Upside Down

With just a few handfuls of hours (!!) left in 2014, it's time to check in on our training goals. I can't believe we've been hosting this linkup for four months now! Thanks a million to all of you showing up with Tracy and I. I don't want to speak for my cohost (though I'm sure she'd agree) but I've loved bringing this linkup to life this and seeing all of your posts, as well as sharing my goals with you all.

When last we linked, I, the running yogi, made a couple of claims as to what I would work on over the following few weeks. They were heavy on the yoga and light on the running, as far as itemized "to do's". How did I do? Well...

Goal 1: Run, damn it. PASS. But barely. I've run more in December than I did in November, but that wasn't very hard to do, considering how little I ran last month. I also celebrated my runiversary, and clocked in about 508 miles in my first year of running.

Goal 2: Find and begin a new half marathon training program. PASS. Sort of. I'm sort of going rogue. If there's one thing I've learned about myself as a runner — who am I kidding? I knew nothing compared to what I know now — it's that I need flexibility. Once it feels like a chore or an obligation, I'm out. I don't need to run. I like to run. And I'll only keep doing it as long as that's true. So now that I've run one half marathon and know I can do it, I feel a little more free in my training system. So I found a training plan, adapted it to suit my schedule and how I like to run, and officially began training for the March Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon last Monday, December 22.
Headstand used to terrify me. I could spend days in it now. The power of practice.
Goal 3: Work on arm balances in yoga. PASS. Oh yes. But I could punch myself in the face because I have one GREAT video of myself getting up into handstand so smoothly and holding for a good 10 seconds... except I'm only wearing a sports bra and pants and the angle I shot it at makes it look like the girls are coming out to play and that is SO not something I'm about to post on the Internet. BUT... I nailed handstand!
Through a lot of trial and error.
(In case you're curious, I warm up with at LEAST 20 minutes of flow before beginning handstand practice. When I'm ready to go upside down, I record the whole practice on my computer and pull screencaps for these images, and also to watch what I'm doing wrong/right. It helps tremendously to see what I'm doing and what I need to adjust.)

I'm still working on pose dedicated to the sage koundinya II (that's a mouthful), but haven't hit it quite yet. Ditto for flying pigeon and side crow.

Goals 4-6 focused on my yoga practice. I have successfully added to my practice, throwing an additional 40+ minute flow into the evenings at least once a week, on top of my daily morning 20-minute-max practice. It's made such a huge difference in how my body feels, just day-to-day, and it's noticeable when I go too long without a good practice. (Like right now. The holiday and not working have thrown my schedule totally out of whack, and I'm feeling it from head to toe!)
However, I've not yet journeyed into any of the jillion studios nearby to begin finding a new yoga home. Time has been the biggest hurdle there. But I'm hoping to check out this one very promising-looking studio around the corner from me this week, and have plans to try another sometime in January.
I've been asked what I do once I get upside down, since I've mentioned I hold headstand for a few minutes a day. I do this. Throw shapes with my legs and try to hold balance — the best and least boring core workout there is
Moving Forward
Moving forward, my only goal is to... move forward. This past week has been really difficult for me in terms of running. Pains appearing as if from nowhere (though, now I'm sure I've realized it's partially due to my slacking practice) plus windy weather (which feels like running through marshmallows) plus a lack of discipline has all added up to runs I really need redemption from. So that's my primary next goal. Train for RnR. Feel better. Get better. Be faster. Put in the work. And ramp up the confidence to share my race goal for the March half marathon here on the next Training for Tuesday.
Your turn. Let's hear how you're wrapping up 2014 and getting started in the new year! (ICYMI, click here to find out what Training for Tuesday's all about.)


  1. Well great job on passing all your goals - that's so wonderful!! I would say take it easy since you're feeling pain, but since that won't happen please make sure you take precautions (mom voice over here). P.S. those headstands / whatever yoga thingy it is, is so amazing girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. running through marshmallows, lol. love it. thats how i feel during the winter. i feel like i'm pushing and going so fast and i'm running like a 12 minute mile haha.
    anyway! good for you for running more in december. i got a few good runs in but am hoping to really get stuck in to it in january. more time, less holiday stuff.
    hope your weird pains disappear when you start practicing some more. its funny how other exercises, like yoga or strength training, have an impact on running, but they totally do. i slacked off on yoga, once again! bad kristen. i really want to do a class but there are none near me (seriously, none within good driving distance) there is one about 20 minutes away that does a $5 intro to yoga class on saturdays that i am thinking i might try. it might help give me that kickstart i need, you know? like so i feel like i know what i am doing. anyway! can't wait for next TFT to see how you've done! i'm sure it will be fabulous all around.

  3. i took me a while to master the crane pose but those poses?! wow. i love that you can do them...those are next on my list :)

  4. I just want to be you when I grow up. Videotaping (not the correct almost-2015 terminology) yourself doing yoga is GENIUS. I haven't been to a class in…I don't know, forever…but my apartment complex has a class on Tuesday nights that's $5 so I am sort of thinking of trying it. Like maybe tonight. We'll see.
    I think you're doing great with running - you're getting back on track and that's what matters!

  5. i've been trying to get into yoga more lately so im definitely using you as inspo lady!

  6. You are amazing with these headstands girl! Incredible!! Keep it up!!

  7. Did you used to dance? You have such ballet feet, and I mean that in the nicest way not the post-pointe shoes way! Congrats on passing all of your goals! You are and inspiration for self-motivation that's for sure. P.S. Those leggings are amazing!!

  8. That's very impressive! Keep it up! And happy New Year! :)
    Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog
    or Bloglovin
    or Facebook :)
    Kisses from Zurich,

  9. I'm not even sure I have words for this post! This is seriously so awesome! I saw the first picture and was amazed and then I saw the HANDstand! I literally cannot even do a standard plank! And yay for getting back into your running grove again. I can't wait to hear what your next race goal is :)

  10. This is so darn amazing! Like I cant even .. no words except you go girl!!! I hope your pain goes away re running that really sucks... Sending happy no pain thoughts to you. Worst case scenario you get to see your sexy chiropractor right?! lol

  11. You continue to impress me! I am not telling a lot of people but I am doing a half marathon in November and am super excited to have something to work towards. I need those goals.

  12. Great job on your goals! I would love to do more yoga and learn how to do some of the handstand poses but I have a ways to go before then. I also really, really need to get to running this year. Way to go on hitting 500+ miles though, that is incredible!


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