Friday: The Life Lately Edition

It feels like it's been ages since I joined Amanda's Friday Favorites party. Forgive me for the linkup-heavy week, but life is pushing me to my limits lately and a list post is kinda feeling like exactly what the doctor ordered. Onto the first FF of 2015 and a countdown of my favorite things about the last couple days...

Friends on Netflix. I'm having so much trouble writing part two to this post because I just love, love, love this series so much. It hits me on every level: the feels, the laughs, the nostalgia, the quotability. I honestly can't promise that I won't just loop right back around to the pilot and watch the whole series again.

This post by Tracy. Because guess why.

A new project. I still have to deal with some residual awfulness from last year at work for another couple of weeks, but come February I'll be fully into the thick of my new role, and I can't wait. This week I was assigned a project that I can't wait to start on, as its focus is a cause and issue that's extremely dear to my heart.
The stim machine. You guys. So my ex-running partner had a little one of these that I used back in the beginning of the whole becoming-a-runner thing. Lately I've been feeling my knee more than usual — I've had knee problems my whole life, but they actually began to subside when I started running and taking better care of my body. My chiropractor sent me home with a portable stim and I've been going HAM with it for the last few days: my IT bands, quad muscles, knee, shin, low back, and psoas (a major hip flexor that I severely pissed off over the weekend). Stim my life away.

Weeknight dinner dates. Because it's totally casual and that's totally fun. For now.

My side work. I'm lucky enough to do what I love to do in my day job (well, for the most part...) and also make a side business out of it. ICYMI, I'm the Life section editor for a great online women's magazine, Feather, which I love so much. I freelance as a literary editor and have three pretty awesome novels on my plate right now. And I also freelance as a writer and blogger, and this week I was offered an incredible opportunity with one company I have loved working with a handful of times last year. It's not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to earn a living and work with great people doing something I'm good at and that I genuinely enjoy doing. (Want to talk about your project? Email me!)
Serial. So I'm the kind of person who is so incredibly not a hipster, she's pretty much a reverse hipster. I'm not so much with the whole "into it before it was popular" as I am "becomes obsessed with it as soon as everyone else loses interest." I started watching Breaking Bad the day the series finale aired, for example. And last night I started listening to the Serial podcast. On that note...

Running with podcasts. For the last year I always ran with music and I had this idea that the tempo helped me run fast. (Ignore the fact that I don't run fast.) But on several suggestions and for my own curiosity I decided to give it a shot and I ran with a podcast alongside Tracy on Monday, and then again last night. I think this is my new jam. I noticed a more consistent pace and I could definitely see a podcast I enjoy becoming another motivator to run in these cold months, since I can't think of any other time I'd really listen to them.

This playlist. Ahhhh. Coffeehouse vibes, workday perfection.

Long weekends. My office isn't usually closed on Martin Luther King Day, but we are this year, so I'm looking forward to having Monday off and hopefully spending at least part of it on a mountain trail.

What were the highlights of your week? What are you up to this weekend? 
And what are your favorite podcasts so I can get obsessed with them as soon as I'm done obsessing over Serial?


  1. Yup. Reverse hipster, that's me as well. I have them all, just need to start listening. I've started working my way to the end of Friends. Finishing season 6 while at work on lunch. Also, in going to stalk you on spotify because music!

  2. i need to get on Serial. my friend listens to it and she can't stop talking about it!

  3. um, you totes run fast. glad you are enjoying the podcast while running thing. good to hear about work, and wonderful opportunities - way to go girl, you deserve it all.

  4. Oh you're going to love the podcast - it's amazing!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I'm actually jealous that you get to listen to Serial for the first time. I hope that I and the 50 bazillion other people haven't built it up too much for you by being all "OMG IT'S SOOOOO GOOOOOOD" but…OMG. It's so good.

  6. ok I'm dumb what is HAM and what is ICYMI... any who I am totally loving friends on Netflix! I'm in season 3 right now, and I just love having what feels like endless episodes in front of me.

  7. I still haven't tried serial yet but I want to. And I grew up in a chiropracters office, going since i was 5 years old and those stim machines are the best thing ever!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Yay sounds like everything is going great. That machine looks so cool! And holy yes to casual and fun weeknight dinner date hehe And I run with podcasts all the time these days. I wont even admit what Im currently listening to because it is trash. Podcasts hold my attention perhaps more than music lol


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