Top 10 Best "Friends," Part I

As everyone and their mother knows at this point, Netflix has finally shaped up and all 10 seasons of the world's greatest show EVER are available for streaming. Friends has arrived! Like any good die-hard fan I'm streaming the series start to finish, because even though I've seen every episode roughly one jillion times, it's still laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming, and fun to watch.

In celebration of the arrival of Friends on Netflix, I've decided to put together a handy guide for the casual viewer, a highlight reel for the busy non-binge watcher. I started out listing the top 10 episodes, one from each season, but no. That's impossible. Narrowing it down to 10 for each half of the series was hard enough! But here are my favorite episodes from the first five seasons of Friends. Consider every single other episode tied in the runner-up position. (I just stupid love this show.)
S1E13: The One with the Boobies
Phoebe's therapist boyfriend falls out of favor with the friends after getting too shrinky, Joey's dad comes to visit and so does a surprise guest, Chandler sees Rachel's boobies and a score-settling battle ensues.

Rachel looks for a new job, and the guys let the girls in on their poker game. Side note: This is one of my top three favorite episodes of the entire series.

S3E2: The One Where No One's Ready
It starts at 8 and they can't be late but Joey and Chandler are fighting about the essence, Phoebe's got the hummus, Monica needs to know if it's old or new, and Rachel just wants to look nice for Ross. Side note: this is another of my top three favorite episodes of the entire series.

S3E9: The One with the Football
Monica and Ross disobey their parents' long-standing decree that they aren't allowed to play football, and hilarity ensues as Phoebe plays her own game, Rachel shockingly is picked last, and Joey and Chandler fight over a leggy blonde.

S4E1: The One with the Jellyfish
What the hell happened on that beach?

S4E8: The One with Chandler in a Box
The friends give Monica a hard time for heart-eye emoji-ing over Richard's son, but she doesn't care because Ross married a lesbian, Rachel left a guy at the alter, Phoebe fell in love with a gay ice dancer, Joey threw a girl's wooden leg in a fire, and Chandler's living in a box.

S4E12: The One with the Embryos
Chandler and Joey bet Monica and Rachel that the guys know the girls better than the girls know the guys, and Ross gets to referee. Phoebe misses quiz day because she's off doing a favor for her brother and sister-in-law. Side note: this is the last of my top three favorite episodes of the entire series.

S4E17: The One with the Free Porn
Super-fertile Phoebe gets good/bad news, Ross lives out Monica's foreigner fantasy, Rachel's got a new man, and Joey and Chandler have free porn.

S5E2: The One with All the Kissing
Rachel's back from Greece and gives Monica control over her dating life, Chandler and Monica are keeping a secret, a manic Ross is trying to get Emily to talk to him, and Phoebe's feeling left out after the other five had a blast in London.

S5E5: The One With the Kips
Monica and Chandler can't keep a secret secret for much longer, Ross reaches a crossroads that leaves Rachel in a tough spot, Phoebe and Rachel make plans for the future.

Honorable Mentions:
S1E4: The One with George Stephanopoulos
S2E5: The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant
S2E14: The One with the Prom Video
S3E13: The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends
S5E14: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Fellow Friends fans, what's your favorite episode of the first half? Are you a hop-arounder or a binge-watcher?


  1. The One with the Embryos is my absolute favorite episode. #1 favorite. Man I love Friends.

  2. I love the last two ones as well, and the one where Ross and Monica does the New Years dance but that is probably in the second half. Generally I just love friends, it's such a great show, that you can just watch the episodes over and over again, despite seeing them a number of times before..

    Cecilia (

  3. i'm a HUGE friends fan. my fav epi is the one you mentioned above (when they lost the apartment), the one with Ross's teeth, the one with Ross's leather pants ...oh, so many great ones!

  4. What about the one where Ross moves the couch and says PIVOT like 100 times, still my favorite!!! Love all the ones you picked too - especially the Thanksgiving Football one!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. oh my gosh I seriously got cold chills. I love Friends so much and have been wanting to binge watch for like the 10th time (I used to own all the DVDs in Oz). I would have to say my lame favourite episode is when Chandler and Monica get engaged. 'There's a reason girls don't do this!'. But I love all the ones you mentioned. Basically I love anything Chandler & Monica.

  6. Eeek....Never watched it originally, just started it on netflix. Gotta be honest... not a fan. Maybe it gets better?

  7. So excited for it to be on Netflix so I can binge through the first few seasons! The One Where Ross is Fine is one of my favorites- though it's so hard to choose!

  8. Oh man, I used to love friends!!! I haven't seen any episodes in so long and now I want to go on a binging spree!!!!

  9. i love love love love LOVVEEE this!! All those gifs are perfection too!!

  10. Oh I can't even choose!!! I'm horrible at picking favorites and I always change my mind. I wasn't sure if they were going to release it on Canadian Netflix or not, but I saw it on there today and had a little celebration with my boyfriend....yep, my boyfriend is a crazy Friends fan too...he says I remind him of Monica haha

  11. I still watch friends if I'm flipping the channel and see it on. I can't choose! its one of those shows where i LOVE the older episodes but the show was still great as it progressed. All the way to the end. Love it.

  12. My absolute favorite episode is the Thanksgiving one with Brad Pitt. My second favorite is the Thanksgiving one where Rachel puts beef in the trifle. I die every time.

  13. hahaha, that's awesome. The whole "you were going to drink the fat!" had me laughing out loud, as did the moving day .gif, and remembering what happened after Chandler kissed everyone to keep him and Monica a secret "Whoa, hold on there, Mr Kissy." :-D

    1. I love the "drink the fat" part. In fact I've gone around in real life more than once and said that the guy I marry is going to be the guy who would drink the fat ;)

  14. Friends is my all, time favorite. I have to watch it in order, at least one episode a day, but make special occasions for Holidays and momentous occasions, like when I found out I was pregnant. I l love season 7, but I'm not entirely sure why I love it so much! This post is definitely inspiring me to one of my own lists together. (That Friends book is totally my "coffee table" book. Who needs fancy pictures when you have that?!)

  15. I've seen quite a few of those episodes! I've never watched Friends in order though.. but since it is on Netflix I need to!

  16. "The One with All the Kissing" has one of my fave lines in the series, EVER: "Oh, it's not so bad...Monica's gonna make potpourri!" hahaha, gets me every time!

  17. i love this!!! i have been tearing through friends so fast now that it is on netflix!

  18. and my favorite one is the one with the breast milk


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