Running Wild

I'm back in full-on training mode for two spring half marathons with a 10k in between, so running's on the brain. Sorry if you hate it. But maybe even if you hate running you'll like making fun of me after you read the following running-related confessions? Let's give it a whirl.

+ More than once, it's happened that as soon as I finish a run (or a race *wide-eyed emoji*) I'm completely overcome with the need to pee and I dart to the bathroom — faster than I just ran by a long shot — and it's totally hit or miss whether I do actually have to pee once I get there.

+ The other day I bought a running top on clearance at Target without trying it on. I did this because JUST last week I said to Tracy while getting ready for a run, "I wish I could remember where I got this top because it is the BEST one I own." Turns out (shocker), I bought it at Target and I found its twin! Well, I found my blue top's fraternal pink and gray twin. Anyway, when I went to put it on, I couldn't get my head through the hole. Swear to god. It's one of those cowl-type necks that you can pull up a meshy area over your face to keep you warm, but the top opening was stitched WAY too tight. It was on clearance (and a friggin' STEAL), so I couldn't return it, so I hacked away at it with my seam-ripper for about 25 minutes. #resourceful.

+ But before the seam-ripping part of the program, I was stuck in my shirt. Seriously stuck. Like this.

+ I don't always shower or even change out of running clothes as soon as I come in the door. Sometimes I hang out and go about my day for a bit, editing something, cooking dinner, organizing my sock drawer, before I'm bothered enough to wash up.

+ Before I started running with podcasts — ya know, like last week — I always ran to music. I have several running playlists, and by that I mean I have several playlists that I skip over 85% of the songs on. Nick Jonas songs make up the majority of one. I never skipped those songs.

+ I don't really think I know any song that doesn't make me think of someone or something, and I've laughed out loud while out in the middle of a run by myself when a song that cues a funny memory comes up. And the only time I have ever fist-pumped in my life (a feat, considering I'm from New Jersey) has been while running to an Afrojack song after crushing the last stretch of hills.

+ Talking about running with other runners is one of the best things about running. For most of my life I was very much an outsider, or a cusper, and I never had a sense of belonging to a community outside of small group friendships or one-on-one relationships. The sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being a runner has kept my legs moving more than once over the last 13 months. Even something as small as a wave from another runner I pass on my loop or the knowing nod when someone drops the name of a race makes me feel warm in a unique way that little else, except perhaps bad yogi-hood, does. So I apologize if you're not a runner and you hate my posts or Instagrams about running. But they're there so we running weirdos can find each other and I can't explain how much I love discovering the love of running in a new acquaintance.

+ Until I crossed my first finish line, I had no idea that I would love racing or that I would ever even want to run a distance over 3.1 miles. I thought marathoners were crazy (half marathoners, half crazy) and didn't want to associate with people who wore running clothes anywhere but the gym or talked about their MPW. And look at what I've become...

Linking up with Melissa for another Humpday Confessions. Are you getting anything off your chest today?

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  1. I've tried to get into running a number of times and always crap out. This time, I'm paying WAY more attention to my heart rate and it is making a world of difference! Going to do my best to remember to link up next week!

  2. I literally laughed out loud picturing you stuck in your shirt! I think I'm going to try my first (real) 5K this year. I did one back in 2012, but it was the color run and I was still highly intoxicated from the night before. And there were a ton of people so you couldn't really run. But I just got invited to a Legs for Life put on by our local high school teachers so I think I'll give it a whirl! I usually get at least 2, usually more, miles in every day.

  3. i am obessed with podcasts for doing any life chore now. driving. running. getting through work!

  4. have you listened to Invisibilia? SUCH a good podcast. It replaced my Serial obsession.

  5. I am also guilty of doing other things before showering post workout. It's kinda nasty, but body odor keeps everyone away and I get so much done if I'm using a shower as my "reward" for doing all.the.things.

  6. hmmm i think i want a top like that with the cowl thingy that can go over my face. that's actually quite brilliant and i have never seen or heard of those before. i totally love and agree with what you said about the running community - although to be honest i definitely don't feel like i am a part of it, maybe on the cusp but not fully in it. though waving to joggers passing me by always chokes me up a bit, no idea why.

  7. When I get home from working out I'm usually SO HUNGRY that I have to just sit down and eat and come down off that high for a little bit before showering up... even though I probably smell terrible ;)

  8. Can I tell you how much I love this?! I probably can't, it's that much.
    It takes me forever to clean up after running. I'm glad I'm not the only gross one.
    That top was super awesome and I'm glad you found another one…but not so much about the fact that you got stuck in it haha.

  9. I have gotten a few tops from Target to work out in and they are good! Although, I would probably have not been so resourceful with the mishap like you were!

    Why do I have playlists where I skip all of the songs??

  10. When I get home from working out all I want to do is eat. Then if I eat all I want to do is sleep ha ha! Sometimes after Zumba I get a crazy amount of energy and just want to clean the house, other times not so much ha ha.

  11. I laughed so hard at your shirt story!! Can't say that has ever happened to me. I hope you were able to fix it so you can wear it! I totally know what you mean about the running community. I never really felt like I fit in with any groups until I became a runner. Now I have friends who are just as crazy as I am, and I love it. :)

  12. haha getting stuck in a shirt... basically my life because my hair is so long heheh and girl after a run sometimes I get inside and cook dinner, wash dishes, lay on the floor, talk on the phone ... before I ever shower. So maybe we are both gross but its not weird to me at all!


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