Friday Letters Vol. 5

Dear Erin Motz, You already know I'm a totally crazy #badyogi fangirl, so this goes without saying, but I am so loving this 10-day Instagram challenge! #BadYogisDoIt
Dear Instagram Followers, Sorry for the abundance of yoga pose pictures lately. Don't worry, it's day 9 and we're almost done with the daily posture shots.
Dear Netflix, Thank you.
Dear Work Day, Please speed by because I can't wait to get this (long!) weekend started.
Dear Phyllis Shlafly, I may vomit, and I am horrified.
Dear Clothes Dryer in My Apartment Building, If you can't dry even half the clothes that the washer can wash, what is even the point of you?
Dear Tina & Amy, You gals make everything okay. Thank you for being fantastic.
Dear Paris, You're in my heart. Je suis Charlie.
Dear Late-to-the-Partiers, Here are your resolutions for 2015.
Dear Winter, We get it. You're a thing. Making up for the 60-degree Christmas we had, huh?
Dear Man I Met on New Years, It's casual.
Dear #GirlsWhoRun, This is weird. But also possibly really important.
Dear Wild, I dig you, and obviously I'm already planning my own PCT adventure now.
Dear Wonderful Readers and Feather Girls, We've got some new things on the mag in 2015! Head over to share your story (any story—we want to know about YOU!), ask our expert your relationship questions, or tell us all about your awesome job.
Dear Right Quad Muscle, Shhhhh.
Dear New Parts of My Job, I like you.
Dear Old Parts of My Job, You were supposed to stay in 2014. You are not welcome here. You get one last fling and then we are so over.
Dear Best Weekend Ever, Let's do this.


  1. ahhh you are going to have the best weekend, i can't wait to hear all about it!!!
    loving following along with the yoga challenge - i had to stop doing it when she was like things you'd show a friend.. i was like shit i aint showing anyone. on your hands? haha no. lol but i am super enjoying yours and everyone elses.
    NYE boy? how excitement!

  2. I'm so excited for tina and amy to host the golden globes - they are amazing it!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. ahh I've been steam rolling through friends episodes too! so glad Netflix put this on the streaming because I was tired of rewatching how I met your mother

  4. I read Wild a couple of years ago and just saw the movie last night- loved it! NOT planning my own PCT trip though ;)

  5. You're yoga poses are making me feel very inflexible and unbalanced! LOL!

    Dear Man I Met on New Years, It's casual.--um wait, what? ;)

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  6. I'm forever in awe of your yoga poses! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!!

  7. I'm loving Netflix lately too and very thankful for it on these freezing cold weekends we're recently having!!

  8. I wish I can comment on all of this but in order to not write a blog in your comments ... haha I love the insta yogi-ness. So feel free to go past 9 days. hehe. Also man I clicked on that article by the Phyllis lady ... vomit indeed! Paris is in my heart this week ... freedom of speech and press should never be compromised like that...

    Finally have a blast this weekend. Cant wait to hear about it :)


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