Glances Backward: Part III

Things really heated up around here this summer. At times I have to say it was even a bit too hot to handle. (January, February, & March recapped here; April, May, & June recapped here.)
In July, I reacted to the Hobby Lobby decision, and your responses awed me. I had an amazing time celebrating the Fourth of July with my family. I officially started training for my first half marathon, and let you in on the bizarre thought process behind running a mile. I unplugged and it felt great, so I decided to stop feeling bad about unplugging over the weekends. I came clean about what it's like to have two reproductive disorders and talked about life with endo. Again, your responses awed me.

In July, I met someone, and I fell. I found a way to put "what love is" into words — well, what love is to me, at least. I got a little stupid, as I usually do when it comes to matters of the heart.
I took part in an annual tradition and revisited a place from my past, both involving exceptional sights that left me with a feeling of weightlessness and smallness, but in the best possible way. There is so much more than what I know.

In August, a walk in the woods left me with some newfound clarity, as walks in the woods tend to do.
I threw the brakes on what could have potentially been a disastrous affair, and figured out the most important thing: I actually have learned my lesson, finally — a lesson that took more than seven years and a thousand tears for me to fully grasp. I opened up about my yoga practice with you guys and shared some favorite postures for my runner friends.

I celebrated 100 blog posts with a little bit o' TMI. I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the third or fourth time and, for the first time, I actually liked it enough to read beyond page 20. (Then I read all seven books before cracking the spine of anything else.)
In half marathon training, I broke every distance PR week after week, but one was particularly encouraging. Somewhere in all that, I moved.
Officially, on September 1, I moved to a new apartment and began my solo-living experience. No more roommates, no more different problems. But it was the best decision I ever made.

It became ever apparent that one of the reasons I run is for the revelations that come to me while pounding the pavement. I had a great run, and Tracy and I decided we wanted to create a space for us all to talk about our best and worst training moments. And so, Training for Tuesday was born. (Next linkup is next week, on December 30!)

For the first time ever, and way sooner than I once would ever have thought possible, I ran double digit mileage in one run.
I got emotional. I had some trying experiences with family and friends and long lost loves, so I turned to my blank page and put words where they had always fit. Again, your responses awed me. And with that, I put the past behind me and pushed on ahead. I got crazy and vlogged about fall, and I closed out the month by hosting my very first linkup.


In the past two installments of this linkup, I've responded to so many comments from you sweet readers saying something about how much I've done this year, particularly with respect to running. And it's had me thinking over and over about how short time seems before you take a pause to look back on it. I knew that 2014 had been such a busy year for me, I knew how much had changed, I knew that I had gone through a lot of overwhelmingly positive and some very negative experiences. But until I sat down to write it all out, I didn't quite realize how much.

So thank you to our incredible hostesses (Melissa // Karen // Shane // Angie // Kenzie // Amanda  // Emmy // Nicole // Amy) for inspiring me to take a real look at just how incredible this year has been. I can't wait to recap the last quarter with you too.


  1. Beautiful photos! Really love the shot of the hot air balloons! Looks like a great summer! Stopping by from the year in review link up!


  2. Totally agree - it wasn't until I started writing mine out that I was like oh shit, that was A LOT of stuff! I just thought about your Hobby Lobby post the other day because HL came up (we don't have them around here so it's not like a normal occurrence to think about it). I think I had just started following you then and after that post I was pretty sure we could be BFFs <3. I can't wait for our next linkup! I've said it a million times but you seriously AWE me with your running, and the fact that you just started a year ago is almost unbelievable to me. So proud of you for kicking so much ass already and can't wait to see the enormous amount of ass you kick in 2015.

  3. WOW! You had a lot going on!!! Sometimes lessons are hard to learn, but they often leave us much better and ready for the future. YOur running is inspiring, I still need to attempt a half marathon!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  4. What a summer! I ran a half marathon this year as well, and am thinking of training for another race for 2015. If I do I will have to link up with you! :)

  5. Love these recaps. You had a great summer (sans the lizard haha)!! As for the love affair ... better to find out sooner than later. You rock as usual!!!

  6. i love what you said about the recaps - seriously, those yearly recaps i did back a few months ago just blew my mind. it really is brilliant to look back and realise just how much you've done. i cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for you - i have absolutely loved meeting you online and in real life and can't wait to follow along! you're such a lovely person and an inspiration to me for life and yoga and running and stuff. all the stuff. anywhozits. you're awesome. here's to 2015!

  7. Awe, thank you for that shoutout at the end, so so happy that the recaps and review have helped you look at things in the big picture. It really is a lot of the reason I started this recap five years ago now, crazy! So awesome you got your own apartment. I have been clicking so many of your links reading past posts, it really has been great getting to know you.

  8. Wow, I wish that I could get as excited about running as you are but fact is I'm lazy :). Looks like you have a great new place to live at and yes, it does come with its own problems.


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