What to Do While You're Waiting

Hold onto your butts guys, I got some big news: It's winter here in the Northeast, and that means it's cold. NJ is covered in snow and ice and glimpses of blue sky through the thick cover of gray are like life preservers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (much): This time last year things were so, so much worse between the constant sub-10 degree temperatures and mountains on mountains on mountains of snow. We've been relatively lucky this year, with only a few big snows and "warm" temps (above freezing! 35* never seemed so toasty!) every couple days. And I know my friends to the north and the west are not as lucky as us New Jerseyans have been this year. Bostonians, Chicagoans, you have my deepest sympathies!

Since last year, I've had a deeper appreciation for winter than I ever had before. Running gets me outside more often than I ever was in earlier winters, and I actually respond better as a runner to cold temperatures than I do to warm ones. And my current apartment actually has adequate heat, unlike my last place. But all that aside, I'm a spring-and-fall kinda gal.

Chalk it up to my birthday being in the first week or spring, or my preference to not be sweating (in the summer heat or my winter layers) or freezing (in the winter cold or the summertime's excessive air conditioning) 24/7, or my preference for open shoes and bare shoulders. It all adds up to this: I'm grateful for seasons, but I'm ready for spring.

When you think about it, it's really not that far away. I mean, we're already halfway through winter according to the calendar, and more than halfway through February — it's almost March! It's practically spring already!

Except it's not, because it was 4* when I left my apartment yesterday morning and my toes literally went numb in less than a quarter of a mile on my run last night.

For those of you in a similar boat, don't you worry. I am here for you, friends! I am here to share some great news: Only 30 days until the first day of spring!

And to make those 30 days infinitely more bearable, I've compiled this handy list of tried, tested, and true ways to pass the time.

What to Do While You're Waiting for the End of Winter

• Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix again, this time skipping over the bummer episodes. (There's no need to watch the beginning of season six any more than necessary.)

• Cat-sit for your friend and realize that (a) you've never owned a cat and have no idea how to care for them, (b) your apartment is NOT cat-proof at all, and (c) cats don't respond to reprimands and will stare you right in the face while climbing back onto the countertop you just picked them up off of for the 100th time.
• Sort through every drawer, cabinet, closet, basket and corner in your apartment in yet another installment of your search for things to remove from your home.

• Experiment with scent combinations made from the various candles in your home to find the most pleasant olfactory combination possible.

• Test the limits of your stomach lining by drinking cup after cup of tea and coffee in an attempt to keep warm.

• Meditate. Balance your chakras. 

• Make a list. Realize that your lists are driving you crazy. Decide you have too many lists, eliminate a few, and furiously hope that you will stress less.

• Realize all of your counterproductive behaviors and eliminate them. (See above.)

• Look up every cultural reference made in Gilmore Girls that you don't get because you don't see movies.

• Reread your favorite book series and cry a thousand times from sadness and happiness.

• Decide to finally read Infinite Jest next, then change your mind, then decide to just freaking do it already, then cry a little bit at the thought, then realize that maybe you should just read Lord of the Flies again instead because it's been like a decade and you don't remember anything about it except that there's a character named Piggy. 

• Calculate average mile paces for every acceptable-to-you half marathon finish time.

• Buy cookie mix without any intention of putting it in the oven before consuming it.

• Write your 200th post on this blog and forget to make even remotely notable or celebratory.

• Online window shop. 

• Plan spring and summer outfits around clothing you don't own yet. Make a list of the clothing you need to buy for spring and summer.


• Reddit.

• Watch the least depressing documentaries in your Netflix queue, and some of the depressing ones too.

• Field still more random and unexpected text messages from people of the one-time-we-dated persuasion an continue to be completely baffled by them.

• Contemplate cutting bangs.

• Veto cutting bangs. 

• Look up "long vine leafy plant" and get no helpful results before turning to your mom, the greenest thumb you know who has dozens of lovely plants, to help you determine whether you're thinking of a philodendron or a wandering jew. 

• Adjust your eight morning alarms by two to three minutes each in hopes of busting our of your a.m. rut.

• Convince yourself that spring is so close, you're better off going bathing suit shopping than boot shopping. Be impressed with how good you seem to have gotten at lying to yourself.


