Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm On a Jet

Because it's not boating season yet, duh. Although, holy shit, I can't wait until boating season. Then I'll definitely be on a boat.

But I'm on a jet, which is still cool, because it means I'm getting a few much-needed days out of New Jersey. This situation is even cooler because this whole trip is fo' freeee!

I've always wanted to go to Nashville, and I was totally going to plan a trip for 2014... and then my bosses were all "Hey Alyssa! There's a conference in Nashville in 2014! Wanna go?" and I was all "HELL YES!" even though I know they were pretty much just like "Sorry we gave you a former editor's entire workload and doubled yours; please forgive us by attending this conference that wouldn't be relevant to you if we hadn't given you this whole second set of publications to write and we'll call it even?"

Verbatim, by the way.

So I'm off to Tennessee for a couple of days, and this trip couldn't come at a better time! The last week or so has been pretty stressful and full of new things, transitions, and quite full of bullshit. So I'm happy to have a new place to explore, maybe some new friends to make, and plenty to do to keep my mind off of my Jersey troubles, even if only for a handful of days.

Have you ever been to Nashville? Tell me what I should do while I'm there! I'm pretty lucky in that while there's a ton to be learned at the conference that will help me in my job, I still have plenty of free time after sessions to explore. Time to bag me a cowboy.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Before We Begin

I feel like there are a few things we should talk about before we really get started here.

Now don't be nervous — I realize I just kind of told you "we need to talk." But don't worry, usually when I say things like that what I really mean is that I need to talk. Because I like to talk. Which is why I have a blog. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe you should worry a little bit. About your own mental health, especially, if you're still here by choice.

I just wanted to let you in the loop on a couple of things. You're not in trouble, so stop panicking.

Firstly, you'll notice that there's a ".blogspot" in the — holy shit, I have no idea what that's called. URL box? — web address space {? is that it?} up there. You'll hopefully notice in a couple of days or weeks, at most, that that's not there anymore. It's there now because I'm a fantastic moron.

Long story short — I used to run a creative writing blog called alyssagoesbang — I love how I write that here as if it's news, even though I've said it in approximately 6 other places already. So anyway, I used to own the domain And then I decided to let it expire because I was over my creative writing blog and working on developing a lifestyle blog {this one, in case I haven't been redundant enough yet}, which in its infancy had a different name. Then I decided that alyssagoesbang is the place I want to be on the Internet and scrapped the other blog name.

But as it turns out, even after you let a registered domain expire, it still kind of exists somewhere in the universe and you can't just like walk on up to the Internet and be like "can I have it back please?"

So for now, we're going to hang out here until the domain-ownership-limbo phase gets its grubby hands off my URL and I can snag it back {if there are any thieves out there trying to beat me to the punch, please don't, k?} and we'll all go back to where we belong.

Okay, one down.

Item two. This maybe doesn't need to be said, as you'll come to find it out eventually {if you choose to stick around, of course} but I'm a cards-on-the-table kind of gal.

I am a planner, but I have never, ever, ever kept a blogging schedule, and I don't think I'm going to start now. At least not right away. Who can say what the future holds, but for now, I'm going to just post as much as I can/when it feels right/as long as you'll come back to read me every now and again. I'll be really optimistic and tell you that I'm shooting for at LEAST 3 posts per week, but beg you not to hold it against me if that fluctuates a bit.
{Go ahead and follow me via email — to your right! — or on bloglovin to stay up-to-date!}
Three. One of these days I might go ahead and even have a real blog layout done and get a button and all that fancy stuff that real bloggers have. But for now, this totally incorrectly-hacked blogger template is what we're working with. Keep your mockery to yourself unless you're going to fork over some cash for me to get a delish and alyssagoesbang-worthy blog design, mmkay? {That was mean. I'm sorry.}

God willing, that's it for now. If I think of any more I'll just text you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lightening Up

Listen, I know I can be a little aggressive. And take myself a little too seriously sometimes. And just take things in general a little too seriously sometimes. And ramble on just a little bit too much. But all that's not the whole of me, I swear.

So to follow up post numero uno on this here blog, here's one that's a little less annoying and rambly and weird. Well, it's probably still weird. But in a different way. Hang on tight, new friends, I'm weird in a whole lot of ways and I have zero intention of pretending that I'm not here.

So if that last post was a little too meta/serious/aggressive/self-involvey for you, this baby's for you:

Hi there! I'm Alyssa, and alyssagoesbang {2.0, if you wanna be technical about it} is my triumphant {bahahaha} return to the blogosphere.

Come along for the ride. There are snacks off to the right — gluten- and dairy-free options for those of you like me — and we ask that you keep your arms and legs inside the Caravan o' Dysfunction at all times. We are not insured and we do NOT like blood. Flash photography is really, like, whatever. Follow your heart. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

So welcome to my hopefully-not-lame-ass attempt at a life{style} blog, where you'll get to know me, hopefully I'll get to know you, and we can all waste some time together! :)

Day 1

Hi! My name’s Alyssa, and for some reason, I think this blog will be different for me.

Well, I guess I can say I know it will be, because it already is. For one, I actually put some planning and organized forethought into this one for a change.