Sunday Sweats 2

Let me just preface this week by saying: It stops here. Also, I'm kind of dumb sometimes.

Monday: 0 miles + medium free flow practice
After Sunday's run, I wasn't sure whether I would or would not run Monday. Early in the week I feel like I can leave my running schedule up to how I feel, thinking I have the rest of the week to make it up. It's not always true. I declined a Monday run because my calves were a bit sore and we had some nasty wind, gusts 20-40 MPH. No.
I did manage to wake up with a relaxing, stretch-focused free flow Monday morning. I focused about 20 minutes on standing and sitting forward folds, cat/cows, twists and other gentle stretches to get my body ready for the first week back at work.
Day 4 of the #BadYogisDoIt challenge asked for a posture you look to when you're short on time. I love a good twist like lord of the fishes pose.

Tuesday: 0 miles + long free flow & arm balance practice
So this is where my Monday logic comes back to bite me on the ass. We got snow Tuesday, and by the time I left work, it was very very very well below freezing. Roads were not yet plowed, sidewalks weren't shoveled or salted, and running on these streets in the dark alone is basically a death wish.
I "made up for" the lack of a run with a nice long, high-energy flow on the yoga mat, plus did some arm balance practice. Seriously, it's called a practice for a reason because y'all, this takes WORK.
On Day 5, Erin asked how #BadYogisDoIt on their hands. We had a snoga photoshoot at work. It was fun.

Wednesday: 0 miles + short yoga practice
Guess how icy it was Wednesday after an entire 24-hours of temperatures below 20? It's not the cold that's the problem; it's the running on ice in the dark thing that I'm not down with. It's how my old running buddy sprained his ankle last year. That's not a risk I'm cool with making two months before Rock 'n Roll.
I worked my low back and hips with this morning practice though, and spent the evening getting cracked and twisted around by my beloved chiropractor. So that's something.
Wednesday's challenge prompt was "to find balance," so I snapped a blurry shot of this hybrid/variation pose of downward facing dog and tiger pose that's actually a lot harder (for the balance challenged) than it looks.

Thursday: 0 miles + medium free flow yoga practice
Guess who is a really smart person? Not me. So on Thursday I had to run a quick errand on my lunch break, and as I was pulling back into my work parking lot it finally occurred to me: Though I don't belong to a gym because I won't use it, I have friends and a brother who do. And they have free guest passes. And there are treadmills in there. Which are not an ideal (or even enjoyable) method of getting my miles in, but make it possible to run in the icy conditions we've had this week. But I didn't figure this out until after I got back to work without any running gear and wouldn't have been able to get home from the gym until 7/7:30 at least, which would just not give me enough time to do all I had to do to prepare for the next day's special delivery. But now I've resigned myself to it: I'll treadmill if I have to because it's better than nothing. (It really never occurred to me before this day to join a friend at the gym on occasion just for the treadmill. Doy.)
I squeezed in a free flow to open up my back, since I've been feeling tight and angry there, and that was Thursday.
I never got around to snapping this pic on Thursday, so I doubled up Friday. Day 7 of the challenge asked us to strike a pose where you normally wouldn't. So we went into the shipping room at work and to the top of a stepladder. Nailed it.

Friday: 0 miles + short yoga practice
I knew this would be a no-run day, because I had important plans post-work. I started the morning with this nice sun salutation flow, raced through work, and headed to the train station right after... Because Tracy's here visiting this weekend! *all the happy emojis*
The challenge prompt was to show a pose that's your work in progress. Striking a pose is one thing, but holding it is quite another. I'm gonna keep working on handstand and call it a WIP until I can't miss it.

Saturday: rest
Today was a total rest day, as Tracy and I had places to go and things to do. More on that later in the week.
For the last day of the challenge, a free-for-all day, I had Tracy snap this pic of camel pose between our adventures.

Sunday: 4 miles + no yoga practice
My first run in a week... ack. Never again am I letting that happen. It wasn't a great pace for either one of us, but it was so fun to finally run with Tracy to my left! We took a flat-ish course through my town and avoided toppling over on the ice. Calling it a win... for now.
No formal yoga practice today, though we did play around with some arm balances over coffee.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 1 workout; 4.09 miles
Yoga: 5 practices

I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to come up with the guest pass solution. But now that I have literally NO excuses (not that not wanting to die on an icy road is really an "excuse"), I have to be better.


  1. I have a gym membership and I still won't go use a treadmill! Though my goal is to go 2x this week- because trying to start running in this weather is definitely not happening for me. I'm still so amazed with all of these poses! Also, loving how long your hair is! Can't wait to hear about your weekend adventures with Tracy!

  2. I am in a rut with my running. Normally, around New Year's I am the person who is spouting resolutions, and super excited to begin the new year and start all over. But this year, I am just not feeling it. My workouts have been stale for the past few weeks, and I am hardly breaking a sweat. We are 11 days into the new year, and I have run about 6 miles. I don't know when, where, or why I got burned out, but somewhere along the way, I did.
    I think its great that you have been so dedicated to your yoga practice! Thats awesome! I need to get my butt in gear!!!

  3. eh, shit happens! treadmills do suck but they are a necessary evil for me sometimes. I definitely can't hack the super cold, or the dark, or the ice so I pretty much run on the treadmill all winter.
    Anyway - way to go on getting at least one run in this week - that's better than zero runs! ;) Can't wait to hear all about your adventures and holy shitballs, 2 months till RnR.

  4. I hate that feeling after you get off a treadmill, how your body is disoriented and you feel funny not moving and walking ha ha. I love your daily yoga photos! That is so great that you did that Insta photo challenge -- I wonder if they will have any others? I need to get some yoga practice in. Also, even just one mile is better than none :D

  5. Your yoga is amazing!! but I've said it a million times ha! As for the run ... who can blame you??? I cannot imagine running in that weather. I would be on the treadmill every day!!! The coldest weather Ive been in was -5 and Im hearing about -30 wind chill in the states right now. NO THANKS. Also one run is better than no runs so I would chalk that up as a win!

  6. Your yoga is on point girl!!! So when are you going to start that youtube channel for us beginners?! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Loving your yoga poses!! Makes me want to get into it more!!

  8. Damn weather! The other day I got ready for a run and then when I was ready to leave, it was raining. Wahhhh.

    I'm jealous that you can do arm balances. I can't even put my feet down in downwards dog.

    Corinne x


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