We're gonna make it guys, I promise. Oh and those of you reading from Florida, California, and Texas, you'll never know this struggle so just go right on along with your iced coffees and single layers of clothing in February. YOU DON'T KNOW OUR LIVES. Ahem.

How are you surviving this winter? What's your best advice for making it through the next 30 days?


  1. You gave me a few things that I haven't done yet while being stuck so thanks for the suggestions lol!! I will say I have cleaned every inch of my apt!!! Here's hoping for a really warm spring! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Well this post made my morning- spring is my favorite season, and after how awful and long this winter feels I am going to enjoy it that much more! LOL at your cat-sitting adventure!

  3. I had a minor meltdown last weekend because we had all this crap laying around the apartment and I couldn't clean it up because there was nowhere to put it! Might have busted a budget nut at Target on a new shelf / storage box combo that very day. #coping

  4. winter is my life for like, 6 months of the year but we canucks are totally used to it (albeit we complain about it a whole hell of a lot!). this year is strange as i'm reading about a lot of the states getting our usual snow storms and toronto has gotten off easy this winter. i still go out in the cold to workout etc; ain't no crazy weather gonna keep me away from muay thai!

  5. Well thank you for eliminating excuses to my productivity! haha.. or maybe... not thanking you as boot shopping is undoubtedly better than swimsuit shopping. Just sayin'! I have childhood closets that are waiting to be cleaned out and a whole lineup of newly downloaded books sitting patiently on my Kindle. Wonder which one I'll get to first ;)

  6. Hahaha, I just moved to Miami from St Louis Missouri less than a month ago and wish I would have done it sooner!

    1. I think you've figured out the ultimate Life Hack there ;)

  7. 30 more days, you say? We can do anything for 30 more days! Right...?!
    Love all your suggestions for how to pass the time. I have a snow day today but still tons of work to keep me occupied...but in the event I actually get it all done, doing some organizing/reorganizing and planning for spring shopping is hopefully in my future :)

  8. Oh em gee seriously I contemplated bangs this weekend, how do you know my life?! But I'm not sure if I should veto them yet, it's been a long time since I've had 'bangs' and I have seen so many cute bangs on pinterest I just want them all. But it's a big step, especially with europe. Honestly, the main reason I want them is so I can put my hair in a ponytail and still look like a girl. I have an irrational fear that I look like a boy when my hair is back. I mean, I know I don't, but seriously. My hair never looks cute up.
    Anywhoozle. Spray the cat with water. Not in the face though, that's mean.
    I am trying not to complain this winter because last year was SO much worse, and yesterday was literally the first day I have ever ever ever had a day off because of snow. I had a couple days off in primary school because the weather got over 45 (113) so that was neat, but rare.
    planning outfits is my fave, you'd think i was going to europe for 3 months by looking at my packing plans so far.
    eliminate all the things but never eliminate lists, because lists are the bomb. i could write a list why lists are so awesome.

  9. haha yeah cats dgaf about discipline. They are tiny jerks. If you're going to be cat sitting much longer, I'd hold off on the plant purchase. They will eat the leaves and then throw them up all over your apartment because cats are charming like that.

  10. Bangs are never a good idea friend. Never. I always regret them and refuse to let myself every let the idea enter my head again!

    My favorite things to do are binge watch TV, movies, video games, reading, cleaning, organizing and cuddling with my dogs when I have to stay in. Though, let's be honest....Alabama never really gets that cold for more than a day or two....

  11. Yessssss! 30 more day's till spring! Even though I'm in Florida and it's technically spring already. lol Great list!

  12. Haha I do love a good binge watch! My roommate has a cat and I realized I know nothing about caring for them. But he's cool, he sleeps a lot.

  13. My poor fam in Boston have been snowed in and its crazy. So happy for you that its better in Jersey. Gilmore Girls is my jam. If I binge watch it again I should be committed. You need to speak more of this cat sitting business!! Have you ever had bangs? I swear you have the face for them. I have cookie mix from Christmas that I have no clue when or if I will even make. haha loved this list!

  14. I love that you made a list that included making lists :D Binge-watching has been my favorite indoor activity- watching SATC from the beginning is my newest endeavor!


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