Sunday Sweats 10

Monday: short stretching practice (5 min) + 3.1 mile run
I'm cat-sitting for a friend this week, and rather than let the little guy eat all my plants and get sick, I'm popping over a couple times a day to hang at their place. I set my alarms early this morning to give myself more time, but of course I didn't get fully asleep till well after 4 a.m. so I overslept. No time for a full practice, but I wrote this in here anyway because it counts. You don't have to sweat intensely or practice for 30+ minutes for a practice to count. I've talked with some friends about this because I just think it's important to do what you can, when you can, and not skip a workout just because it can't be as long as you want or as intense as you want. Even five minutes of cat/cows, twists, stretches, and pranayama counts.

On the run front, guess what? It was above 30 degrees tonight! But windy as all get out. I'm getting slightly bored of this route, but it's the only one I really feel comfortable running solo in the dark, and with all this ice and snow on the ground. Yay for daylight savings! Anyway, nothing interesting to report on this run. Felt good. Felt like running. Average pace was 9:18/mile, so a few seconds quicker than my last couple runs.

Tuesday: rest
Today wasn't a good day. It would have been my grandmother's 88th birthday, but it wasn't. Work was terrible. I needed my 75-minute studio yoga class; I looked forward to it all day.

And then it started snowing. Again. And classes were cancelled (Tuesday is the only day my non-hot class is offered; I don't like hot yoga). And my commute home from work was a nightmare, because people. And every possible little annoyance that could have occurred, did. And did I mention it snowed again? I've had just about enough of that. So I had a glass of wine when I got home and pretended to have no responsibilities and missed my Mema and called it a night.

Wednesday: full body practice (14 min) + 3.1 mile run + restorative yoga practice (20 min)
Built some heat in the a.m. with this video from Erin's first 30-day challenge, and paused it for a minute at the end to throw in some headstand time. (I love being upside down.) Today is better than yesterday.

Legs felt good on this run. But 3-4 more inches of snow yesterday + high of 47 today = running through lakes. And I'm tired of running in the dark. But this time next week, I won't be!

I wound it all down with this restorative practice from Sarah Beth to bookend my day on good notes and make up for doing a giant pile of nothing yesterday. I really like this video. Runners, especially new runners or those with hip/psoas issues, take note.

Thursday: balancing yoga practice (12 min) + back-bending practice (39 min)
More. Effing. Snow. That's literally the third snowstorm since Sunday. I cannot.
I'm committed to finishing out this training, but I'm not stupid. There's no running in 8 inches of snow, and there's also no convincing my friends to get to the gym and guest-pass me in during a state of emergency. (Also, no pretty pictures because I'm just damn tired of looking at snow.)

I wanted to start Do You Yoga's latest challenge today, the 14-day Shred. I've never followed this instructor, Sadie, before, but she seemed cool, so I started on Day 1. I will be honest: I did not like this class and I didn't finish it. It's cardio yoga, which is fine, but it's not really what I want out of yoga at all. It's more like what I imagine a Zumba class to be like, though I've never taken one so I don't know. But I don't do yoga to just jump around my living room, so I clicked out.

I had started with a tried and true class with Erin, and after clicking out of the shred class I went and found something fun on Do Yoga With Me. Needed the double down because apparently it'll never stop snowing and I'll never get back into the yoga studio. *red angry emoji face* #sonotzen

Friday: flexibility yoga practice (14 min)
I'm trying to narrow down one thing I want to focus on in my practice right now (lower body flexibility? back bending? inversions? arm balances?) but I can't just decide on one. But regaining the flexibility I had when I was a dancer and a younger yogi is always in my sights, so I did this video again this week.

Saturday: 6.69 mile run
How not to run a 10-miler:
(a) sleep mayyybe 4-5 hours the night before
(b) plan a route you've literally never ever run the first half of ever before, through a hilly part of town
(c) ignore the past month of shin pain that eerily coincides with your latest running shoe purchase (something is not right with this pair of Kinvaras)
(d) wait to run until you're already good and aggravated by everyone and everything that day
(e) place entirely too much importance on this run because you completely blew the rest of your training cycle

Sigh. Rock 'n Roll is one week from this awful run. I would have cried over this run if I weren't so angry at myself. I'm hoping against all hope that the most of the blame for an awful run belongs to the circumstances I can (and will) control next week: my sleep, my mood, my shins (compression and foam rolling e'ryday til then), and that way maybe I won't have the worst showing at this half marathon ever. But we'll see.

Sunday: 2 mile run + runners yoga practice (25 min)
Not a genius idea to run, but it was absolutely beautiful out. I couldn't help it. Held myself at two and delighted that running in my old shoes didn't create any new pains.
Oh sweet, merciful warm sun, I haven't seen you in a very long time.
I cooled down with a Gaiam Yoga for Runners video Tracy sent over to me, which I think is about an hour long? It stalled out around 25 minutes though and couldn't complete buffering, so I just finished the sequence I was in the middle of and wrapped up. Last day of cat-sitting and the little monster needs to be fed anyway, so I gotta jet.

Weekly Totals: 
Running: 4 // 14.89 miles
Yoga: 6 // 129 minutes

After Saturday's hell, I talked with Tracy and did some research and faced some facts. It's pretty clear that these shoes are not right. I wouldn't think that's possible, considering they're the exact same model as the pair I ran my last half marathon in and loved from my very first step, but my purchase of this new pair of Kinvaras coincides with every pain I've had this training cycle. So I dusted off my last pair—which, luckily, really aren't worn out yet—and will race in them this weekend and look into some new shoes for my next half marathon in May.

Also, thank god we turned our clocks ahead today. Oh and... next time I post a Sunday Sweats I'll be on the other side of my second ever half marathon and that's weird to think about it because just 50 weeks ago I ran my first race ever, my birthday 5k, after being a runner for only three months. Life is weird and cool.


  1. life is weird and cool. love it.
    sorry about all the crappy things this week, but i'm glad you seemed to have pin pointed where the pain was coming from!
    I really hope this week is amazing for you and RnR still works out to be totally awesome. Really truly hope it for you.
    i'm gonna go do one of those videos now, just dont know whether to do the bedtime yoga video or the flexibility yoga video :)

  2. Oh lovebug, so sorry about this week, especially Tuesday.
    Huge bummer about the video I sent you! That's so weird. So you probably got through most or all of the leg stuff on the one side? I'm sure you could figure out that after that part is the same thing on the other side, then some mild inversions (plow into shoulder stand), and ending with pigeon.
    Thanks for all the links! I will definitely give some a try this week.
    So weird about the shoes, but I'm glad the old ones are better and you can still use them.
    Yay for running in daylight again!

  3. Hopefully the shoes are the culprit and your shins feel better after switching! As someone who is just getting started trying to run longer distances, I love hearing about other people who made that lifestyle change recently. I'm hoping this'll be me in 1 year or so, saying how weird it is that I couldn't do any of these things a year ago.

  4. I totally need to do this to stay accountable. Hopefully next week is better for you!

  5. How exciting about your second ever half marathon!!! :) Good luck and best wishes on that! I am there with you on the shoe pain. I need to carve some time to go find a pair! Your shoes shouldn't be the thing that stops you from achieving your goals!

  6. That's awesome! Best of luck with the run!!

  7. I can totally understand you last Tuesday. I hope your runs go better this week now that you've assessed the shoe situation. I can't wait to hear about this weekend's run!

  8. Hey, even if you didn't go 10 miles you still did something!! I admire your motivation :)


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