Sunday Sweats 5

Monday: 0 miles + gentle yoga practice
Supposed to be a run day, but Juno put us in a state of emergency before 2 p.m. and a travel ban was later put into effect, so road running and getting someone to guest-pass me into the gym were both out of the question. I've been really good about not missing runs and was disappointed to stay inside, but better safe than injured before a race sorry.

I tuned into this video for more morning yoga with Adriene.

Tuesday: 3 miles + free-flow yoga practice
I almost thought today wasn't going to happen after the 30-hour blizzard, but by mid-afternoon the plows and salt trucks had done their thing. The road wasn't icy yet, just slushy, but I got a GREAT 3 miles in. This run was reminiscent of last year when I wasn't in training yet, but just learning to love running and muted and calmed by the serene snowy neighborhood. It was so fun.
Afterward I focused on hip openers and whole-body loosening (back/shoulder stretches, heart openers, spinal twists hamstring and calf stretches) yoga for a 20-minute free-flow and capped the whole day off with a nice long headstand.

Wednesday: 0 miles + yoga practice
Rest day, but also chiropractor day! We're finally ready to resume the biweekly schedule of before my October car accident and hopefully start pushing out to every three weeks even, but that doesn't mean I can stop taking care of my problem areas between appointments. I love this low-back yoga sequence from Erin. It's nice and gentle, perfect for slow mornings.

Thursday: 4 miles + free-flow yoga practice
Averaged a 9:26 pace tonight, well over race pace, but I don't hate it. It's pretty icy out there, and I almost ate it on some black ice before I even made it a mile in, so I took short and careful strides. Not wiping out is more important than speed on weekday runs.

I somehow overslept (I slept like shit Tuesday night, so I probably needed to double down Wednesday night) and missed my morning yoga, but free-flowed after my run to work out the kinks in my quads, hip flexors and calves.

Friday: 0 miles + runners' yoga practice
Rest day, and good thing, because good god was it windy here. Just a yoga day Friday. It's never a bad time to do this runner's yoga practice, so big thanks to my girl Erin for keeping an eye on us.

Saturday: rest
This rest day was sponsored by my tremendous procrastinating with editing that needed to get done this weekend, too many errands to do, an inexplicable stomachache, a "real feel" of 4 degrees, and the knowledge that Sunday would be 34 and partly cloudy.

Sunday: 6.2 miles + no formal yoga practice

I like that I stopped scheduling myself two weekend runs and gave myself the flexibility to have my long run on either Saturday or Sunday. Four runs a week is plenty; five is nice when not in training or when I'm really feeling it. But some Saturdays are just not as good for running as their following Sundays, as was the case this weekend. Anywhoo. Ramble much?

Today was fine. Nothing remarkable, nothing bad. EXCEPT! I ran with my brand new Garmin for the first time and it was glorious. (I also started Serial again from the beginning, but that's besides the point.) I am and have been on a time crunch so no formal practice today, though I may squeeze one in before bed after the Bowl.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 3 runs; 13 miles
Yoga: 6 practices

I'm disappointed about missing a run this week when I had such good momentum, but the weather really made it impossible. I was slightly worried that it would derail my momentum, but I'm on a really good training streak regardless. This week was a scheduled low-mileage week — the run I missed was supposed to only be 3 or 4 miles — and it couldn't have come at a better time. Overuse and over-training are real concerns and issues I know too well, so these weeks in a training cycle are so key, and I was grateful to have the low-pressure runs this week. I'm starting to feel the familiar pinch of plantar fasciitis, that beloved over-training pal of mine.

My yoga game feels good and strong, though it did take a backseat this week. I'll be heading back to the studio for class this week and it's a February goal to measure and increase my flexibility, so I'll be trying to balance increased mileage with that work — wish me luck :)


  1. You did good! And still got a yoga practice in in spite of Juno. Yay for chiro day. I just subscribed to that yoga channel. Ive decided to attempt simple yoga at home and if I like it Ill go find a class. Baby steps. I have a friend who does yoga though and it transformed her body and though it shouldnt be the reason I want to do it, it is at the moment. Go you for such a good week (in spite of the missed run)

  2. Honestly you did such a great job with all the crazy weather that we've been having!! It's hard to keep the runs going since there is so much snow on the ground!! So great job girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. You still got in 3 runs and didn't miss any key runs, so I'd say you did pretty well, all things considered! I stopped keeping track of when I do yoga and what I do, but I'm thinking about starting again…I don't want to feel pressured to have it "count" but I also don't want it to not "count", you know? I've never had any feet problems until recently but the last few weeks I've felt what I'm pretty sure is PF in my right foot :/

  4. ahhhhhhhh blogger keeps eating my comments and i want to cry.
    ok. NEW GARMIN!! Yay!! Tell me more!! How exciting! all the exclamation marks!! Is it easy to use? I STILL haven't used mine (boo), I was so pumped to use it on Saturday, it was a beautiful day.. Unfortunately my sore throat on Friday turned into a full blown flu, boo.
    Anywhoozle, I think you did fabulously considering the weather, hope you don't miss any runs this week! And that yoga for runners is definitely a fave - I'm so glad I found Erin thanks to you! :)

  5. You had a great week, girl! I hate when I have to miss runs too. You had a VERY good reason though! I know I keep saying this, but I need to listen to Serial! It must be really good if you're starting it over again!


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