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And on the third day, Melissa said, "We shall confess." And it was good.

Tracy was here this weekend and it was awesome and we had a blast and now she's gone and I have to go be a human at work again and that's not as much fun.

I fell down on the blogging job whilst entertaining my guest with multiple pizzas and drinks and Princeton and New York, but I managed to get a post up on Sunday at least, which must be worth something. Even if it was a post that basically writes itself throughout the course of the week.
Oh right, that multiple pizzas thing. I ate pizza for dinner Saturday and Sunday. Don't care. (If you're ever in NYC, get yoself some Artichoke Pizza. There is no substitute and there is nothing like it.)

The 10-day Instagram yoga challenge I was participating in since the New Year is over and I feel like I don't know how to Insta anymore. Please help me. What do I post? Can I just keep posting snoga pictures? Because that was fun.

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS. AGAIN. (Chiropractor day.) After today I'll go back to pushing out our sessions to every two weeks, as it was before my car accident in the fall, in hopes of managing to get back to every three weeks soon after that. While I'll be happy to be healing and in less pain, I don't really ever want to go more than like a few days without seeing my chiropractor. Because it feels good and I'm pathetically involved in this schoolgirl crush thing. OH WELL.

I had a dinner date last night, and based on the last year of my life, I'm feeling it best to leave it at that for now and not add any more details. But the part of me that just never shuts up and has no sense of privacy (when it comes to certain matters) wants to talk more about it because, well, I just like to talk. But I'm refraining. But I'll probably spill every last detail to the first commenter who asks for it. YOLO! (Am I doing that right?)

I was charged $5 in fees that I wasn't expecting (on top of the $2 ATM charge and criminal $7 parking (for roughly 8 minutes) fee that I was expecting) in a parking garage over the weekend and when I saw those on my bank statement yesterday morning I immediately started wondering who I could call and yell at about them. Because I've apparently become both of my parents and one of my stepparents already.

I went into 2015 thinking I would focus my racing on bigger races this year, as opposed to many races. I'm already registered for two semi-biggies, will register for a small-ish one as soon as it opens, and am waiting on registration to open on a semi- to very-big one.... which doesn't even address the five others I have on a list that I want to run and have no concrete plans of cutting any one of them from my 2015 list. So much for that.

Thank god for this linkup because guess who has two thumbs and zero posts prepared and left herself next to no time to be brilliantly creative this week? (Me, in case you didn't get the joke. It's okay. It's humpday.)
Making Melissa
Speaking of humpday, you owe it to the world and to blogland. Whatchu confessing today?


  1. I was actually sad I couldn't have artichoke pizza for dinner last night. Like where am I supposed to go from there?! I hope your dinner date went well! ;) And that parking garage is going to haunt you forever :(
    Do I already know the semi-to-very big race that's supposed to open soon? Because I think I do, unless there's another one, in which case….spill!

  2. Ohhh well share, share, share about your date! I love first date stories. Artichoke Pizza sounds delish and I was impressed by your #badyogi pictures so feel free to continue.

  3. You have me seriously craving pizza right now!! Ummm...please share date details :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. haha loved that you girls had a blast. The pizza looks sooooooooo yummy!!! I love it! Also yay for chiropractor day! Now spill the beans on that date dammit :D

  5. Well, now I need to go eat pizza. That looks so good!

  6. ok spill the beans about the dinner date and the semi to very big race ok!
    and now i want pizza.
    have fun at the chiro, and i am so glad you and Tracy had a fabulous time - except for the parking garage and whatnot. I love to call and yell at people too. Ok I don't love it, but I do when it gets me money back.

  7. I literally think I could eat pizza every single day when I'm in New York, it's just sooo good! It sounds like you and Tracy had such a fun visit! I am also definitely interested in more date details and to hear more about your races!

  8. Pizza pizza pizza pizza!!!! Yum!
    And omg...spill about the date sister!!! Want to know all about it!

  9. I need to get in on this whole hump day blogging thing, lol! Looks fun..

    Anyhoo, I stumbled upon your page through a fellow blogger, and thought I would stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! <3 -

    1. It's a good community we've got here, that's for sure ;)

  10. Artichoke pizza sounds so good right now. We have a chicken bacon artichoke pizza that I have been dying to try. Maybe Friday, Friday sounds like a good night to have pizza. You can keep posting yoga pictures, in fact if I were a better yogi I would! I am curious about your dinner date :) I hope it went super well!

  11. Sounds like you and Tracy had a fun weekend. And that pizza- wow. Maybe I need to go to NYC just for that. So it looks like we all want to hear about your first date, maybe you should just do a post about it! I really really hope it went well and keeps going that way, you deserve it!! ♥


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