Glances Backward: Part IV

Here we are at the end of the road: The final installment of the 2014 Review Extravaganza.
(Part I // Part II // Part III)
I'm on vacation mode (off til January 5!), and this quarter starts a mere two months ago, so I thought I'd do this one photo-spill style...

A trip to Cape Cod...
a weekend retreat with my favorite yogi...

My first half marathon...

A promise to myself...

A Christmas playlist...
An anniversary...

And an un-recapped Christmas week:
It took like four hours, but we finally got some hot chocolate :)
NYCB The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center // St. Patrick's Cathedral // Magnolia Cupcakes // Rockefeller Center
Christmassing in the city with Kristen and KC. (Please come back soon! xoxo)
A family Christmas Eve tradition (we did the best we could...)
A Christmas Day that was light on the photos but heavy on the amazing memories (and the PERFECT and most unexpected gift!)
Baby cousin (second cousin, maybe?) mushy and me.
And mom's second annual Christmas party — an wonderful day with family.

Thank you again  to our incredible hostesses (Melissa // Karen // Shane // Angie // Kenzie // Amanda  // Emmy // Nicole // Amy) for letting me take this trip down memory lane with them. It's been amazing. || Also linking up with the beautiful B for a holiday edition of weekending!


And don't forget! Tomorrow is the last Training for Tuesday linkup of 2014! Join Tracy and me in sharing all our training wins and woes. In case you missed it, find the details here. We can't wait to see how you're closing out the year and starting off 2015!


  1. I can't believe you tackled your first half marathon this year, well I can, but it's such a great achievement!! I'm so happy you and Kristen had a great day bounding around NYC and I hope you have the best time off!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. This is my favorite quarter yet! I can't believe you did so much in just the last 3 months. You are such a pro that I am having a hard time believing your first half marathon was only 2 months ago! The photos of you and Kristen in NYC are too cute. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I love this post, I love how fresh it all is in my mind still (not just NYC which by the way I had THE BEST TIME). Enjoy your time off chook, hope you get lots of relaxing and whatnot in. And still so amazing that you met Erin :) We forgot to get our sweatshirts (well, my bank account forgot) so we'll have to do it for DC.

  4. so fun that you and Kristen met up in NYC! what great memories! You had an amazing last quarter :)

  5. i love this! and how fun that you got to meet up with Kristen in NYC <3

    YAY HARRY POTTER. and Sirius Black is looking good.

  6. Sounds like your last quarter was a great one!!! So jealous that you and Kristen got to meet up!!! What fun!

  7. What an awesome fall/winter season! Kind of jelly you got to hang with Erin Motz! I need to go catch up on that one.

  8. So cool all of it esp that you met Kristen!! Great last quarter for ya! Enjoy your time off :D

  9. I love the photos you shared! Sounds like these last few months have been good to you. Love the new Jeep! I am hoping for a new car next year ha ha.
    So absolutely jealous of the amazing Harry Potter movie set you received!! Love it :D

  10. I was basic for Halloween as well!! Great minds think alike haha. I also ran my first half marathon this year! Looks like you had a great end to your year, happy 2015!


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