I Don't Get It

This week + my game = off. Blame a novel project I'm editing coming down to its final pages (!!!); blame the fact that my running shoes are trying to kill me fracture both my tibias and that's sent me into a tailspin; blame the fact that we saw some sun and 50+ temperatures and I couldn't stay inside; blame a week and weekend of cat-sitting (I only got one scratch!); blame impending travel plans...or just forgive me for a slow week and catch up on anything you missed here last week? And let me indulge in some confessions in order to get anything besides a Sunday Sweats up this week:

Every year, twice a year, people around me seem to absolutely lose all of their shit about the beginning/ending of Daylight Saving Time. And I am completely baffled by it. It's never bothered me. It's just an hour time difference; that's not really that big a deal, is it? I don't get it, but I'm trying to be sensitive to the people who seem to be badly affected by it for days afterward. It's not really that different from that time you had to stay up well past midnight to see the end of the Oscars and are a little extra groggy Monday morning. If someone can explain this phenomenon to me, I would be grateful.

Hey, remember that time we had yet another snowstorm last Thursday morning and even though my office delayed opening (and then closed altogether) I had to get up and out to feed my friend's cat a few blocks away and then I trudged back into my building around 8 a.m. and my neighbor who oh by the way also happens to be my former college professor looked knowingly at my yoga pants and totally thought I was walk-of-shaming so I hastily explained the delayed office opening and my cat-sitting responsibilities but then I remembered that he also saw me out at the bar last weekend AND his friend came to hit on my friend and myself so I'm pretty sure he didn't believe me. Remember that time? *monkey covering eyes emoji*

I have 100% (well, actually, 50% if you want to be technical about it) blown my training cycle for my upcoming half marathon. This is partly due to circumstances beyond my control (injury) but I'm still so angry at myself and beyond frustrated. However, having figured out the cause of the whole problem (my running shoes), I'm optimistic that I'll be able to train for my next half in May much better, and weirdly believe that I will race 13.1 miles this weekend purely on optimism and, I dunno, warm fuzzies or something I guess.

So I conducted two shoe experiments after coming to the painful conclusion that my new shoes (with only 60 miles on them!) are duds, and now, days before my race, I have no idea what shoes I'm going to run in. This is kind of the most important piece of race-day attire, so it's a little bit less than ideal that I don't know what on earth I'm going to do.

But I do know what I'm going to wear as far as pants and top go. And nail polish. So at least there's that. Because priorities.

On that note, I have a couple of things to wrap up before the adventure begins. I'm going to try to get back here before the weekend, but just in case I don't, look for a mini-race recap in the next Sunday Sweats! Have a great weekend if I don't see you, and we'll catch up next week. Love 'n stuff.

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  1. Oh gosh the worst is having to try to explain something that you know didn't happen and that person still thinking it happened...ugh annoying!! I hope your shoe situation is figured out stat so that you can have an easy and great race!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. DST sucks; i dont even know why we still do that because last time i looked, toronto is not farmland. i can get all scientific and shizz but what it comes down to is our circadian rhythm (aka internal clock). those who are on a routine/schedule (ie. get up around the same time every day, head off to work around the same time, sleep around the same time etc) adjust much faster. those who are not (ie. get up whenever, eat whenever, sleep whenever) have a harder time adjusting since their bodies are trying to an unpredicable schedule and with the time change/earlier rise/later set of the sun, that throws them off. i'm a total routine person which means Kayla is too so everyone was fine here.

    as for your shoes - i hope you find something soon! i'm no runner but on the odd time i do road running, asics have never failed me. new balance, reebok and nike always give me shin pain but my asics gt2000 are like clouds on my feet.

  3. I don't understand the time change thing either! If it's on the weekend, I don't even notice it (This past one was kind of funny though, because we were having a Back to the Future party, so you know... time things). There's no specific time I have to get up, so it really doesn't throw me off at all. And even if it's on a weeknight (is it ever on a weeknight?) then it's only one less hour of sleep. I do that to myself all the time!

    I feel like yoga pants are in no way indicative of a one-night stand/walk of shame. If it's a true walk of shame, then you'd have no way to plan ahead to bring such comfortable pants! Now if you were walking home in the morning with sky-high heels and a club dress, then maybe...

