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I try not to do these types of posts often, but I also try to not totally neglect my blog for days at time. So in support of the second goal, a concession had to be made on the first. A combination of being busy (I hate saying that, but it's true) and being unmotivated to reach into the stores of my creative subconscious have me prioritizing pretty much everything over this space, but I'm no quitter.

Reading // Charmed Thirds, the third installment of the Jessica Darling book series, which I've been in love with since the eighth grade. I can't say enough things about these books, so I won't even try to mini-review them here. (Although, I do have a post coming up that will talk about them a bit more.) I've read these books, especially the first three, more times than I could conceivably count. (My copy of Second Helpings is actually in two pieces, as my frequent readings eventually tore the spine, and I'm on my third fresh copy of Sloppy Firsts, so damaged was my original.) But after I talked Kristen into trying them out and she live-texted me during the her reading of the conclusion of Second Helpings, I realized it's been probably two years since I read the series. You know when you're feeling like you just want to sit and talk with an old friend for hours, or want to snuggle up with your mom while she brushes your hair off your forehead? I wanted that kind of comfort, and this series feels like that.
Writing // I'm journaling like it's my job this year. I always have the intention to write at least three things I'm thankful for that day, as I found last year how much keeping a gratitude journal helped me keep perspective and feel more positive overall. But the past few weeks have given fuel for long, long, loooong-form entries, the likes of which I used to document parts of high school and college. Like I mentioned, I've been emotional lately, and I'm not sure if journaling so much is the cause or the cure. But either way, it's been needed. My journals have historically been the birthplaces of some of my best (read: favorite, because I'm not qualified to say what's best or worst of my own writing) creative non-fiction writing.

On top of all this, of course, there's the tremendous amount of writing I do day-to-day at work since, ya know, I'm a writer in a publishing company. But that's not interesting and they pay me to do it, so it doesn't count here.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to add that I've returned to work on a collection of work I started... four years ago? I had this idea to compile my flash pieces, my vignettes, the piles and piles of knock-off poetry and stuff like this I had in the depths of my file storage systems, put them in working order and shop it for publishing as a collection of "essays." Then I turned away from the project because the majority of my best pieces were inspired by a person I couldn't bear to think about anymore. I'm past that place now, thankfully, and hoping that the right time to return to the pet project shows itself soon.

Listening to // Various Spotify playlists conceived in an attempt to help the listener "mellow out" or become "totally stress free." Effectiveness: TBD.
Serial, again, because I'm obsessed and I need to reconsider what I know I missed the first time around.
The podcast Millennial, while I try to decide whether I like it.
Invisibilia, because if I can find any help to explain why I am the way I am, that would be great.

Wishing // That the pain in my shins is not indicating dual stress fractures. I mean, what are the odds of two tibial stress fractures? It's much more likely I just got a bad case of shin splints from overtraining and upping my mileage too quickly. Right? (Agree with me, for the love of god.)

Watching // Socio-cultural documentaries. Friends. Missy Elliott music videos, like the rest of the western Super Bowl-watching world. Not Parenthood, because I never caught up after the middle of last season. (I sense a whole-series binge coming on as soon as the last season arrives on Netflix.)

Wanting // The person I spent three hours training to do parts of my old job, who I gave three pages of notes and a year's worth of back-issues to, to just do it, and not need micromanaging, so that I can put the focus and energy required onto the new facets of my job that I am responsible for and because of which my bosses needed to hire someone to assume my old duties.
It to be next week already so I can see my chiropractor.
Time to slow down and speed up because hello! five weeks til Rock 'n Roll! And hello, I'm so not ready for that time goal I set for myself. But HELLO! I can't wait to meet up again with Tracy and Kristen and the rest and just have the best weekend!
A longer hang time between when my bananas are green and when they are too speckly to look appetizing.
Mercury to hurry the hell up out of retrograde.

Loving // The yoga studio I started taking classes in this year and the instructor I've had.
Snow days followed by "warm" days to help us thaw.
The impending arrival of baseball season.
The surprising response to this post. Those of you who emailed me separately and those who commented with how they're relating, thank you.
The fact that the sky is no longer black by the time I leave work at the end of the day.
The very sweet yogi who complimented my practice after class Tuesday and had me smiling through the rest of the evening.
It all.

But none of that is really very interesting. So what's up with you?


  1. Oh good. I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy person that listened to Serial again to see if I missed anything (aka because I didn't want to accept that it was over).

  2. I really enjoy reading these lately type posts and seeing what people are up too. I really hope your shins are ok for your upcoming run. I'm just starting serial but literally only listened to one episode so I'm not obsessed yet ;)

  3. I love what you're loving - made me smile!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. I actually do love posts like this - I always find them fascinating. And thank you for your post the other day - I did not comment on it, but it really did speak to me. Thank you for your writing .. you are gifted; you are a gift.

  5. I love books that feel like old friends -- I am going to have to check those out! I have been trying to convince John to let me reactivate our Netflix account so that I can binge watch some shows ha ha! I hope that everything is okay with your shins and that they feel better soon!

  6. hmmmm Invisibilia sounds interesting, you'll have to let me know if i need to listen to it, lol.
    ahhhh jessica darling! i cannot tell you how much I LOVED the first 2 and even the 3rd. I enjoyed the 4th and 5th but not as much, though honestly I think the ebooks were just horrible and I need to buy the proper books and re-read in a few months. But I know what you mean about the comfort... oh man. I know P&P is nothing like that, but I swear.. it's like cuddling up to my mum on the couch with a cat on my lap in perfect weather with some snacks near by = all the good things. sigh.
    seriously though bananas need to get their shit together i am so over it. i basically never eat bananas anymore except in smoothies because i'm a fruit diva.
    5 weeks!! you are gonna smash your time goal, no doubt about it. me on the other hand? ha. i've been sick / tooth ache / tooth taken out / busy = am i even a runner anymore, i'm not really sure. i am FINALLY starting to feel a bit better so you better believe i will be running as soon as i can breathe properly.
    you need to tell your shins to behave. that is not cool.

  7. I journal too, not every day but my journal is my friend haha. And Im going to check that series of books out. I havent yet but they are on my radar. And gosh I hope the pain in your shins is nothing bad!

  8. I think I am going to check those books out. I am always looking for something new to read. I am also journaling this year. I feel like it helps me clear my head and inspires posts for my blog. I hope you feel better soon!



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