Ready, Set, Confess

I'm a day late and a dollar short and linking up with a linkup that no longer exists. But I have some things to get off my chest so consider this humpday +1 confessions and just indulge me.

++ This one really intelligent thing I do is become absolutely irate with the hard boiled egg I'm trying to eat when the shell just refuses to peel. I MEAN WHAT IS EVEN UP WITH THAT.

++ I've been watching nothing but 7th Heaven since I finished watching nothing but Gilmore Girls last month. When I watched it as a kid I knew how unrealistic some of the plot lines and characterizations were, but now it's just all the more pronounced. I'm embracing the cheese and tripping over myself as I trample down nostalgia lane.

++ I haven't run in 10 days. And I only ran 20 (of the planned 50) miles in November. I'm returning to my running group tonight and I'm back on track, cross my heart.

++ Meanwhile I registered for another half marathon for 2015. Still can't find a single 5k/10k to run in January or February though. So I'm considering a runcation in that time period. To where? Who on the sweet green earth knows.

++ I bought another bag of the Hershey Peppermint Bark Bells last night, which is absolutely ridiculous, since I know I can't be trusted with them.

++ I went to the eye doctor a few days ago, which has been sorely needed for oh, a year or so, and learned that in addition to astigmatism (which no previous eye doctor who prescribed me glasses told me I have?) I have incredibly dry eyes. Let's be clear, this isn't a new development. But since the eye doctor and until I picked up the recommended drops last night, my eyelids felt like absolute sand paper. Because the my mind is a peculiar ridiculous thing.

++ I've been in this apartment for more than three months and I still have two wall hangings from my old place that have yet to be hung because I can't decide where I want them. Everything I know about decluttering and simplifying tells me it's time for them to go, but... eh. I'm starting to like the way they look leaning against the wall.

++ I got some incredibly unexpected and tentatively good news at work the other day, and I have never in my professional life been taken more off guard. As enthusiastic as I am about the news, I have pretty much as little detail as I could about what the new developments will actually look like. Eh, semantics.

That felt good.
The Camdens are waiting for me, gotta run. Love you like XO.


  1. Excited for you to run a half marathon in 2015. It's my goal for 2015 to run one or two, now I just have to get on it and sign up.

  2. Hope your good news becomes "real" good news! And I just finished watching Gilmore Girls over the weekend. Maybe Seventh Heaven needs to be on my list too.

  3. I had no idea 7th heaven was on Netflix too...I think I know what I'll be starting again lol!! I cant wait to hear about your good news girl!!

  4. Ohhhh I loved 7th Heaven and all of it's cheese!!!! And I have the same problems with my eyes and I have been putting off my eye dr appointment for a little over a year now too. Oopsy!

    Exciting good news at work is always a good thing, so congrats on that!

  5. oh I used to love 7th Heaven. I remember when the Olsen girls were on it.
    Yay good news! How excitement!
    Running group?! Fun! I think you should go somewhere warm for your 5/10 k you are looking for. Or at least, warmer than Jersey. Not hot, but warm. Ok now I'm just dreaming about where I would go, sigh.
    I have never made a hard boiled egg. However, I sometimes make eggs and soilders and only have to peel the top of the egg and it drives me legit bonkers if it causes me any trouble, which of course it does.
    Your eye story hurt my eyes. Ow.

  6. Yay for good unexpected news! I can't watch 7th Heaven anymore knowing about Stephen Collins' confession. I just can't look at him the same way. And I hear ya with the wall hangings- I've lived in my place for a solid year and still haven't hung up anything!

  7. peppermint bark for the win. don't even feel bad about it.

  8. You have the most insane talent of telling me something without actually telling me anything !! Use your powers for good my friend because that is a SKILL ! Anxiously awaiting the work news :)

  9. Ahhh 7th Heaven, I totally forgot about that show! Is it on Netflix? On second thought maybe don't tell me..I'm currently in the Gilmore Girls binge phase and my holiday planning is the unfortunate casualty.

  10. i've been in my apartment for 7 months and i still havent hung 3 frames/canvases. wtf.

  11. eggs:
    1) place all eggs in water, bring water to a boil.
    2) leave the cover on and turn off the stove; let sit for 10mins in hot water.
    3) dump out hot water, replace with cold water. let sit for about 5mins. dump out water again and replace with cold water. let sit for another 5mins.

    now you can easily peel the eggs! eggs have to cool properly otherwise they won't peel well and you will want to throw the egg against the wall

  12. Hey don't leave us hanging! We want to know the news too!!! :)
    Gilmore girls, love that show! I have all the seasons on DVD and seem them way too many times!

  13. Astigamatism is such a pain in the ass... the contacts are so much more expensive!

  14. Yay for good news at work I hope you figure out the semantics soon. Girl about hard boiled eggs... I love them but the one reason I scramble eggs more than eat them hard boiled is the peeling. Im not the most patient bird around. Obviously.

  15. Meet you somewhere warm (but not TOO warm because ick) for runcation?!
    I found out I had dry eyes when I went for my LASIK consultation. It had never bothered me before but once they were like wow your eyes are super dry I was like OMG you're right!
    Oooh yay good work news!

  16. Did you hear about papa Camden??


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