Top 10 Best "Friends," Part II

In celebration of the greatest TV series of all time finally arriving on Netflix this year, I gave you this countdown of the top 10 best episodes from the first five seasons. As promised, I'm back with a follow-up, picking out my top 10 episodes from seasons six through 10 and, guys, I gotta tell you, this was damn near impossible. Picking just a few episodes from each season was more challenging than I thought it would be. This show is just. so. good.

But I did my very best, so here you have 'em: 
(PS: Spoilers ahead, if you're working through the series for the first time!)
S6E10: The One with the Routine
Monica and Ross dance the gang into the New Year, Joey has a crush, Rachel and Phoebe search for their Christmas presents and Chandler gets in their way.

S6E24/25: The One with the Proposal
(Syndication breaks this up into two episodes, but it aired as one and I can't choose so deal with it.)
Chandler tries to pull a fast one on Monica, who runs into Richard at a few inopportune moments, Joey makes an accidental investment, Ross makes a decision in his relationship.

S7E4: The One with Rachel's Assistant
Ross, Monica, and Chandler go head to head, Joey gets an opportunity, and Rachel gets a new office decoration. (Ed. note: This episode is just one hilarious line after another for me, so many funnies.)

S7E9: The One with All the Candy
Ross rights a wrong from Phoebe's past (in one of the sweetest episode plot-lines of the whole series and a rare tender interaction between these two), Rachel hides a secret, Monica tries to appease the neighbors with candy.

S7E16: The One with the Truth About London
Rachel teaches Ross's son a few things, Chandler and Monica look for a minster to marry them, and Phoebe lets a secret slip.

S8E4: The One with the Videotape
The truth about Ross and Rachel's night together comes out, with proof.

S8E18: The One in Massapequa
Phoebe dates Alec Baldwin (in one of my favorite roles of his, EVER), Ross and Rachel put on a show, and the friends head to Long Island for a party.

S9E5: The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner
Phoebe just wants to celebrate her birthday but Ross and Rachel are preoccupied with Emma and Chandler and Monica have their own issues, and Joey's not in the mood to wait.

S10E12: The One with Phoebe's Wedding
Monica isn't an easy Matron of Honor and Ross and Chandler force Rachel to make a tough choice, but in the sweetest Phoebe-centric episode of the series, she and Mike get hitched.

S10E19/20: The Last One
I'm still not ready to talk about it.
(Ed. note: I honestly teared up searching for this image. Best show ever.)

Honorable Mentions: (THIS WAS SO HARD!)
S6E8: The One with Ross's Teeth
S6E9: The One Where Ross Got High
S7E8: The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
S7E12: The One Where They're Up All Night
S7E14: The One Where They All Turn Thirty
S8E13: The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
S9E18: The One With the Lottery
S9E21: The One with the Fertility Test
S10E11: The One Where the Stripper Cries

Did I list your favorite? In truth, it's so hard to rank these episodes — especially seasons six, seven, and 10, if you ask me. What are your top Friends moments, lines, or episodes? Let's relive the amazingness together ;)


  1. You're such a brave soul for even TRYING to pick your favorites! I agree with all-- including the honorable mentions! I also really love The One with Ross's Tan. "Mississippi-less-ly?!" And, of course, The One Where Ross is Fine. "I MADE FAJITAS!" Oh Friends... I'll love you forever.

  2. Such a fantastic show. I'm rewatching it on netflix right now. There are so many amazing moments. I'm not ready to talk about the last one either. It still makes me tear up.

    Midwest Darling

  3. Why is the one with Alex Baldwin not ringing a bell for me?! Well clearly I need to rewatch a few episodes!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Obviously I need to get on Netflix and watch ALL of the Friends! I can't remember a few of these episodes :(

  5. I need to rewatch all of these-- I was smiling through this entire post-- so much goodness. I really feel like there was never a bad episode.

  6. The One Where Ross Got High is my favorite...


  7. oh my gosh the last one. tears. all the tears.
    the proposal is definitely my favourite - and when ross gives phoebe the bike, and oh phoebe's birthday dinner - seriously that episode was so amazing and really made me look at myself and others differently, and try to be less self absorbed. seriously, this tv show was the best ever. i wish i could rewatch them right now but we only have one TV and KC kinda dislikes friends (i know, i know, he crazy). and omg Alec Baldwin in that one episode - seriously, he was SO good wasn't he? Seriously though I think I have said seriously in this comment seriously too many times. Seriously.

  8. Ahhhh I saw the picture of the last one and I got chills all over the place! I just loved re0living all of these with you!!!

  9. Seriously teared up at the last pictures. Ahhh so good.

  10. hahah love all these. The proposal one is one of my faves and Im not ready to speak about the last one yet either. Why did friends and Sex in the city ever have to end. Just whyyyyyyy .... (and yes expect a few comments my busy bum is just getting to reading posts from the week .... eeeeek)

  11. I am a HUGE 'Friends' fan--I have all the seasons and have watched the whole series more times than I care to admit, so I can't choose my favorites because they are ALL so good!!! But one of my favorite storylines will always be in the 10th season when Joey tries to learn French. The first time I saw that I think I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard...and it still makes me laugh a ton today!


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