Can You Fill Me In?

What, you thought I got it all out of my system yesterday? Nope. Here's another round of getting things off my chest, confession-style:

I'm pretty sure I'm allergic or intolerant to alcohol. I don't like being drunk, so this isn't the worst news in the world, but it's pretty annoying because I do enjoy drinks as a social lubricant (heh dirty). Basically, every time I have more than two drinks — and sometimes two drinks is too many still — even if it's over the course of hours and not enough to even get me a buzz, I'm met with a massive headache, often a migraine, and an awful sinus reaction. I've been this way forever, which has led to a lot of different experimentations with my limits on alcohol. I always thought I was just really bad at hangovers, but this goes so beyond that. Two glasses of wine with dinner and I can't open my eyes the next day? That's not right. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this, either personal or second-hand?

I've decided to join the rest of society in this ritual called Snapchatting. I don't know why. I really have no valid reason, and even now I don't totally see the point when I can always just send pictures via text. But regardless, I want you to send me all your snaps. Snap me. Find me on the Snapper. No? See, I told you I don't know what I'm doing. Add me anyway: alyssagoesbang

My office-mate is on vacation this week and well, she's awesome and a great friend, but mostly I miss having someone to sarcastically sing along to "Everything is Awesome" with when a coworker does something really bad.

We also have sing-a-longs to Craig David's (remember him?) "Fill Me In" and "Zombie" by the Cranberries.

I know this is a major first world problem, but this is a major first world problem: BLOGLOVIN. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. Why do you no longer want to mark my read posts as read? WHYYYYYY? You had better check yourself before you wreck yourself. And by wreck yourself I mean piss off a whole lot of Type A bloggers.

Sometimes Often I leave my headphones in with nothing playing while at work so people don't talk to me or so I can at least pretend I didn't hear them and don't have to acknowledge their moronic comments with actual responses. It works okay. I'm probably a terrible person.

Making Melissa 
Et tu?


  1. I haven't joined the snapchat sensation so you were not the last one lol!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with bloglovin. its really been pissing me off these days, its like it doesn't even care or remember what I've read. grr. as far as the alcohol thing, I have a friend who had a similar problem back in college. unfortunately I don't think she ever found out what was causing it, but she did grow out of it in her late 20's

  3. Ugh the Bloglovin' thing is getting so old. I think I've missed a ton of posts because I just can't be bothered to scroll through and find the ones that I haven't actually read among all the ones I have read (which Bloglovin is telling me I haven't). It's been a rough couple weeks of reading, not even gonna lie.
    I almost always have headphones in for that very reason.


    Okay, now to read the rest of your confessions. I have big DJ over the ear headphones for the same exact reason. I've even been 'talked to' about them and I still want to use them no matter what.

    This wine-drunk-debilitated thing I don't like hearing. It makes me sad for you and us if we are ever so fortunate to meet in person!

  5. I do the headphone thing too!!

  6. SERIOUSLY BLOGLOVIN. WTF. I thought it was only me, I am so glad it isn't, though sorry everyone else is dealing with it as well.
    and now I am jamming to Fill Me In. Ooh remember 7 days, was that what that one was called? Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were making love by Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday (ok we get it, lots of sex).
    anywhoozits. I am sorry you are allergic to alcohol. I have never heard of it, but it sounds legit. Boo.

  7. um, when i was working, i'd leave my headset on all day to pretend that i'm on conference calls so people wouldn't come up to me to ask me stupid shit. i call that working smarter :)

  8. Tyler wants me to join snapchat, but I don't really get the point! I have enough trouble taking enough photos to keep up my instagram, and everything his friends send him seem so pointless, but let's be real I'll probably cave at some point. I totally do the headphones thing too - it's like being able to screen calls in real life!

  9. Craig David is still on my iPod! And I walk around like that all the time and get irrationally mad when people don't respect the headphones and try talking to me regardless of their presence. I don't understand the purpose of Snapchat, and don't really like that the pics disappear, but I'd be interested to know how you like it!

  10. Bloglovin is on my shit list for real. Also, I wish I didn't like alcohol. My butt would be a lot yours, I'm sure.

  11. I understand your alcohol problems. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic as well. Whenever I have more than 1 drink (liquor cause I don't like anything else), I start getting congested feeling. So I have to take an benedryl if I'm going to drink.. which really just ruins a good time.
    I miss having social officemates who want to joke and have fun. All the people I work with resist my charm (or maybe I'm still too new) and don't get my jokes. #toonerdyforthenerds

  12. I do the headphones thing to. It's the universal 'don't bother me' sign. I've noticed that fun little glitch with bloglovin and I am not amused.

    (Am I no longer no-reply?)

  13. Bloglovin has been a pain in the a** the past couple weeks! The way you describe snapchat is how I felt when I joined Twitter. "Tweet me, or twitter at me, or uh... whatever it is that we do here." Lol!

    My boss has the Lego song bookmarked so he can play it every time someone uses the word "awesome." Never seen the movie, still have had the song stuck in my head tons of times.

  14. I loved Craig David and am pretty sure I have his CD somewhere! My Bloglovin just wouldn't work this week-- nothing would load, and it's not really that big of a deal but kind of a huge deal at the same time! So annoying! One of my friends is allergic to certain kinds of wines-- not sure if it's everything you drink, but maybe certain things trigger it more than others?

  15. My mom has an alcoholic-ish allergy, whenever she drinks she gets an insane migraine. I don't drink hard alcohol but I do love me some wine on occasion. Also, I will be adding you on SnapChat!! YES to Bloglovin' being a huge pain in the butt with it's not keeping posts marked as read. Ugh.

  16. Because I wanted to rant about this myself Ill start with this. Bloglovin really needs to get its act together. Seriously! It marks my unread posts as read and my read posts as unread when I refresh the page. Just odd and dumb.

    Also some people really do have alcohol intolerance so it might actually be legit!
    As for snapchat - Im the person who rarely uses instagram (though I abuse my personal twitter which I need to add you on) so snapchat would probably be a fail for me!

  17. I do the headphone thing on the bus. Even if my phone is dead, which happens all too frequently now for some reason, I keep them in!


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