Sunday Sweats 4

Monday: 4 miles + no formal yoga practice
Timing was of the essence. It iced all the day before, so I gave the morning a couple hours to warm up and thaw it a bit. Before the end of mile 1, it had started snowing, and by the time I walked into my building, it was hailing. I ran comfortably today, averaging about 9:25 with some dancing around ice and puddles and nursing my right hip again.

I also broke in my new kicks and put a couple miles on the shoes I'll wear for my next half marathons! (And then I got caught by another runner and a W.B. Mason delivery guy taking a shoe selfie.)

No formal yoga practice today; just some deep stretching and stim before and after my run.

Tuesday: 3 miles + short free flow + medium relaxation yoga practice
I'm back in beast mode. My miles weren't particularly fast, but they weren't slow either, and they all felt GOOD. By the end of my 3 miles I could have gone for another loop. I still nursed some psoas pain but it was noticeably less than the day before.

I bookended the day with a short stretching free flow in the morning and went for a deeper relaxation bedtime yoga practice. I've never done yoga with one of Adriene's videos before this, but oh man, I loved this practice. I liked her style and will be incorporating more of her videos for home practice days I think.

Wednesday: 0 miles + morning stretch flow + long studio yoga class
Rest day from the road, but I opened up in the morning with some gentle stretching poses.
Wednesday night I took a studio class for the first time since college (with the exception of my awesome three-day workshop with Erin in the fall).

I checked out this studio I've heard good things about and man, oh man, was it great being in class again. The teacher was amazing, and it's the type of studio I like. You don't need to chug a green juice before you go in and no one said the words "drum circle," but there were a lot of "if it's in your practice" and "yogi's choice" type of things said. Even though I'm personally not a beginner, I want to be in a yoga community that is welcoming to all levels and doesn't perpetuate that cliquey, mean girl, you-have-to-be-an-expert-already environment. That so not Raven "yogic," and that's not my style. Anyway, Donna taught a great class, was warm and gentle with her adjustments, and kept class fun and grounding at the same time.

Thursday: 3 miles + short hatha yoga practice
Nothing special, but a good run. I'm organically getting faster, just as I was last year in training, without much exertion or effort. I was just over goal race pace, so hopefully some real speed training combined with race day adrenaline will get me where I want to be for RnR.

For my morning practice I covered a quick 15 minutes with Adriene.

Friday: 0 miles + short stretching yoga practice
Rest day from the road, but I started my morning with another stretch-focused practice. I love Erin's hamstring videos, and thankfully she has a whole bunch for us runners!

Saturday: 0 miles + short stretching yoga practice
I was planning on getting my long run in Saturday, but an overnight snowstorm gave us a couple inches and my super wasn't exactly on his snow removal game. I spent a few minutes stretching out sore hamstrings and working some movement into my back, but other than that, Saturday was a rest day. If you count moving every piece of furniture and cleaning every piece of your home as "rest."

Sunday: 8 miles + no formal yoga practice
I ran slow today, nearly 10 minutes per mile, but I'm not mad about it. I'd shave off, if I had to guess, at least 30 seconds total in time I spent waiting to cross the street or trying to navigate snowy/icy shoulders with traffic. There were also the huge ice patches I had to practically crawl over and the black ice I wasn't about to bet on. I ran a hilly route, which I never mind slowing down on, because I know the hills are better for me in the long run. Overall as good a long run I could have hoped for in the conditions given.

I've had no formal yoga practice yet — just some yoga-inspired deep stretches, but no pranayama so it's really just stretching. I may take a relaxation practice later if I have time to squeeze it in before bed.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 4 runs, 18 miles
Yoga: 7 practices

Running with a podcast is absolutely wonderful for my consistency on the run, but I'm still starting out too fast. Mile 2 is always my worst because mile 1 is always a little too gung-ho. I'll finally be budgeting in a Garmin next month and it'll be my priority to make sure I start out a little bit slower and keep a consistent race pace on my longer runs. And maybe negative splits, but let's not get crazy now. :)

Getting back into the studio was a very welcome change this week. I do very much love my home practice and will continue to visit my mat at home daily, but if I want to teach (and I desperately do, and soon) I need to be back in the studio. This center also offers YTT and is definitely a community I want to be a part of. I'm glad I let go of my complacency in home practice and got back out into the world, and I can't wait to take another class with Donna. (Thank god for the amazing deal this studio has on Groupon right now, f'realz.)


Don't forget to link up your training goals with Tracy and me this week! For the first Training for Tuesday of 2015, it's the best time to map out your goals for the year. Grab a button & join the fun!


  1. Yay for your runs being so on point this week! And for your long run, especially considering you had to battle ice and hills - better you than me ;) I'm turning into a real wimp.
    So glad you got to try the yoga studio this week! It sounds awesome. I've only been to one yoga studio but it was the same way - very encouraging of all levels, not judgey or crazy or too "yogic" and it was just the best.
    I might seriously try that relaxation video tonight.
    What Garmin are you going to get?!

  2. Yay you. That is all I can say. Im so impressed by the days that you run and do yoga! One day... one day haha

  3. yay! you go girl. I was doing so well at the start of the week but I was not ballsy enough to go out on Saturday - I would have busted my butt fo shiz. Sunday was perfect (cold, but perfect) but I was non stop all day and didn't have a chance. Stupid.
    I'm so excited for you to get a Garmin (and me too) because I think it will super help the pacing.
    So happy about the yoga studio - really, that's so awesome you found such a great one on your first try. I have done a couple of Adriene's videos, I like her too - not as much as Erin (duh).
    So KC totally ordered my Garmin 15 on the weekend (yay!) but there is a chance I might get a used one instead (10, not 15) and send that one back - depending on how much the used one is - it's from a friend and she only used it a couple months so.. I'm considering it.


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