Friday: The Into It Edition

But is a lifestyle blogger really a lifestyle blogger if she doesn't periodically take to the Internet just to talk about stuff she likes? Exactly. Forgive me that I'll be slow in responding—it's race weekend!—but I had to give this space some more buffer between Sunday Sweats posts, lest I accidentally lead people to believe I'm some sort of fitness blogger. HAH! Me?

Anyway, here's what I'm, like, really into these days:

These guys are laugh-out-loud funny. They tell dad jokes (only one per show though) and spiral into improv bits without warning. I listen to them on my short runs and always end up smiling to myself like a loon—or sometimes even LOLing as I run through the middle of town. It's all good.

I know this isn't a great discovery by any means, but it's one of those things I always think of ("Oh, trail mix is great to snack on; I should keep some on hand.") but never remember to buy (*gets home* "Damn it, there's no trail mix in here."). But I just picked up a ginormous tub of the Target brand Monster Trail Mix (chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, raisins, M&Ms, peanuts) and I'm lovin' it.

Basically the only real reason(s) I can feel remotely confident in running 13.1 miles this weekend.

I mean, I'd watch pretty much anything Tina Fey has a hand in, but you guys, this show is adorable. I love Ellie Kemper from The Office and think she was just so well-suited for this role. And praise be to Netflix because I, like any good, red-blooded American these days, loves me a good binge watching sesh.

I know every blogger in the history of ever has raved about this, but I never have, and I just got a new bottle this week, so I'm talking about it now. As a person with very long, very heavy hair, I hate washing it. It's just such a massive undertaking and then my head is all heavy with the weight of a miniature poodle hanging off of it while it's wet. Luckily my second day hair is my best day hair, and third day is passible—fourth day is washing or ponytail day. But on days three and four I rely on Batiste so hard and this baby always delivers.

[Untitled Novel Project]
As many of you are aware, I moonlight as a... well, a lot of things. But one of those things is literary editor. This truth first came to be somewhere around four years ago when a buddy asked me to edit her novel, which was already, what, six years in the making? We've stalled a few times over the last couple years—partially to write (her) and edit (me) and publish a different project, Criteria for Normalcy, a collection of poetry and short stories which you can find here. Anyway, on Wednesday night, I hit "send" on a massive document: the final, full-manuscript edit. I'm so proud of Yvette and honored to be a part of this project, and ushering it into its next steps has been one of the highlights of my week. (Now, just to convince her to go with my title... ;))

Rock and Roll
As in, I'm ready to. Let's do this. See you on the other side!

Linking up with Amanda. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. i have never used dry shampoo but everyone and their mom loves batiste! they sell that at winners for like, $3.

  2. Good luck with the race! I was looking for some light-hearted fun podcasts to try out, so I'm glad you mentioned We Have Concerns! I had been listening to Adults Read Things They Wrote as Kids, which was good but there weren't any episodes, and being new to this whole podcast thing, I didn't really know where to look.

  3. We devoured unbreakable last weekend - it was just so funny!! Hope you have a great weekend love! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. how have I never heard of batiste? I usually just use baby powder when I'm getting a lil greasy up top, although I have light colored hair so it blends in pretty well. I have also been watching the unbreakable kimmy Schmidt, its been a nice light antidote to all the game of thrones I've been catching up on.

  5. Good luck this weekend! I never got on the dry shampoo train, but will have to check it out once I grow my hair out again. And thanks for the Unbreakable recommendation- can't wait to check it out!

  6. Love Batiste! Such a life savor!!! I subscribed to We Have Concerns when you talked about it the other day but haven't listened yet. I have like 180 Totally Married ones to get through first. No exaggeration there I started from the beginning! Lots of people talked about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this week and I really want to check it out! And trail mix is a bag of shit that gets in the way of my M&M's....

    Good luck on your race this weekend pretty lady!

  7. That's such a fun project, to work with writers and edit and be creative and GAHHH. I love it. Also, I was mistaken for a fitness blogger once. ...ha! JK. Pretty sure I'm the low man on the totem pole of fitness-oriented people. TV is SO fun to watch, and wine is SO fun to drink, and treadmills are SO not fun. Uggh. #MyLife

  8. Aside from Serial I've never tried a Podcast- I never know what ones to listen to, so I like your suggestion! I'm so excited to hear more about the editing project you're working on- what a huge accomplishment to have finished and submitted the entire thing. If I'm ever brave enough to share any writing with the world I am coming to you to edit :) I've never tried the tinted batiste but I think I'm going to pick it up the next time I run out because sometimes I'm in a rush and forget to blend in the regular version, leaving me looking like I have spray painted half of my hair white!

  9. I have to try that podcast out!!! Yay I want to hear more about this author's project. You know I would support anything you edit so I cannot wait for it to be published and a name chosen! YAY!

    I also can't wait for the post documenting the race .... lol

  10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt happened today. And when I say "happened today" that means the entire season. Yes!

  11. so, like i am new to netflix series, it's all available now? i am going to binge watch it before netflix and i completely break up (i have 3 days) because it sounds super cute. that podcast sounds good and i am kicking myself that i didn't try that trail mix because it sounds SO good written out. from tarjay you say? getting it.
    congrats again on your 13.1 awesomeness girly, i am so proud and happy and all the feels. i had a great weekend! except for the miserableness, of course.


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