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Hello hi and good morning! I'm not really here, so don't get too cozy.

I don't exactly have the goods for a solid post while I play catch-up here, but I don't want to go dark for the rest of this week either. I'm glad I had the wear-with-all to prep my posts for Monday and Tuesday over the weekend, because I ended up having even less time to blog this week than I anticipated I would.

I spent all of Monday and Tuesday in a workshop with my bosses and colleagues. If you don't know, I'm a writer, and I work for an educational publisher. I mentioned last week that I just found out my job would be sort of changing but that I didn't know all the details... and I still don't. But I know a little bit more, and I thought I'd use a few words today to just kind of catch my breath and get everything up to speed.

So basically, this past year has been kind of difficult for me at work. In a nutshell, I've been faced with too many people's jobs and not enough time. Deadlines were too tight, the process was inefficient and ineffective, and it really affected my morale at work. There was just too much on my plate and the way it was structured, it just didn't work.

Next year, I'll be doing about 40% of what I was doing this year, so trimming a lot of fat. But what I will add to my plate is a side of the company that I've never worked in before, content wise, and though I'll still be editorial (it's where I belong), I'll have so much more variety and much more interesting work ahead of me. I'm really looking forward to working with some new people and getting to really branch out.

So to help us all get ready for some big changes in 2015, my bosses arranged for us to receive this marketing and copywriting training that helps further our mission, and though it was great info, it was delivered over two very long days out of the office, and it was followed by another day out of the office during which we had a big planning meeting and my new position started to take some shape. Add to that our office holiday dinner (bang bang shrimp for everybody!) and it's been a great but very, very full past few days!

Anyway, the point of this entirely too-long post was for me to give you an update about why I've been so quiet over the last couple days (moreso on the commenting/replying/twittering fronts!) and just share a little good news. Oh, and to ask a favor, if you don't mind?

You guys were so helpful with a Feather Magazine story I wrote last month (up on the site very soon!) featuring some favorite holiday traditions. I'm working on one right now for January that includes some New Years resolutions! So if you have one, want to pretend you have one, or just feel like making one up on the fly, please share it with me here in the comments? I'd love to have as diverse a group of answers for this article as I had for the holiday traditions story.

(And as our thanks for all that the readers, casual and frequent, do to help make Feather great, we're running giveaways all December long. Check out the current item up for grabs and follow us on Twitter for updates about the rest!) If you have 30 seconds to share one resolution or goal you're setting yourself for 2015 with me, I'd be thrilled to bits to hear it!

So in a stuffed-to-its-limit nutshell, that's what's been going on around here in my neighborhood. What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. What a busy bee you've been. I feel your pain though. Congrats on the new job format? I feel like I should be congratulating, so I am. 👍

  2. I'm so happy that things will be changing for the better at work and you're going to have more flavor into what you're doing!! As for resolutions...I have to say my biggest one is staying present and I put it on my list every year and each year I get a little better...but social media makes it so hard!

  3. Yay for work changes. That is trimming a lot of fat, so happy to hear it, though sorry you have been crazy busy. I have a ton of goals for 2015, I'm not calling them resolutions haha but I have a bunch, I can email if you like :-| Can't wait to read your Christmas story!

  4. It sounds like the work changes will be really positive. Those days out of the office add so much to your plate though! My #1 goal for 2015 is to be more positive. I've let myself get more down this year than is good.

  5. Yay so happy to hear you have such good work changes coming your way! I'll tell you my 2015 resolutions/goals as soon as I figure them out haha! I'm scared that writing them down means I actually have to do them ;)

  6. You rock and happy to hear that work is going good for you! I know how it goes when work gets too much trust me so all the hugs and happy thoughts from me to you!


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