At Christmas

Just because it's Christmas—
(and at Christmas you tell the truth)
To me, there's something unmatchably sweet about coming home in the dark and finding a thoughtful card from a lovely friend waiting in your mailbox.
To me, friendship and joy can always be found in the most unexpected of places if you're careful enough to keep your eyes open for them.
(Thank you to B & M for hosting this fun link up, which introduced me to a lovely new blog friend, 
Lauren from Lot 48. This was so much fun <3)

To me, Christmas spirit gets harder to capture and hold onto as you get older. The magic of the season gets lost when you come to associate it with holiday traffic, blown budgets, obligation gifting, struggling to quiet family quarrels. So whatever you need to do to find yourself in the spirit of the season — years-old traditions, Christmas music, favorite movies — I say do it, enjoy it, embrace it.

To me, the arrival and passing of the shortest day of the year (happy solstice!) (also happy Hanukkah to friends I haven't given a holiday wish to yet!) is a reason to celebrate. I used to become sort of depressed that winter, my least liked season, was officially here. But a yoga teacher I had in college told me from December 22 on, we get one minute of daylight back every day until the summer solstice. More sunlight is something to be happy about, even if it's barely noticeable until February.

To me, though it might not technically be a Christmas movie, You've Got Mail is one of my favorites to watch this time of year. And any time of year, because Tom Hanks is everything to me. Thank you, Netflix, for finally bringing it to streaming.

To me, the work and worry I've put into the holidays this year is not what the season is about. Confusion over plans, dread over certain reunions, and internal debate about holiday traditions are not what Christmas means to me. To me, it's okay to choose your family. Beginning in 2015, I'm taking my holidays back and celebrating them — all of them — with the family I choose, in a fashion that brings out every bit of good in the season and leaves me free to forget about the bad.

To me, it's worth spending $3 on a beloved movie from childhood when you're feeling less than Christmassy and want a jolt of joy. It's not, however, worth the extra $1 for the HD version of a movie made in 1994.

To me, this time of year can be incredibly painful or incredibly joyful. Some people think it depends on your relationship status, bank account balance, or career success. I think it depends on your perspective. Never forget that you can feel as content while alone as you can feel isolated while attached, that nothing endures but change, and that you have the power to choose your feelings.

To me, all that matters is that we're doing the best we can.

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, 
become a child again at Christmas-time.” 
— Laura Ingalls Wilder

Merry Christmas, my friends. And if you don't celebrate, I hope the joy we're intended to feel throughout this holiday season still meets you anyway.


  1. Very sweet post - we decided to host the card swap this year because we feel that same rush of happiness when we open our mailboxes to find cards from friends. So glad that you participated! Happy holidays!
    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  2. I love what you said - it does depend on your perspective!! It's not about the gifts or the traffic or anything else, it's about the time with family and friends and ringing in the new year - hopefully a very prosperous one for you!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. lady i love this. and i love you. and i love cards.

  4. I love all of your cards- they really do brighten your day when you get a new one in the mail. I'm not a big fan of winter and the next three months are usually my least favorite of the year, but this year the first thing I thought of was that now we're gaining back sunlight each day and it made me so happy! And YES to You've Got Mail- one of the best! And you might have convinced me to splurge a few dollars to rent a Christmas movie I want to watch that I haven't been able to find on TV yet :)

  5. What a great post and it really rings true for me also. I keep saying how I wish the holidays are a little longer and I just need to remember to be present in the moments and take them all in. Thanks for joining in on the swap and sharing your beautiful cards! Happy Holidays!! xoxo, - M @ The Sequin Notebook

  6. I love this! It totally depends on your prospective! I allow myself to get excited over all of the the little things around this time of year and try to embrace the holidays as much as I can. :) Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

  7. Great idea! Nice post :)


  8. I love this and I love you and hope you have the best Christmas! I need to work on shifting my perspective in the coming year but I am so glad to have you to get life lessons from :) And I've never sent out Christmas cards but what you said about them is so true (I love getting them) so next year everyone I know should expect to get something in the mail with Ben's and my and probably Bane's face plastered all over it.

  9. so so so sweet!! Next year ill send some of my blog buddies cards... but its so awkward asking for peoples addresses you know?? Anyway hope you had a great christmas, loved this post and Im clearly just catching up on a LOT of unread posts lol

  10. i got giggly at the start of your post, i love that line 'and at christmas you tell the truth'. i absolutely loved getting christmas cards this year and hope to do better ones next year. i am hoping to work on my perspective on a lot of things next year, its amazing what focusing on that, how you see things, changes stuff, you know? great with words, i know, but hopefully you get me.

  11. I have a confession: I think that the shutterfly/etc Christmas "cards" are a copout. I believe that a regular card with a photo inserted and a hand-written (ALWAYS hand-written) Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Blah Blah be happy bitches is required for it to be a "real" Christmas card, although the photo is optional, but I really like to show off my dogs, so it's not optional for me. Of the 5 cards I got this year, 4 where the shutterfly ones and 1 (from my Mom) was an actual card. I'm such a scrooge.


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