Glances Backward: Part II

One week closer to 2015, it isn't any easier to believe this year is almost over. Let's keep looking at what a year it's been. (Read January, February, and March here.)
April was partly a "settling in" month. I was settling into being 25 — and not having the world collapse around me — and started getting comfortable with the fact that I might actually be what you'd call a runner. I had my first 50+ mile month. I went to my first hockey game. It was our first Easter without my grandmother.
Some of the cousins, post-Easter egg hunt.
April was a month made not of big, notable moments, but of small and quiet developments that weave the tapestry of the year. Like I said, the theme of 2014 was change.

In May, I made a great escape from NJ and (finally!) went to visit my friend Lisa in her new home, Raleigh.
Then I did something really dumb after I came home and (after finally getting a new Macbook to replace my aging Sal and screwing something up royally) deleted/lost most of the pictures from that trip. Some highlight shots can still be found here!)

After I came home, I joined my family in celebrating my amazing grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.
I ran my second race (a 5k, and I didn't PR...),
Homie in the back is my favorite.
and broke my three-year tattoo drought.
I took a plunge here and wrote about money for the first time, and shared my love for the great state of NJ (twice!) before heading down the shore to celebrate Memorial Day weekend the Jersey Girl way.

In all, May's big moments more than made up for a quiet April and eased the transition into June.

June was in parts difficult — mostly internally — and incredibly fun. I was really questioning my work, my job, what I'm doing with my life. (I still am, but less, and with more finality in the answers.) I said "see you later" to a dear friend.
On the brighter side of things, I carried on the tradition of spending two nights on the water with Dave Matthews and the guys.
I ran a third race and registered for my first half marathon, to be run a few months later. (We'll get to that in October.)
I reached my six-month running anniversary and checked off goals I had never thought possible.
And then summer came to NJ.
Next week we'll hit the peaks and valleys of the rest of summer 2014. It was one for the memory books, that's for sure.

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  1. I love that you're reviewing your year like this! And I love that tattoo!

  2. Such a fun start to your summer and how amazing that you celebrated your grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, what a milestone for them!! I love arrow tattoo that you got!! Happy Monday girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. oooh this is exciting because this is about when I started following you, I remember some of these posts! I just love it. And hey we'll see each other in less than a week! and this it will be 2015 and I will be 28, what?! Soon we'll be like 50.
    I love that tattoo of yours, so pretty. I want a new tattoo. and also I just love your family photos, they always make me giggle and yes homie in the back of that picture is awesome.

  4. I love these because I don't think I started following you until like May so I missed the first half of the year.
    I love your tattoo and I think I want a running one in that same place and I think I told you all that already.
    And I love all the running happy about pretty much everything about this post.

  5. I love these year flashbacks because I just stared following you sometime this year so I got to catch up on some of the things I missed!

  6. Recaps are always surprising. I'm afraid to look back and see how much happened this year. I really like your tattoo.

  7. Wow....3 jam-packed months of travel, friends, CHANGE and all kinds of other stuff! Great recap--can't wait to read the rest!!

  8. sometimes quiet months are good! I love the bridge pic for your hello June comment!

  9. Great job on all of the races! I love all of the changes in your year. That's going to be my theme for 2015 so you've really inspired me!

  10. WOW! Lots going on in your three months. 25 is a very interesting year for most people, I think. I'm 31 and still questioning my job!

    Love your tattoo and way to go with all your running, that's fantastic! Can't wait to read more! Stopping by from the linkup!

  11. I feel you on the settling into 25. I just turned 25 in November and it is still weird to say/think. That is awesome that you ran so much these three months! I love the tattoo!

  12. Love that bridge picture! I had fun reading about New Jersey- that is a state I have never been to, always fun to find out the insiders perspective. Congrats to your grandparents for 60 years of marriage! That truly is something to celebrate. Thanks for recapping and sorry it took me so long to get to and read!


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