Sunday Sweats 7

Monday: studio yoga class
No miles today, since I'm cutting back to a three-run week for now after last week's injury issues. I took class with Donna again and she made me work for it tonight. My balance is NOT what it used to be (I was a ballerina and a cheerleader — a flier, to be exact — in a past life), and she gave us a few sequences holding warrior 3 and dancer for much longer than I usually do.

But I had an absolutely divine moment when I put my legs in the air for headstand at the exact moment this song, my anthem, and my mantra for the night ("Keep me where the light is") came piping into the room. It was an amazing practice, the likes of which only come when you're guided in a studio with a great teacher.

Tuesday: rest
Today did not go the way I planned or expected it to from the moment I woke up, and that's all I'll say about that. Except to add that it was going to be a run day, but I really just couldn't help the circumstances that kept me from the road.

Wednesday: hamstring yoga practice
I know I do this video a lot, but my hamstrings can always use some love. Turned to Erin once again for my morning practice. And then it was chiropractor day, thanks be to the little baby Jesus.

Thursday: 3 miles
The stress pain in my shins is not 100% gone, but it stays away for long enough stretches of time that I felt safe coming back today, felt that running wouldn't throw me right into injury territory. So I ran, finally. It was fine. I averaged 9:23 for 3 miles, but I do feel like I was slowed down by some ice and snow. Either way, I'm happy with this for the first run after nine days.

No yoga today, because I slept late. I have no idea why. This week I've had so much trouble waking up, but less trouble than usual falling asleep. I don't know what's going on, but I've had sleep-related issues my entire life, so I won't give this the benefit of stressing over it right now.

Friday: sun salutation yoga practice
Woke up with a lot of movement with this video from Erin. Sometimes a "back-to-basics" flow kicks everything back into gear!

Saturday: rest
I had promised my little brother I'd help him with something in the morning, and by the time we were done — it took a little longer than I expected — it had started snowing soft, slippery, slick snow. Sigh. And I was so pent up, if I needed anything today, it was a run. Can it just be next week already so I can start strong and not feel like I just wasted two important weeks near the end of my training plan?

Oh, and I didn't manage to get yoga done before I had to assume my cat-sitting duties for the day/evening, so that wasn't going to happen at home. Adventurous, mischievous little kittens with an affection for long hair aren't known for sitting quietly and waiting until you're out of downward facing dog to play.

Sunday: cardio yoga practice
Erin surprised us Bad Yogis with this cardio yoga class for V-Day, so I worked it in today. I added on some extra deep quad stretches to treat a weird cramp I felt this morning, and topped it off with some arm balance practice.

It was absolutely frigid outside, with gusts up to 50 MPH (blowing snow, causing white-outs) and a "feels like" of -7, actual temps around 12 degrees. I can't do that. It doesn't feel safe and, I know from experience, it doesn't feel right in any part of my body — my joints, my chest, my toes, my throat. I wanted to run so, so badly. I'm feeling a little heartbroken right now.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 1 run, 3 miles
Yoga: 4 practices

I'm determined to have these last two very light weeks be written up as much-needed rest to address a potential injury, rather than two weeks of just... fail. The honest truth is that my mental state has never left beast mode since I checked back in in mid-January. I have hated not running. But knowing what my spring racing schedule looks like, I had to be smart and not push my body further than it wanted to go... unless I wanted to push it right to an injury. Or run in weather I don't feel safe running in.

So now I really want to make my remaining few weeks before RnR count, but I want to be cautious about going back to piling on the mileage. I'm thinking I'll continue with two short, easy weekday runs (3-4 miles) and scheduling weekend long runs for 8, 9, and 10 miles. For my last (first) half marathon, I only trained up to 10 miles and that proved enough for race day. It'll have to be so this time around as well.


  1. Your Monday yoga sounds amazing. Your Tuesday sounds like my Wednesday. The Universe was just not on my side in any way, shape, or form that day. I'm so glad you got to run again on Thursday! And sorry that it just didn't work out Saturday or Sunday. The weather has been crazy here too and it's supposed to get SUPER crazy, like might-not-be-able to run crazy over the next couple of days and I'm already freaking out. Just...why, winter, why?! As much as I prefer colder temps to hotter ones, we're now a little far into the cold end of the spectrum for my liking, plus I forgot how annoying snow and ice can be. Not that they're everyday occurrences but in some ways I think that makes it even more annoying.
    I don't want to tell you to scrap all your plans for RnR or anything, but if you feel like you need to readjust your expectations, that's okay. You couldn't have predicted this injury, and there's no reason to hold yourself to the non-injured standard you set for yourself. I know you're still determined to go out and rock it and I really hope you do, I just don't want you to push your body to something it isn't quite ready for. Gah, injuries suck (I say with an ice pack attached to my hip...)! If we could just always have perfect weather and our bodies and minds could always be in sync...that'd be great.

  2. i am sorry about the non running. some things just can't be helped, and you are right - better to rest than cause injury. and you are still going to be completely awesome for RnR, I just know it :) I know how discouraging it can be though, and I really hope the next few weeks are fabulous weather and injury free to get you feeling on your game again. your monday yoga really does sound amazing, so happy for you :) and yeah, kittens and yoga = not the best mix lol.

  3. Great week of yoga it seems like! Sorry about the lack of runs, but sometimes it's good to take a break like that and make sure your injuries are better. For my halfs, the most I ran in training was 10 miles as well, but I didn't do consistent weekly runs. This year, I'm determined to make it a better training schedule. I looked up those yoga videos and I might try that challenge now!!!

  4. I'm 100% jealous of your workouts purely because I haven't been able to get to the gym in a week and it's driving me insane!! But i'm working out today, albeit at home but at least it's something! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I SO know how you feel about not being able to run. But mentally it sounds like you're still in a good place, stay there! I know you'll do awesome at RNR.

  6. Im sorry about the days of no runs only because I know they disappoint you but you are rocking that yoga! I am coming to fall in love with it too. Man I even found myself stretching yoga style straight out of bed this morning!!

    As to the running. I think Im pretty confident you will be fine by the race. I think from reading and hearing you, that you listen to your body and I think that is key! Here's to an even better week next week and hopefully better running weather as well :) (PS I love reading these posts)


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