Sunday Sweats 8

Monday: cardio yoga practice + 1 mile
Last winter I set myself a boundary of "feels like" 10* — I wouldn't run outside if the temp/real-feel dropped that low. (I came to this conclusion after a one-mile run in 10 degree-weather made me feel like absolute hell for hours.) Tonight's real-feel was about 6, but I broke my rule in hopes of getting back on the right foot. Mistake. I lost feeling in my toes pretty quickly, which made me run weird, which gave me a nasty cramp. I turned around because sorry, no. That's not happening. Not worth it.

Tuesday: studio yoga class
My instructor was moved into a different studio room starting this week and this one has a mirrored front wall, which our previous studio didn't. I'm not used to staring at myself during my practice so it was a bit peculiar at first but ultimately very helpful for my postures. Anyway, tons of warriors and lunges tonight and my quads were feelin' it by the end of class.

Wednesday: stretching yoga practice
I rolled out of bed and right onto my mat this morning and spent a little while stretching my body out. Every studio class leaves me with DOMS somewhere in my body, because the routine is never the same. It feels great though, and I'm grateful for it. DOMS means I worked hard, and peaceful morning yoga stretches set to pranayama the day after is the cherry on top.

Just before and then for a few hours after Tuesday's class I got this nasty, mangled feeling in a thigh muscle that had me near tears Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. (It's always something!) Google pointed me toward the sartorius muscle, since the pain was on the inner lower portion of my thigh and connected deep into my knee. (I always try to research exactly which joint/muscle/bone is causing the pain; it helps me address it more effectively.) I spent a bit of time stretching, stimming, foam rolling, and icing, which banished the issue within about 36 hours.

Thursday: gentle vinyasa flow practice + 3.2 miles
Another free flow kind of morning: cat and cow, a couple vinyasas, some gentle hip openers, and spinal twists.

The "real feel" around the time I was leaving work? -3. So I joined my coworker at the gym and pumped out these miles on a treadmill — my first time back on the hamster wheel since The Great Shin Splint Tragedy of March 2014. I'd read that it's better for road runners to bump the incline up one, so I did, and no issues. Except OH MY GOD that was sinfully boring. I honestly don't know how I kept going; I was bored out of my mind and wanted to leave after .15 miles. But luckily I hate the treadmill only slightly less than I hate missing training runs.

Friday: rest
Eh. Hadn't had one this week. It was 2* outside. Sleeping in was the best idea.

Saturday: vinyasa yoga practice(s)
I couldn't beat the afternoon snow to the road thanks to a busy, errand-filled morning. I did have a sort of abstract, afternoon-long yoga practice though. A few minutes of stretching here, a few rounds of sun salutations there, some headstand on the other side, all on repeat throughout the course of the day.

Sunday: 6 miles
It would have been a sin not to run today. It was 40 degrees and all that snow from yesterday turned to water. (Still a good foot, foot and a half underneath the rest of it though, but that's neither here nor there.) Under the sun, it was absolutely beautiful out. This run wasn't particularly hard, but it wasn't easy either. I'm owing that to the weather and body-related challenges I've had and that it's been so long since I've been out there.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 3 runs, 10.2 miles
Yoga: 5 practices

I had thought I might go for 8 miles today and have two more long runs of 9 and 10 before I taper for Rock 'n Roll, but then I realized I hadn't run over 6 miles in three weeks. I'm rearranging my plan to go 6 / 8 / 10 for weekend longs, obviously starting today, and then taper after 10. Send a good thought into the universe for me that the weather is a bit more cooperative in the coming weeks, please! Overall, I'm still optimistic for a good race at RnR, but I'm readjusting my expectations too.


Don't forget, this Tuesday is already time for our next Training for Tuesday linkup! Working toward a finish line? Trying to nail an asana? Hitting the gym hard to meet that weightlifting goal? Just trying to get yourself moving a few times of week? Whatever fitness or health goal you're working toward, Tracy and I are here for you. Link your posts up with us this week and share some motivation and encouragement! And in case you missed it, here's the rundown on Training for Tuesday.


  1. so sorry about your thigh - that sucks. glad it is better now. i had to google DOMS lol. I have definitely readjusted my expectations for RnR, there is just no way I am meeting my goal. But it's ok. Not the end of the world. Keeping fingers crossed that weather improves for both of us - I am so over it. I know everyone is, but really. So over it. and crap, TFT is tomorrow?! shoot.

  2. I'm so glad you got to use your friend's gym pass finally, but so very sorry you had to endure extreme boredom on the treadmill. Now you know how I feel when I have to ride my bike trainer.
    Nothing wrong with readjusting your goals and expectations for RnR. This training cycle just hasn't played nice, I know :/ Proud of you for pushing through it all!

  3. I probably would have turned around Monday as well and good for you for hitting the treadmill even though it was boring. That weather cannot be great for running. I had no clue what DOMS was but Mr. google told me. Hope your muscles are all better now! Great that you got in a great Sunday run! You rock for pushing in spite of the obstacles.

  4. Cardio yoga sounds crazy intense! I just watched the video and I kind of want to try it (or one of the easier videos, haha) because she looks really easy to follow, which isn't always the case! I'm glad you were able to get one outside run in- isn't it sad 40 degrees seems like a heat wave.


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