Sunday Sweats 3

So I kept my promise and had a MUCH better workout week than the last one. Let's see:

Monday: 6.2 miles + short free flow yoga practice
Tracy and I waited out the rain and squeezed in a soggy, dark 6.2 at a pace I don't want to really talk about. I had some massive residual hip pain from Sunday and we had to do a lot of dancing around puddles and ice patches, and I felt bad about slowing Tracy down. Good thing she's a good sport!

Earlier in the day, while Tracy plugged away at some super complicated homework I wouldn't even be able to read, let alone solve, I worked in a 15 minute free flow practice to loosen up the lower half.

Tuesday: rest
No morning yoga because we were up and out early to get Tracy to the train station, and I had a dinner date after work. I always feel bad about full rest days, even when they're for perfectly good reason.

Wednesday: 0 miles + short yoga practice
My psoas muscle (major hip flexor) was STILL bothering me since Sunday's run, even though it usually goes away within an hour or so after running. I knew I had a chiro appointment and would be taking home the stim, so I put running on hold to avoid a worse injury.

I started the day with this perfect hip opening yoga sequence (thanks for looking out for us runners, Erin!), throwing in some sun salutations to warm things up before diving in.

Thursday: 3.11 miles + medium yoga practice
I ran with a podcast for the first time solo (without a co-runner like Monday, which always affects my pace) Thursday, but first I had a really embarrassing thing happen. My headphones accidentally went home with Tracy, and my spare pair was at the office. All dressed and ready to go, I almost, SERIOUSLY did not leave my apartment because I didn't want to run without sound. I gave myself some serious side eye before heading out the door to take a quiet route so I could hear Serial Ep. 1 (OMG! I LOVE THIS! You guys were right.) through my phone speaker.

I like running with a podcast. I thought I needed the music to keep my running tempo, but... it doesn't actually work. I find with listening to a podcast my pace is much more natural, it feels good, and my splits are so much more similar — whereas previously I'd have my splits varying by as much as a minute. On Thursday, my splits were all within 13 seconds. Score!

I started the day with this older whole body flow from Erin. It's not in either of her 30-day challenges, but if you like her style, definitely give it a try!

Friday: 0 miles + short free flow yoga practice
No run today in prep for tomorrow's long run (relatively speaking. Remember, I only ran 4 miles last week.), but I did wake up with a low back-focused free flow. Cat/cows and seated and reclined twists, oh my!

Saturday: 7 miles + no yoga practice
I almost cheated and chopped a mile off this run. My justifications: This big a mileage increase over last week is just asking for trouble (true; I had only run 4 miles the week before and these 7 would put me at 16 for the week — NOT a good idea.); it's getting close to dark and I'm wearing black on top; my hip flexor is agitated; at least I've already done this much, etc. At the turn where I would have to back-track away from the direction of my house in order to make it 7 for the day rather than 6, I had to make the choice if I was going to follow through with the day's goal or cut it short and tell myself I'd do 7 Sunday. I thought about the half marathon I'll be running in less than two months and how I want to feel on that day and I went left, adding a half-mile out and back to my route and telling myself to just shut up and run.
Oh, and this is my longest run since my half marathon (13.1 miles) on October 26. I was decidedly out of training mode for all of November (20 miles, ugh) and most of December. We're only going higher from here, but more on that next Training for Tuesday (January 27!)

Sunday: 0 miles + medium free flow yoga practice
Worked an easy full body flow in this morning. I'm trying to up my creativity in free flowing and put together sensical sequences that serve whatever I need that day. Call it yoga teacher training training?

Saturday's last mile.
Weekly Totals:
Running: 3 workouts; 16.31 miles
Yoga: 5 practices

My hip flexor pain was really getting out of control, and it was all the more frustrating because I couldn't pinpoint the problem, which made it harder to fix. I had the same pain in my left side and one day it just vanished... and hopped over to my right side, where it's been more aggressive than before. And here's why I love my chiro: Nothing is irrelevant to him. I mentioned the flexor pain and he went right to work on it, pin-pointing the "trigger point" and working it out for me, plus giving me an education on the psoas muscle. I've been using the stim and alternating heat and ice, and it's finally feeling better.

My runs felt good this week. Better than I've felt in a while. Part of it is knowing that my next half marathon is so close (under two months to go!) and it's not November anymore. Part of it is the change in attitude I had around Christmas. No matter what I chalk it up to, it's just good. It feels good. It feels like running feels when you love it and you want to be better and you want to push yourself to get there. I ran 13 miles just a few months ago, but yesterday I had to push myself to finish 7. And I did, and I'm glad I did.


Don't forget! The next chance to link up your training goals, wins, and woes with Tracy and me is next Tuesday, January 27! Let's hear it: Whatever you're working toward, whatever goal you just hit, whatever kind of motivation you need, some share it all on Training for Tuesday.


  1. Yeah let's not talk about our pace on Monday and instead let's just talk about how that was one of your longest runs in…who knows how long. Ok, glad we had that talk.
    I feel bad about full rest days too. Even though I usually have one every week. I mostly just spend it feeling guilty. But then there are times I spending eating everything in sight and not giving a damn, so that's that.
    I'm so proud of you for running without headphones/with a podcast! And I'm not just saying that because it was totally my fault. I once forgot my watch at home when I drove to my dad's to run with him, and refused to run until I had retrieved said watch. The technology struggle is real. I've also been that person blaring music from their phone because they forgot headphones - although it was on a pretty deserted trail so I don't think I bothered anyone.
    Also proud of you for getting your long run done! There are no excuses on race day (I will be there to make sure of it haha) so no reason to let them creep in now :)
    You inspire me with all your yoga. I know it's the same to you as it is to me when people say that to me about running (like umm…I just do it, it's not really a thing), but still. I know I need to just do it, but I don't, so I admire that you do :)
    I'm moving to NJ just so I can start seeing your chiropractor.
    (Love the new look, btw!)

  2. I love that you mix it up with running some days and yoga the next! I dont think you should feel bad about the rest days. Obviously I am nowhere close to your level but I relish a good day to relax my body and bones and just rest!. You still inspire me girlie!

  3. oh my goodness, your poor hip! hope it sorts itself out soon. i'm so glad you are enjoying listening to podcasts, i feel the same with running with music vs books (or podcasts in your case). good for you for going running even without your headphones :) i've never even thought to just turn the volume up - i lose my headphones allll the time so i'm constantly running without anything, because i can't find the damn things.
    and heyyy love your new header and layout! fancy :)


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