeeze in a quick practice this evening but let's not be ridiculous.
  4. Blog. This is such a bad use of my time right now but whatever. See above.
  5. Work. Because there's all that life stuff in the way. Work and life just constantly seem to be battling each other for my brain space. Tell me again why they only ask working moms — particularly those who usually have a partner to give them a hand with at least one of those things — about work/life balance? #SINKsForWorkLifeBalance (SINK = single income, no kids)
  6. Finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This week I've read a total of maybe 10 pages. I'm SO CLOSE to the end, but I just can't make the time to read right now and it might actually be killing me. (For anyone new to the party, this is my first read of the series, no spoilers!)
  7. Go to pub trivia, but I did that last night anyway because I like living on the edge and sometimes I like to drink hard cider and eat potato skins with excessive sour cream.
  8. Write an article for Feather Magazine due this week. HEY — you guys can help me out with this. What are your favorite holiday traditions? I want to feature the yearly must-dos of Feather Girls of all backgrounds. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or none/all of the above, drop me a line sharing your favorite winter holiday tradition. One present on Christmas Eve? Dinner at Grandma's? Midnight mass? Chant naked in the backyard holding big sticks? I won't judge. Please and thank you for sharing your memories with me!
  9. Go on dates with The Flash, but...he's got a really awesome full sleeve tattoo and he made me dinner and we have the same favorite Shakespeare comedy, so I think I'd actually be more foolish not to keep seeing him.
  10. Run. Seriously, this is not a good week for me with running. I last ran on Sunday — it was awesome, by the way; this whole "not in training" thing is doing wonders for my pace! — and am hoping to get in some miles tomorrow or Friday but. We'll see. 
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  1. I've never been to a chiropractor, but I would love to go. my back has been killing me! love me some John mayer!

  2. dude, life. it gets in the way of all the other stuff we should be doing. like blogging. blogging is hard when life gets in the way. oh and workouts. ugh who has time to fit that in!? -- says the personal trainer that barely has time to workout herself

  3. I so remember that episode of Saved By The Bell! I'm so excited for you to finish reading Harry Potter, but you definitely want to do it when you can full take it in and enjoy it! Sounds like you have more than enough to keep you busy, and it is hard not to neglect the blog a little bit when that (that being life, haha) happens!

  4. So happy to hear that you're still seeing "flash"!!! I seriously loved that episode of saved by the bell...they just dont make shows like that anymore!!

  5. I kinda want you to hurry up and finish deathly hallows but also i want you to slow down and savour it. haha. and omg i laughed so hard at sinksforworklifebalance lol. what about married with no kids? jk i dont struggle with work life balance, because i don't have much of life (which is fine by me).
    um christmas traditions.. we never did the present on christmas eve but its something i want to do with my kids. we did always have a big christmas eve dinner at one aunty and uncles, and then christmas day was spent at the other aunty and uncles, but then everyone had a big fight so that stopped happening. something i loved doing as a kid was going to look at christmas lights, though they aren't as common as they used to be (at least at home.. we would park and just walk around neighbourhoods).
    we have this thing called carols in the domain (like carols by candlelight) that i never went to but we'd watch it every single year. except obviously now that i am in the US, I can't watch it.
    oh man, christmas kinda sucks when you're away from family / tradition.

  6. OH MY GAWD I love your new picture thingy!

  7. Omg an episode of Saved by the Bell was on when I was getting ready the other morning (I assume it comes on daily, I just never have the TV on) and it was the best way to start the day.
    Girl....I feel you. I have never understood why moms get to hold the busy people torch but that's probably all I should say about that before I say too much and get myself into trouble.
    I've gotten so meh about the holidays as I've gotten older but the one tradition that I legitimately look forward to is watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and/or day. Love the 24-hour marathon.
    I think you should ditch all those other things and just go on more dates with The Flash ;)

  8. I know it doesn't help with the middle of the book situation, but if you're finding you don't have as much time to read as you'd like you should try audiobooks! They've literally saved me both from having little time to read and from feeling like my hour plus commutes are the biggest waste of my life.

    And to do my bit to help you out: one of my favourite traditions is making gingerbread houses with my best friend. We've done it every since we were in first grade, including the years she's been living in Israel via Skype!

  9. I have a list of things I should be doing but aren't too! Haha!

    As far as holiday traditions, my sister and I used to open each other's presents on Christmas Eve, my mom used to always buy a box of chocolates for Christmas day for us to snack on, and my husbands family always bakes on Christmas Eve and we always go to Gatlinburg the week after Christmas/New Years Eve.


  11. Sometimes I feel like my to-do list is a treadmill...whenever I cross anything off, three more things take it's place! My co-blogger and I have a Christmas tradition where we each buy each other exactly 10 items from the dollar's so fun to see the ridiculous items we end up with!

  12. You are busy girl!!!
    My favorite holiday traditions....1.We eat gumbo at my grandmothers house every Christmas eve. My grandmother is cajun french and when she and my grandfather first moved to Texas, they could not afford to go back home, so she started to make gumbo when she missed her family. Then she started making it on Christmas eve, and its something I've eaten every single year since I was a baby, and I plan to eat it every single year until I die.
    2.Open presents on Christmas night. Its so crazy and hectic, so we decided a few years ago to wait until the day is over. We get up when we want, eat brunch, spend time with the extended family, then when everyone leaves, and its just us at our house, we open presents slowly and leisurely. Its so fun!

  13. Sigh clearly I suck at blogging these days and I have anxiety that people forget me too. So i need to get back on my grind full force next week. Also I know I suck as a writer these days too but I really do have something for ya!!!

    haha when i get back from my short weekend away :)

  14. Hooray for The Flash! I don't even know him but I'm rooting for him!

    My holiday thing, the tree goes up thanksgiving weekend. Black FRIDAY is for shopping. Christmas Eve is for 1 present and fettuccine Alfredo (I stole this tradition from The Holiday (the Jude Law one) years ago and have stuck to it ever since)


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