Friday: The Highlights Edition

I finally got back on the road after a week and a half away from running, and it felt good. I did a quick three miles because I'm usually the queen of too much too fast and there is just no room in the schedule for an injury right now. I've gotta make up for a crappy November and a rainy start to the week, and Rock 'n Roll training starts at the end of this month. I've gotta shave at least 10 seconds off my mile, 20 to feel confident for my race goal, so yeah.. I've got some work to do. But I got this.

Speaking of half marathon training, I registered for a Superhero Half in the spring. Costume suggestions are welcome in the comments.

I made this Wonderpot recipe this week because hello. I added cheese though, because of course.

I found a new blog to love on this week. If you aren't friends with Lauren from Lot 48 yet, go say hi!

This playlist by my favorite yogi (and #badyogi spirit guide) Erin Motz was the soundtrack to a super-fun and successful practice. Post-run last night I just let it flow, focused on hip openers and spent some time upside down.
This month my practice focus is on arm balances, as I mentioned in the last Training for Tuesday. (Next one is on December 30, mark your calendars!) I'm getting some decent hang time in handstand and getting some solid work in on forearm stand. My problem with the latter is confidence — I just can't help but see myself careening face-first into the floor!

Yesterday I rocked my IWYP tank (biggest perk to my job is that I can go to it practically wearing jammies). Miss you, Whit. xo
Feather Magazine is pumping out some great stories lately. Not just the Life section (though my girls Chelsea and Roxanna are always killin' it.) either. Check out our Gift Guides for every girlfriend or female relative on your list, arm yourself against nosy relatives on Christmas Eve, stay in the red with your holiday shopping, get the inside scoop on your dream job, AND enter to win this great print! (BTW, you might want to follow us on Twitter to learn about more giveaways — we've got them coming all month long!)

My Christmas shopping is now 82% complete and I've used 69% of my budget. Can I get the highest five?

I may or may not have started planning my trip to Portland and Seattle for next year. I'm thinking September. Anyone from the area able to weigh in? BTW, this is still completely hypothetical as I've yet to talk to anyone about joining me and have nothing solidified. I'm actually contemplating taking the trip solo. Have you ever traveled alone? Thoughts?

My friend Melissa was generous enough to offer me a slot in her Relationship Week lineup. In case you missed my post earlier this week, you can read all about my adventures in dating a magician here. Oh and... you might wanna swing by Making Melissa again today to check out the latest post. Just an idea.

And that's my cue to call it a week. Er, a day.
How was your week? Hope you have something awesome lined up for the weekend!

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  1. I think if you have the opportunity to travel alone you totally should - such a different experience!! Great job on not using your entire budget for shopping - I still have a few things to buy and then i'm dunzo!!!! Happy Friday girl!

  2. Yay all the high fives for you! And I have all the faith that you will shave all the time off your pace for all the races.
    My first trip to America was technically alone. I went to Chicago on my own (was okay except for a scare at the start, my own naivety) and then I met up with a group (none of whom I knew) in Vegas for a 3 week trip that ended in NYC. Then I went to Ohio on my own. Other than that though, never really travelled alone, but I wish I had. Just meeting up with people I didn't know, going to some cities on my own.. when I went to London, I went with family but I did most of the sightseeing on my own. It's kind of invigorating. It's kinda lonely, but eye opening. I dig it. We want to go to Seattle and Portland as well but it most likely won't be for a couple of years, the wompiest of womp womps.
    I think you should go for wonderwoman - super simple, something like this:
    i am so jealous of what you can wear to work. although i would probably take a day long nap if thats what i wore, lol.

  3. Great job being so close to done with the Christmas shopping! I am trying to finish this weekend!

  4. Highest of high fives to you for your christmas shopping! I am so stressed out about mine - typical for me, unfortunately!

  5. Ugh I need your life organizational skills ASAP.

  6. Right there with you on needing to shave 10-20 seconds off the pace. We got some work to do, boo.
    I second Wonder Woman! I wore a WW shirt for my marathon. My only regret is that I didn't dress up more than the shirt.
    Wait did you say HANDstand not HEADstand? Girl I can't even with you.
    I want to go to Seattle and Portland so badly! We want to do a whole west coast road trip one summer, I'm just not sure how soon it's going to be able to happen. I've never traveled alone but I will be to come see you ahhh!

  7. Your shopping is 82% done? Don't even talk to me right now! I am awful this year!!!! You and your running and yoga are making me feel like a major slacker. I need to step up my game, my work outs have sucked lately.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I've never heard of a wonderpot, but I'm all about something that's a one dish meal! I finished up almost all of my Christmas shopping today and I'm so relieved! I have a few small things left that I'll pick up here and there, but I'm excited to just focus on all of the fun parts of the holiday season now. The superhero half sounds so fun! I can't wait to hear what you choose for your costume!

  9. I haven't tried any of Erin's playlists yet so I'll have to check that one out. I've been doing so many hip openers lately because they always get crazy tight as soon as the temperatures drop. I know what you mean about arm balances. I totally psych myself out sometimes! Nice job on your Christmas shopping and I'm a sucker for adding cheese!

  10. Go you on running. I ran this week too and that deserves a bloody medal after the shit week I had haha. Also that tank looks so cute and I miss Whit too! haha

  11. yay for almost getting christmas shopping done!!! i'm nearly done myself and made a lot of them so my budget is thanking me :)

  12. We are getting close to having our shopping done, too! I'd have it ALL done if it were just me, but Jared is still shopping for some of his brothers, which honestly is just for the best. He knows them better than me and finds the best stuff... even if it's last minute ;) And girl, I've got SO much work to do before the 1/2.

  13. Go on with your bad self for being under budget and almost done with your shopping! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS! I'm done but I definitely went over budget, haha!


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