Friday: The Galentines Edition

Have you guys had a good week? I feel like my past few posts have been slightly disconnected. I've been busy at work (in a good way — and a new way) and busy and stressed at home, and I don't want to abandon this space, but I've only had so much time and energy to devote to it. I don't think this will keep up; I'll be back to my normal self (up for debate whether that's a good thing or not) within a few days.

In the meantime, some favorites from this week...

+ Yesterday was my first run back after nine days. Normally it would take a pack of rabid wolves to take me out for that many days during a training cycle (four weeks til Rock 'n Roll!) but my body demanded it. (More on that here.) After that much time off I always panic leading up to my run, afraid that I've lost every bit of fitness I had in just a few days. But all was well!

+ I managed to get another friend hooked on Serial, so I have more people to relentlessly dissect this case with and obsess over it with. Hey, Maryland court system, can I get some more news about Adnan's appeal ASAP please?

+ My mom is a genius with a crochet needle, and I've been her guinea pig forever. Whenever she learns a new stitch or finds a new yarn, I get a hat. Or a scarf. Or a blanket. (I have no right ever being cold, ever.) And when she gets bored or doesn't have someone going off to college or having a baby or getting married to make a blanket for, she plays around. And I get a hat, or a scarf, or a blanket. Anyway, I got a package in the mail yesterday with her latest toilings:
+ I filed my taxes this week! This is big for a few reasons: (a) it's the first time I've done my taxes on my own (well, with TurboTax, same diff); my stepdad has done them the past few years; (b) it's done! It can't hang over me, and I can't stress out over it anymore! and (c) I'm getting a couple of bucks back — woo!

+ I saw my chiropractor Wednesday (which you already know makes me deliriously happy) and not only did he work out the rage attacks happening all over my low back and neck, but I got 10 minutes on the good stim machine — ya know, the doctor's office-grade one. Mm, mm, mm.

+ I'm loving my new yoga studio, and the routine of getting back into a studio at all. I had a great and challenging class on Monday, and may or may not have rewarded myself by picking up a bottle of wine afterward. And may or may not have shamelessly flirted with the cashier (who's also a yogi) afterwards. (He started it.)

+ All I'm going to say about Valentine's Day is that I have nothing to say about Valentine's Day — no, not because I'm "single and bitter;" I've never been a fan — but I will say something about the other very important February holiday: Today is Galentines Day! Wishing all my lady loves in blog land a very, very happy one.  :)
(Oh, and I wrote an article about it too. NBD.)

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  1. i need to talk crochet with your mom, stat. just kidding. or not? i love me some crochet talk. i taught my friends how to crochet during our time in tremblant and now it's all they do LOL

  2. Oh my gosh your mom hooked you up!! This week has been nuts for a lot of people, myself included and I hope you have a relaxing weekend love! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Your mom's crochet creations look amazing- I used to be able to knit but only scarves and I haven't done it in years, I need to start again! Your new yoga studio sounds awesome and yay for your first run in a few days!

  4. How sweet is your mom? Glad to hear you are digging your new yoga studio especially the staff ;-)

  5. Your mom is the coolest! We have to file our taxes this weekend...really exciting Valentine's plans going on over here. Happy Galentine's Day to you, love <3

  6. aww getting packages in the mail is the best! especially handmade goodies from mom! I am equally uninterested in valentine's, but I'm ALL ABOUT galentines! Happy galentine's day!

  7. so I seriously didn't know Galentines day was an actual thing until today lol (well, an actual tv thing anyway).
    we filed our taxes immediately, lol. i was like I WANT MONEY. good for you darl!
    so i still haven't started serial because i am nervous i'm not smart enough to get it, or dissect it. like i'll miss something obvious or something.
    anywho. sorry you've had to take so much time off but hopefully all is well-ish now? planning a run for tomorrow?

  8. I've been trying to get my taxes done and I'm still waiting on forms! Ugh.

  9. I didn't realize Galentine's Day was a thing. Oops. I am so excited about Serial! I am through to episode 5 right now. I need morrrre but life keeps getting in my way. Like whatever. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was in college and I forgot how to do it. I need to go get a reminder lesson...

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  10. It took me so long to figure out what galentines was haha! So sad, I owe this year, I'm not getting anything back! Rude! Ha

  11. I didnt even know Galentines day existed but Im sure glad it does! Happy Galentines! Also yay you for both the rest and the good run post rest. Getting money back after taxes is awesome!

  12. Filing your taxes is absolutely reason for celebration! And I definitely considering using Turbo Tax "doing it on my own" lol. Did you end up giving wine guy your number (or asking for his)? ;)

  13. I'm glad you got back out for a run!! I had a galentines day and it was great :)


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