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You know what I think it's time for? Mostly because they're my favorite type of post to read (I told you I'm nosy as hell) and I've seen a bunch coming around lately, but whatever. I think it's time for a little reintroduction of sorts. There are a few new readers (or at least subscribers) hanging around here lately (Welcome! Easy ride in? Hope the traffic wasn't too bad.) so even though I'm probably not a very interesting person and there's nothing with which this post coincides, I thought we could all do with a little Facts of Alyssa. Also because who doesn't love trivia?
My name's Alyssa. I'm 25 and I live in North Jersey, and that will probably always be true. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and I work as an education writer, but I was almost an English teacher. (I switched out of my English/Secondary education double major to just straight-up English lit in the middle of my senior year in college. That's a very long story for another day.)

My current career is not my forever career, and I've spent most of the last year trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I'm also a freelancer. I used to do it full-time, but now I have to pay rent and I don't feel like working 70-hour weeks right now. I take on writing projects here and there, but my main side gig is editing. I worked on this fantastic project and am currently editing two novels by very talented authors. I am also the Life section editor at Feather Magazine and would love it if you dropped by for a look — I think you'll like it. (PS — I am currently taking on new projects if you want to talk about working together on yours!)

I love trivia. (See what I did there? That's what we call a "callback.") I used to go to pub trivia every Tuesday with a few friends, but then we mostly got lazy and bored with it so we don't go very often anymore. But I love trivia, especially board games. (You can take your Trivial Pursuit, I'll have Smart Ass and Bezzerwizzer, thanks!)

I am a runner and I do yoga. The former wasn't a thing until this year, and the latter has been true since I was 16.

I have a big blended family, including stepparents and stepsiblings. I wish I got along with all of my family, but the ones I do have relationships with are some of my favorite people on this planet and I would walk through fire for them.

I have a very dry delivery most of the time I speak, which causes a lot of confusion. My sarcasm or snark is often mistaken for bitchiness. But the people who know me intimately know there's a pretty easy way to tell the difference. My emotions are all over my face, and I cry when I'm angry or frustrated. I can't lie and I don't lie and lying is one of the few things I have very little tolerance for.
That said, a motto I try to live by is "Do all things with love." (Og Mandino) I have the word "love" tattooed on my arm so that I always carry love with me, and to remind me that it should be in every comment and gesture I make. I am not perfect and I fail at this effort from time to time. But my single greatest hope is that the people who cross my path leave in at very least as positive state as they came across me in — all the better if I can add something to their lives or at least their days. I strive for kindness and compassion whenever possible, and believe it's pretty much always possible.

I am an empath; I am Type A; I have a minor case of OCD, and I hate when people say "I am so OCD" because they are organized or clean. I have had my battles with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. I will likely never be totally free of these things but I strive to make my experience useful to others whenever possible.

I currently have 11 tattoos and will soon have 12. I used to have piercings, but now I just have two holes in each ear and one hole in my right rook.

I am a feminist and, if you ask my father, a "goddamn liberal." If you ask me, there's no sense in using such terms because they give false illusions and perpetuate little more than hate and backward agenda.

I realize that is a risky thing to post these days and that the F-word is inextricably tangled with misunderstanding and ignorance. But if you want to talk about what feminism means to me and how I came to call myself such, I'd love to chat about it.

I don't eat red meat, I'm starting to eat some gluten again after a few years not, and I'm leaning toward becoming totally vegetarian again. I don't wear animals. I don't judge you or really even have an opinion on whether you do or don't.

I have lots of opinions, but they don't entitle me to anything and I operate under the assumption that most people don't give a shit about them unless they ask. (I assume that you give a shit about them if you come to my personal blog, though.)
I swear a lot, but I also have a tattoo for Shakespeare, so I don't think my fondness of the (other) F-word gives anyone the right to make a judgement on my intelligence. Colorful language for colorful people or something like that?

I love to read, but I'm horribly slow at it. I love to write, and once I begin it's often difficult for me to break for air.

I have a date this weekend with a man whom I've only seen in a Flash costume. It was basically a bodysuit. So this should be interesting.

What are you up to this weekend? Care to share a fun fact about yourself before you go?


  1. i love these posts; it lets us into your personality/personal life a bit more :)

    let's see....i'm a huge IT geek/nerd and i don't care who knows it. i NEED quiet time in the morning to start my day. if anyone interrupts me, i am one crabby biatch. although i adore my kid, i NEED me time. call me selfish or whatever but just because i am a parent, doesn't mean my needs or wants are in the backseat. i cannot physically stay up past 930pm. i cannot physically sleep in past 6am :(

  2. There is so much goodness in this post - but girl I would have never guessed that you had 11 tattoos!! so cool! Hope the date is a good one :)

  3. Love this post! They're my favorite to read too! A date with Flash? I hope you share how it went- sounds intriguing to say the least! And hey, at least you know what his physique is already ;-)

  4. I love these types of posts! Love your love tattoo too- such a great reminder! It sounds like you have the opportunity to work on some pretty cool things with your degree! I hope your date goes well this weekend!

  5. ooooooh date!!! fun!! no fair not telling me about it.. lol jk.
    i love this post so much. i had to wait to get home to read it properly because i was so busy today.
    my brothers had ADD and I hate when people make jokes about ADD like it's funny 'i'm so ADD i forgot this or that'. My little brother had some OCD tendencies (I'm not sure the proper term as I was quite young and only remember the actions not what the doctor said) so I hate when people say that too.
    tell me more about those trivia games - they sound fun! i love trivia, but i'm stupid, so i'm not good at it. KC has all the knowledge in his big ol head.
    I am very blunt and sarcastic as well, people always think I'm rude or bitchy, and it hurts my feelings :( oh well.
    Have a good weekend missy!

  6. I love in north jersey too! Hope your date goes well!

  7. I'm also from north Jersey, represent! Even though I don't have OCD, I think it's so insensitive when people use it in such a casual and colloquial sense, cause like you said, it's something serious people have to deal with in their lives. Good luck with your date with the Flash ;)


  8. First off... you're gorgeous.
    Second... Bezzerwezzer is the shit!!!!

  9. I don't even have OCD and I think people who talk about how OCD they are (when they're really not) are annoying.
    Can we just talk about not wearing animals for a sec? I'm having the hardest time finding shoes that aren't leather and also don't look like they might fall apart after one wear. Very sad.
    And OMG, date, what?! I hope it went well!


    And the.other stuff, you've been a long time favorite of mi.e, like, sinceI started in 2011 because of the way you write. It's honest, funny, and real. Still true 3 years later.

  11. I basically love this post!!! I learned a few new things and I am off to stalk your tattoo post :)

  12. I love you more because of this post and yay for you tattoos again!!!!! Oh and I FUCKING LOVE THAT YOU SWEAR!! And basically because my week sucked Imma need a full report on that date. STAT!

  13. just found your blog through Life By Nadine, and I am in love!! This is the best "get to know me," I've seen. Thanks for being so honest!


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