What Real Ramen Is & Other Educational Things

The beautiful thing about life is that there are opportunities to learn and explore the mind and discover things at every turn. The past handful of days have brought a couple of valuable lessons that I hope to remember.

10 Things I've Learned This Weekend

1. Real ramen is worth a 90-minute wait.
"Eating ramen is guaranteed to make you happy."
2. There are some people who really, really, really can't comprehend when I say that the focus of my life has never been, nor is it now, my relationship status, and that being single has never depressed me.

3. Swapping area rugs, rearranging furniture, and cleaning every inch of my apartment is one of the best ways for me to deal with anger and frustration.

4. I will never take kindly to someone insisting they know me better than I know myself or are better equipped than I am to make decisions for me. It will never be okay.

5. It's impossible to watch House Hunters without wanting to punch somebody at some point.

6. Iowans in New York are thrilled when they meet other Iowans. (Related: Don't lie about being from Iowa.)

7. Adnan didn't do it. (I've listened up to episode 10. Stance may change in the final two eps. No spoilers.)

8. The grocery store the day between blizzards is basically hell.
9. People can surprise you at any point in your friendship/relationship with them, and it's not always in a good way.

10. I shouldn't write blog posts when I'm angry, because I'm not good at pretending not to be angry.

In spite of how points 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10 make it sound, it was a good weekend, and I hope yours was too. PS — are you linking up tomorrow?

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  1. Completely agree with these, especially #2 and #3. And #8... Omg purple piss me off. It's snow, not the end of the world. Salt Sunday is my typical grocery day, what a zoo!

  2. I haven't watched House Hunters in forever but I know what you mean. I want to try ramen so bad! My husband had a bad experience once and I've not been able to convince him to go again. I'm not even totally sure what it is, but I always hear people rave about how good it is! I hope you're feeling better this morning :)

  3. ruh-roh, hope everything is ok.. stupid people need to stay away from you, that's not cool. i have never had ramen and i could watch house hunters allllll day - literally, all day. no shame. however... the most fun is making fun of the people and how stupid they are.

  4. I have been on a ramen bender! its the best, and gives me a break in between my bowls of pho. and I agree: ADNAN DIDNT DO IT!

  5. I clean when I am mad or upset too! I hope everything is ok. I have never had real ramen, is it anything like the 13 cent stuff? haha!

    I freaking love HGTV and dont get to watch it nearly as often as I would like, but I have to agree with you...why do people focus on stupid cosmetic stuff on house hunters, like paint, that can be easily changed?!?!?!

  6. I hate grocery shopping in general. Grocery shopping before or in between blizzards is literally the worst!

  7. ... who lies about being from Iowa...
    I had to quit house hunters. I just can't.

  8. Cant wait to hear what you think with the final episode of serial!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. I appreciate people who don't make relationships the main focus of their entire life, when I meet people who cannot be away from their partners I get annoyed. For example, girls trips. I don't want to hear how you miss your bf/husband whom you see everyday. Be present please. I think when you are focus on you and being present and making your moments the best they can be then things just happen naturally. You just keep rockin on! I can't even imagine living through a blizzard I feel like it would freak me out.

  10. So I am a relationship person, just kind of always have been, and I would still think there was something wrong if you were super depressed or weirdly focused on not being in a relationship. Really, I think the fact that someone wouldn't understand that says a lot more about them than it does about you.
    OMG…Serial…I just…I want to say to say so many things but I also don't…so just tell me when you're finished :X

  11. i do my best cleaning when pissed; there's something so therapeutic about cleaning or organizing when i'm angry or anxious!

    those who are 100% attached to their significant others baffle me. like, where's YOUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY? i was good friends with a girl who couldn't stand to be away from her boyfriend for TWO hours. we'd go out to hang and she'd be texting or calling him THE WHOLE TIME so i got mad and yelled: are you goddamn serious about this ridiculous and rude calling bullshit when you're out with me??? he's a grown ass man and i'm sure he'll survive a few hours without you! needless to say, we aren't friends anymore because she only wanted to do "couple" things and my husband and i aren't like that at all...he has his friends, i have my girls and we go out with our friends separately 99% of the time!

    1. sorry, that didn't really go with your post re: relationship status but it just triggered something in my brain about my experience with a girl who defined her entire being by her relationship status.

  12. I would rather eat my own toe jam than go to a grocery store before/during/after a blizzard.

  13. I have never eaten fancy ramen, but now I really want to! Sorry that you have to deal with annoying people. When people are unable to mind their own business it makes me rage-y. Hope your weekend was fantastic though :)

  14. haha I shouldnt write posts when Im angry either. Never goes well. hehe anyway I still love house hunters but I gotcha on that one. God dont get me started on the "single" thing. Its not an illness, I am fine being single and dating you fools. And yes ramen isnt just ramen noodles. hehe


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