Happy first humpday of 2015, y'all. Very, very, happy. I need a minute.
Making Melissa
Oof. Okay, I think I'm ready. SO. As many of my blogging brethren know by now, Kathy has laid her blog and everybody's favorite linkup, Humpday Confessions, to rest. And we sobbed and sobbed and mourned and mourned. But luckily, the torch has been passed onto our very own Melissa and our new humpday man candy has been revealed and now we have a place to confess and once again all is sexy right in bloglandia. Without further ado, the first confessions of the new year...

+ Since roughly 43% of bloglandia is working on or working with a capsule wardrobe, it was only a matter of time before the fever got me too. The thing is, I like to think I'm pretty good about keeping my wardrobe under control. I go through at least every other month and come out with a bag of clothes to donate or sell. But I started thinking about what I could stand to part with and I went through my closet in another big purge Monday night in preparation for building a capsule-ish wardrobe.

+ That idea lasted me only as long as it took to realize I have more than 10 pairs of patterned leggings that I wear to work and everywhere else in my life and they definitely aren't suitable for a capsule wardrobe and so I just came up with another bag of clothes (23 tops and bottoms, one pair of shoes) to donate instead and ditched the capsule-ish idea.

+ My sweeter-than-pie friend Kristen gave me these yoga socks (sticky on the bottoms!) for Christmas and I was chilled yesterday so I put them on for my evening practice. And then left them on because I liked them. And then left them on way too long because I'm pretty sure I actually lost some circulation in my toes by the time they came off.

+ I have done pathetically little else with my life since Friends arrived on Netflix. (See my guide for seasons 1-5 here! Seasons 6-10 coming soon.) I know every episode backward and forward, can quote the dialogue on command, and yet I can't tear myself away until I've gone through every episode. It's a problem.

+ If you got a comment from me yesterday between 10 a.m. and noon, it was made while I was on a conference call. Oops.

+ I just made Channing Tatum bigger than Melissa's button originally did because I felt I wasn't doing him justice and he deserves much more real estate on this post.

+ My photographer for yesterday's #BadYogisDoIt Instagram challenge was my coworker, who got it into her head that we had to take the shot outside our office... in the snow. I gotta say, I actually quite like the finished product, but also this outtake from when she decided to "get artsy."

+ I'm currently in the midst of planning a trip so far in the future Southwest doesn't even have flight information available for that month yet. Type A much? I've got my Airbnb stops picked out already and am minutes away from adding them on Facebook and laying the groundwork to become BFFs.

+ Today's my first visit to the chiropractor aka Dr. Magic since before Christmas aaaaaand I should probably be ashamed at how happy I am to see a physician but I'm so not and I don't care one bit.

+ I love you all — really, I do, I adore you to pieces — but I'm so glad we're all done recapping 2014 and listing our 2015 resolutions. I understand my own contributions to this phenomenon but I'm still so glad it's over and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Welcome back to our world, Humpday Confessions. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say we all missed you more than a reasonable amount.


  1. I can't do the capsule wardrobe. Mine is basic as it is and if I were to eliminate things, well, I'd be working from home. So... did you watch Home Alone???????? -_- True confession: I've never finished Friends. I never watched it while it was on and then I got all go hard or go home and watched the first 6 seasons in like, 2 months, and then I just stopped. But now that it's on Netflix. Open season baby!

  2. hell yes to HDC being back! Friends is obvs my go to for anything and when i'm sick, i pop in the DVDs and watch them

  3. Friends...even though I used to have all the seasons on DVD and I have seen every single episode I'm still watching it again on Netflix. I've been so lazy!!!!

  4. I love how on the ball you are with your trip planning - we have one planned for April and I can hardly wait! I haven't allowed myself to get sucked into friends yet, but it's only a matter of time LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. If your non-capsule wardrobe is working for you, then good on ya! The rest of us are just trying to get where you are ;)
    I'm glad the resolutions are (mostly) over too. Let's stop talking about 2015 and just start doing it already.

  6. Friends is my life. No joke for the last SIX years I have fallen asleep to it every. single. night. I have all the dvds. But now that it's on Netflix it's even better cause I don't have to get up to change discs. what whatttt. Winning.

    also wtf is a capsule wardrobe?

  7. I like to say I'm working on a capsule like wardrobe. I just want everything that I wear to be something I really love and not just feel meh about.

  8. I am not 100% sure what a capsule wardrobe is but I can say that I would love to revamp my wardrobe to things that I actually like and would wear. I love Friends! This makes me want to get my Netflix back :D Love the yoga socks too!

  9. I love the capsule wardrobe idea, but I'm more with you on donating regularly and as long as I have room in my closet, and wear what I have, it's all good :) Also, I kind of want some patterned leggings now, where do you get all of yours?

  10. I was so over the recaps and resolutions post too.... lol

  11. and WTF is capsule wardrobe? I'm totally lost.

  12. I keep thinking that I want to try a capsule wardrobe but I won't wear the same thing twice in a week. I can't stand it. I really should clean out my closet though, I have a crap-ton of stuff in there that I just don't wear anymore.

  13. ok avoid my blog for the next week because I still have goals to come! haha. shopping goals really, and it'll be posted on a saturday so everyone can ignore.
    i am totally into the capsule thing to - except everyone does seasonal and thats not good for me because my work wardrobe is basically winter all year long. so yeah. but still. i'm really actually just working on having a wardrobe i like, and the capsule-ish is helping.
    so glad you dig the socks, they are super cute- your poor toes though! haha.
    have fun at the chiro!!!

  14. I could never manage the capsule wardrobe as much sense as it makes.

    Loved your #badyogi photo from yesterday on Insta- very cool!

  15. This is a first I've heard of the capsule wardrobe call that. I kind of like it lol. New reader here :)


  16. I've never even heard of a capusle wardrobe but I'm already not interested if it means downsizing. I'm pretty sure I'm hoarder obsessed with my clothes. Each time I try to purge, I talk myself out of getting rid of 50% of the things. This is from that run, this is from when I was stationed there, this shirt works for fat days, this shirt works for skinny days...

    I remember having so many pairs of toe socks in high school. Now I wonder what happened to all them. Probably donated when I was trying to downsize my wardrobe.. lol

    An appt with a chiro would make my month, no judgement here.

  17. To the capsule wardrobe. I don't have the patience and can never figure out what to get rid of sighs. Love love love your yoga socks from Kristen. I mean they are perfection! I wanna see the non-outtake yoga pose! lol

    And I loved reading everyone's recaps but I am TOTALLY ready to not talk about 2014 for a while. The regularly scheduled blogging is already giving me the happies!

  18. Like your style of writing! Happy new year :)

    1. Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you too :)


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