  4. I think Daylight Savings affects me negatively because my 3-year old doesn't understand why he has to go to bed when the son is out (bedtime at 8PM) so it takes longer to get him to sleep which means I get started on the stuff I need to do later and then don't realize that I have stayed up even later than I normally would had the time not changed and I wake up hitting snooze until I crack my iPhone screen against my own forehead because getting up seems like the worst possible thing in life. LOL. That was a horrible run on sentence but hope it made you laugh or at least smile. :)

  5. seriously though, daylight savings time sucks but it has never bothered me like it does some people. i have heard it's worse with kids, but.. my cats don't mind.
    hahaha at the professor story. I hate when I feel like people don't believe me, but then... eh, I'm sure I do the same thing!
    Just remember - I have done half marathons on literally zero training because I am all kinds of stupid. Were they good half marathons? Of course not. But I survived. So just remember that, and be a little optimistic. It might not be the best, but it will be better than zero training. I am not exaggerating by the way, not a single mile or 3 mile run was done 3 months prior to one of my half marathons. I so smart, really, I is.
    Just run barefoot, you'll be fine.
    Serious note, your old shoes - no bueno?
    I have no idea what top and pants I am wearing.. I don't even know what the weather will be like, oops. I have planned what I am packing for Europe, but not this weekend. Priorities, I got 'em. I'll probably wear the same outfit I have worn for my last 5 or 6 races. Originality.
    Have a good weekend, see you next week ;) OH WAIT NO I'LL SEE YOU ON FRIYAY (yay is there on purpose).
    Ps I listened to the invisibilia thingy. Lets talk about it!

  6. OH no your shoes!!! I am sure you will figure something out but yes at least you have your nail polish figured out. injuries are the worst when it comes to athletic goals. I started to do the 60-day insanity dvd program and on week 2 I got hit with a sinus infection. its like my body doesn't want me to lose weight. self sabotaging, no good, lazy body. it just wants to eat cheese and watch Netflix. and as far as daylight savings time, its not so much that I'm completely thrown off by it physically, its just hard for me to tell what time it is for a week because its darker in the morning than usual, combine that with days getting longer and its just confusing for my brain. good luck with your run!

  7. I really don't understand how people loose their shit over DST? Yeah, maybe it is a little rough that first morning...but get over it! We are all adults. It is only an hour. It has happened our entire lives.....

    I hope you get your shoe thing figured out! I am learning more and more than I need to invest in a good for me pair as well! Good luck on your race!!!

  8. I don't understand people freaking out over losing an hour of sleep but I really don't understand why we even still have DST. John Oliver got it right--how is DST still a thing?

    And why was that guy being all judgy about your attire? I kind of want to yell at him.

  9. I used to hate DST when I was younger, but even still not being a morning person I really like it now because I am all about more daylight even if it means losing an hour of sleep? But don't you really only lose it that one night? I guess I don't really get it either, haha. Soo frustrating that your shoes were the thing causing the injury but I'm glad you figured out that's what was causing the pain! I love that you've picked out things down to your nail polish though :) Excited for this weekend!

  10. nail polish game on point.

    clearly you know where top priorities lie. what color?

  11. I don't get why people get so upset about DST. What's not to like about more day light?? Hope you get the shoes figured out and have a fab race.

  12. The nail polish will MAKE the race, I guarantee it! I'm chuckling about your former professor. No matter what he thinks you will always think about what he thought. Now you have to move!


  13. Oscars night is way worse than Daylight Savings, honestly.
    Omg dying imagining that exchange with your neighbor/professor.
    I have the shoes figured out but not pants or top. Isn't it going to be like 40s or 50s? I can do 30s or below and I can do 60s or above. I have no idea what to do with 40-50! I basically just packed all my running clothes (left already, going home for a couple days first). Knowing me I'll probably end up buying something to wear at the expo.

  14. AGH the running shoe deathtrap! I'm sorry about your injury, that TOTALLY blows and I know how you feel. And really, I just get confused about DST. It only throws you off for one day!

  15. I never understood why everyone would go crazy over losing 1 hour of sleep, but I have to admit that this week it's been really hard for me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Still, an extra hour of daylight after work is WAY worth it in my opinion! Good luck on your race!!

  16. That is so frustrating about your shoes being the cause of your problems, but at least you know what it is. Hopefully you are able to find a new pair that will work great for you! I have that 5k this weekend and I am pretty nervous. I just ate three more slices of pizza and am definitely off my game. Ugh. At least there is no more pizza!

  17. What with my vampiric tendencies, I'm not a huge fan of DST, but I'm not gonna get my panties in a bunch over an hour. I mean.. Really it's like delayed gratification one way or the other.. For me, springing forward is delayed gratification for falling back an hour.
    Even if you're run/walking a half marathon, you're still doing a half marathon. Don't hurt yourself any worse!!

  18. So umm Ive never had to deal with daylight savings (well I have travelled when clocks were being switched back /forward but our time doesn't change here). I can't imagine being that bothered by it. But ya never know.

    As for the training that sucks. I just know you'll rock it this weekend though. Why? because although training didn't go well, you are a runner. You've done this before and know what to expect so you got this!

    Your neighbour story is hilarious!
    Have so much fun this weekend!!

  19. Have an awesome race!! I hope you can get the shoe thing figured out. At least you have the most important things figured out. (Outfit and nail polish) :)


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