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A collection of conversation topics I've covered in the last few days:

"How has your Mercury retrograde been?" (Difficult and powerful.)

Adnan is getting an appeal! (OMG.)

Using the words "gay" and "retarded" as jovial insults or carefree knocks against things you don't like is disgusting, makes you sound ignorant and hateful (not to mention lazy; this language is full of brilliant words to actually convey what you mean to say), UNFATHOMABLE in 2015, and should not be done in my presence (unless you want a lecture) or anyone else's (unless you're just trying to let people know off the bat that you're probably a shitty person). (This actually came up three times with three different people in under a week. WHAT.)

The Imitation Game made me cry three times, and I was totally not expecting that.

Babies are cute. Well-behaved kids are fine. I don't hate kids. (I used to be a nanny!) Their parents though...

Your draft one should never be your final product, and that's OKAY.

An oven thermometer is one of the best purchases a renter can make.

I'm terrible at estimating male singers' appearances based on their voices/lyrics. (Examples: Hozier, James Morrison, Sam Smith [we all had some trouble with that one though, right?], Hoodie Allen [thanks, Melissa].)

I'm a writer, and I have a flair for the dramatic. He's dramatic because he's a writer. Ergo, writers are dramatic. (I'm not arguing this.)

Wanderlust. (Anyone interested? I'm going to Vermont!)

A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Not my chair, not my problem.

I have a crush on Seth Rogan's voice. And maybe a little bit on Seth Rogan.

I never know half the people present at the Grammy Awards, but being born on Academy Award night in 1989 has left me with a great love for formal awards shows.

If John Mayer is there, so am I. (Grammy Awards, The Late Late Show, and hopefully a concert venue in New Jersey very, very soon.)

I loved that the Grammy Awards broadcast included a segment devoted to the It's On Us campaign and sexual assault and domestic violence. Katy Perry's song was beautiful and appropriate. But it is absolutely disgraceful that Chris Brown was nominated for an award in the very same show. You can't cherry-pick a cause as it suits your agenda, and it's heinously insensitive to the victims to try. You either admonish abusers, or you honor them. Not both.

What kinds of things have you been chit-chatting about lately?


  1. Adnan getting the appeal is pretty much the most amazing thing ever!! Love that little fun fact about your being born on academy award night!! I agree about the emergency thing - people just don't really plan!!! Hope you have a great Monday!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Adnan getting an appeal is literally the most exciting thing haha. Serial nerd over here. I agree with the use of "gay" as an insult. How disgusting. I also like Seth Rogan and more than just his voice - he's just so cute and squishy even though he's small now.

    And you're right. First draft should never be the last draft. Love this post! Have a great Monday girlie!

  3. so much truth in one post I cant stand it! I flipped my shi* when I heard Adnan was granted the appeal and I love John Mayer! I was just talking about him with a co-worker, well him and bone thugs and harmony. it was a varied musical conversation, haha. I have been going through a john mayer revival this last year, catching up on his albums that I somehow missed and just swooooning and singing along in my car.

  4. multiple things:

    1) you're welcome for Hoodie
    2)"A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." is currently tacked to my cubicle wall.
    3) YAY ADNAN
    4) I bawled like a baby in The Imitation Game
    5) Go check your spotify i sent you more songs :)

  5. "Not my circus, not my monkeys" is one of my favorite quotes. I just hate when people would come to me with their pants on fire and expect me to start parading their cause. No, bitch, no.
    If Mercury retrograde is causing all these problems I'm currently experiencing, it needs to freakin' end. Seriously.

  6. oooh I want to see the imitation game.
    As soon as I saw Chris Brown nominated, I muted it. I believe people can change and we shouldn't hold their past against them if they have made an effort or whatever, but i guess I mean 'real normal people' not spoiled little celebrity idiots who think they can do what they want and people will forget about it.
    i used to use 'gay' and 'retarded' all the time as a stupid teenager. i never say either of them anymore, i can't believe people still do. disgusting.
    i do not think serial is my jam but everyone talks about it so much i am feeling left out and want to listen, lol.

  7. "You can't cherry-pick a cause as it suits your agenda, and it's heinously insensitive to the victims to try. You either admonish abusers, or you honor them. Not both." THIS. YES.

  8. So I just started listening to Serial this morning. Because like hello I am always late to the popular party. I am not going to click on that link because I want nothing spoiled. But listening to them talk about how he had people see him in the library in the first episode already has me thinking he didn't do it. But what do I know I just started haha.

  9. LOL you have a crush on Seth Rogan, that made me giggle at my desk. Umm yes, I thought Sam Smith was a straight black man when I heard his first song. Didn't stop my love affair when I learned the the truth, god i love that man, his voice and his lyrics... he is everything. I have yet to listen to another episode of serial...i'm saving it for when I go to the gym in hopes that I'll actually go to the gym.

  10. Your last paragraph nailed it- spot on, girl!!! I couldn't agree more. I also love a well-behaved kid... it's sad that sometimes Jared and I will be SURPRISED to see a child behaving well in public! We almost always get seated at restaurants next to the loud 3-year-old who gets away with banging forks on the table for 30 minutes!

  11. It makes me SO mad when people say "gay" and "retarded" as insults. I have 3 aunts who are mentally challenged too, so hearing someone call someone that as an insult really pisses me off!
    The house I'm staying at doesn't have tv, so I wasn't able to watch the Grammy's, I was a little disappointed!

  12. I always want to see so many movies and then completely forget when they actually make it into the theaters - THANK YOU for reminding me to go see The Imitation Game! I don't really keep track of awards shows but that last point you made is so true, and disappointing that it is even a point that needs to be made.

  13. OMG, so glad you made the comment about Sam Smith, I thought I was the only one who did not expect him to look like that! And YES, YES, YES to the Grammy's and the domestic violence PSA. I feel like I could go on for ages about my feelings about how much of a double standard that is.

  14. There are no words for my appeal happiness. Fingers crossed!!! Also the planning/emergency content is one of my favorites.


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