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I've decided to join my friend Tracy in recapping my week's workouts on Sunday nights. In training for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this March, I'm not strictly following a pre-made training program, so I want to keep track of how what I'm doing is working for me.
Monday: 5.36 miles + short relaxation yoga practice
Monday's run was more discouraging than any run I've had in a long time. The pain in my left hip that's been coming in and out for a few weeks totally vanished — and relocated to my right hip. I had a resurgence of shin splints in my right leg, and my knees hurt. I ran/walked and cursed my body the whole way, fought my way to a 9:59 average pace, then made some realizations in writing my Training for Tuesday post
I finished the day off with about 15 minutes of free-form yoga flow before bed, mostly in relaxation poses to help me wind down.

Tuesday: 0 miles + long yoga practice
After Monday's running fiasco, Tuesday had to be a rest day. I did a long yoga practice instead, though I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. I free flow a good amount, but I also do the YouTube thing quite a bit, and I have no clue what Tuesday was. All I know is that I wrote down "long practice," meaning I did at least 45 minutes of flow.

Wednesday: 4 miles + medium yoga practice
I had to close out 2014 with a good run, after how much this year has meant to me as a runner. I did 4 miles at 9:11 average pace, which is pretty close to my goal race pace. I'd spent a looooong time stretching before I went out, so I was feeling cocky and didn't wear a brace or strap on my right knee. Which was a mistake. But overall, it was a good redemption from Monday. I treated myself to this longish post-run practice and a little bit of upside-downing.

Thursday: 0 miles + short stretching practice
Well, Thursday was going to be a "virtual race" day, but then New Year's Eve took some turns I wasn't expecting, and I earned myself a full rest day to start off 2015. At least I got some stretching in, because I basically just can't sit still and am pretty much always stretching.
My favorite yogi Erin Motz also started up a 10-day Instagram Yoga Challenge, so of course I'm participating in that. Day 1: A pose that makes you feel celebratory. I like this variation.

Friday: 3 miles + short yoga practice
And redemption was had in 2015. I ran a quick 3 miles and finally found some speed. I got all three in well below my goal race pace! I need to work more on consistent pacing, but my splits were all nice and quick: 8:54 / 9:05 / 8:49. Woo!
I wound down with Erin's new hamstrings + hips video, which is perfect for runners and short enough to do before or after a run.
The challenge for Day 2 was a "love to hate" pose. My balance is really hit or miss sometimes, so poses like warrior three can be challenging. But I love the strong leg extension and the focus I need to hit this pose all the same.

Saturday: 0 miles + medium fun free flow practice
I'm only scheduling myself one run for the weekends and giving myself the option to run either Saturday or Sunday, because it's often that something comes up to throw off my schedule. I had planned to run 5 miles Saturday, but by the time I was dressed and ready to go, it had started snowing. I won't make any more excuses for why I can't run in rain (that's the 2014 me ;) ) BUT when there's an inch of very soft and slippery snow in less than a half hour, I'm not going out. It's just dumb and asking for an injury.
I had fun free-flowing instead and ended up throwing around some shapes for the challenge Day 3, which asked for a pose you can do like it's nothin'.

Sunday: 5 miles + medium yoga practice
It rained all night and is about 50 degrees today, so no more snow to slip on. I felt pretty damn good on this run, not counting the fact that the "back" part of the out-and-back was run directly into the wind. I bookended with fast (for me) miles, both sub-9 and well below goal race pace, as I am wont to do. I start fresh and strong, and by my final mile, I'm ready to even out after the inevitable slower middle mile(s). I averaged a 9:10 pace, and my fastest split was mile 5 at 8:48.
I closed out with some deep stretching poses and this great post-run routine from Erin Motz's first 30-day yoga challenge plus some handstand practice.
For Day 4 of the #BadYogisDoIt challenge, I snapped a few shots of cat and cow poses. People always say they can't do yoga because they're not flexible, or they could never do a head/handstand. Yoga isn't all about flying and balancing on your chin. THIS is yoga. This is why I know in my bones that everyone can do yoga.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 4 workouts; 17.36 miles
Yoga: 7 practices

Overall, it was a pretty normal week. Normal is good. It'll be a few weeks before I get back to the really long runs, as I've taken it pretty easy since Oktoberfest and haven't run over 6 miles since the half marathon. Until mid-January I'm just hoping to feel good and normal on runs as much as possible. I've got some confidence rebuilding to do.

How was your week of working out?


  1. I love this! I've been contemplating doing a recap like this every week to keep me accountable for my (first!) half marathon training, and I think you just totally convinced me. I've been totally slacking on my yoga practice too and seeing all your gorgeous poses makes me feel the itch!

  2. Yay I'm so glad you did this!
    You killed it with the yoga this week (uh, duh). Your runs were so good this week! I feel you on having some confidence to rebuild but I think you should be well on your way. Keep it up!

  3. Look at you and all your yoga!!!! So awesome! Pain during work outs sucks, hopefully it goes away!

  4. yay love that you are doing this as well - i was going to start it but then decided to start next sunday.
    i didn't get my long run in on saturday and was so bummed and then i thought - there is no reason my long run HAS to be on saturday which is why i went out on sunday, and i'm glad i did. my oh my it was windy though! i feel you on the snow, but honestly rain and snow make for an even klutzier kristen so i can't - and won't - go out in either. a little rain is fine but heavy rain is just asking for me to fall over.
    stupid question... does 'flow' mean .. like just doing yoga? sorry if thats silly.
    totally going to check out that longer yoga video for runners - i did Erin's (Day 14) yesterday and it is SO good I just love it.

  5. You amaze me. Love that you did this post! you are rocking the yoga and I love it. I tried to get into yoga and its not yet for me but I do love my running though I should attempt to do these posts ... if only i could get it together to blog on a weekend lol


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