Sunday Sweats 6

Monday: 2.5 miles + relaxation flow
We had another blizzard last night and well into today, which combined with the foot of snow that was already crammed up around the shoulders and sidewalks, made for a difficult run just for safety reasons. I'm glad I got out there at all, but I cut this short because the slush in my shoes was starting to freeze my feet right off and it just wasn't smart to be out running in the dark where I couldn't see what I was stepping on.

I wound down with a SarahBethYoga (I'm new to her channel, but I like her so far) relaxation flow practice, because ICYMI, I needed some help quieting my mind.

Tuesday: 0 miles + full-body flow + studio yoga class
I didn't intend to have two practices today, but I started the morning with this video, thinking I'd get out for a run in the evening. But the solid inch of ice and searing pain in my shins (please don't be stress fractures, please don't be stress fractures...) told me to stay inside, and the full moon told me to take a yoga class. It was a beginner class but the only one I could attend this week, so I took some variations and left with the sweet, sweet DOMS (since I haven't had a 75-minute practice in a couple weeks). 

Wednesday: rest
Since I doubled down on the yoga yesterday I slept in and skipped this morning. My sleep has been bad lately, so I needed the extra half hour.

I didn't run today, and it took a lot for me to come to that conclusion. I was in pain. Five weeks away from spring half marathon #1, the last thing I want is a significant injury. I felt like I had two options: one, deviate from my training plan, which NO part of me wanted to do — I've felt so, so good on the run lately; and two, run through the pain and risk exacerbating the screaming pain or actually pushing myself over the edge into stress fracture territory.

I decided to give myself a three-run week instead of a four and spend the night at home with ice and stim on my lower body.

Thursday: 0 miles + gentle morning yoga practice
I woke up with a raging headache and the thought of hearing any sound on a yoga video was just an extra excruciating layer I wanted to bypass. Instead I settled into my mat for some gentle stretching and twisting. Even when I'm not fired up for a full flow, I like to start my morning in this way. It makes a huge difference in my mood and energy level later and my body appreciates the gentle wakeup over the jolt into running around.

After stimming and icing like crazy Wednesday night, my left shin is in much better shape. My right? Not so much. There's a quarter-sized pain center right in the middle of my tibia that I can feel painful pressure on with each step. I spent all day researching stress fractures and panicking and bordering on tears from frustration. I gave myself another rest day, and felt like absolute hell for it.
Friday: 0 miles + restorative yoga practice
I woke up and took a full-body inventory before doing anything else:
The nagging in my hips and shoulders I chalked up to DOMS.
The pinch of plantar fasciitis I had been feeling last week is all but gone.
There's a bit of tightness in my left Achilles, nothing some calf raises and downward dogs can't handle.
Both of my calves are sore, probably due to an increase in calf raises and such that I'm hoping will handle my shin problems.
My left shin is fine today.
My right shin is still showing me that quarter-sized spot of pressure... After researching yesterday and talking to Tracy, I believe it's a "stress reaction" — something between a shin splint and a stress fracture. 
No miles today, just more icing, more stim, and compression.

I woke up with some deep stretching poses and more spinal twists. I just wasn't feeling a rigorous workout or even a full body flow. I like "active rest."

Saturday: rest
Today I felt significantly less pain in my right shin than I have all week, so I decided to stay on the rest train, thinking we were heading in the right direction. I had intentions for a good yoga practice, but I decided to curl my hair before going out instead. Normally I'd feel really guilty about two rest days, but my body and mind needed a lazy day and fun night.

Sunday: 0 miles + power flow yoga practice
FIRST DAY WITH NO SHIN PAIN WHATSOEVER! WOO! I was thinking I might run this week's 9 miles today, but this pain-free revelation pretty clearly says that rest was the right decision. I'm calling this week a wash and I'll pick it up with next week's miles, these past few days just a blip.

To make up for my slacktastic week, I freestyled a long power flow practice that honed in on warriors and balancing poses.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 1 run, 2.5 miles
Yoga: 6 practices

I ran more miles in January than I did in all of November and December combined. I didn't run much in November and December simply because I just didn't feel like it and figured I'd rest up for training. Now, all I want to do is run, but because I took it too easy for a few months, it's risky to, and I have been so frustrated and upset. Let's call this week a lesson learned.

I think the stress reaction was due to a combination of things: 
(a) Mileage increased too much, too fast
(b) Uneven running surfaces and an uneven gate from dancing around ice and snow piles
(c) Rotating my old shoes (~325 miles on them, definitely well worn) and my brand new pair 

Since I saw the light at the end of the tunnel today, I'm going to ease back in with three runs per week (two short weekdays, one long weekend) for at least a few weeks, possibly all the way up to RnR. We shall see...


  1. I admire your yoga practice--I don't have that yet and I really want to get back into it (I was doing yoga before my first half 2 years ago but haven't really since). And I'm glad you realized where your stress was coming from! I hope that this week and the next few weeks will be great for you :)

  2. OMG I was so happy when I got to Sunday! I know you didn't want to rest this week but I'm so proud of you for doing the smart (but not easy) thing and doing so. It sounds like it paid off and I hope that your shin continues to get better! Just to clarify, it's on the inside, right? I'm sticking with stress reaction.

  3. You did sooo great on the yoga and I am so happy for you that Sunday you had no pain! So happy!! I think maybe your body needed to be eased back in but you listen to your body well so you should be good. Did you get the run in today??

  4. oh my goodness! thank goodness your shin pain is gone, i hope it stays away. i can imagine how much you are not wanting to rest right now but it trumps an injury for sure. hope this week is better for you!!


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